Why they are trying to kill us

Rebel of Oz — Rebel News April 7, 2014

They are trying to kill us. There can’t be any doubt about that, even for someone who is not paranoid and doesn’t think much of ‘conspiracy theories’. Not that there is anything wrong with conspiracy theories. There are conspiracies going on left, right and center. The only reason why so many people struggle to see them is that it’s beyond their imagination that our establishment could be so evil to even consider doing such horrible things.
There is a saying that it takes a psychopath to recognize one. Only a psychopath could come up with such crap. All it does is prevent normal people from speaking out against these monsters. They invented ‘political correctness’ for exactly the same reason. We are not supposed to say anything about anyone that could upset them, no matter how evil they are.
It is becoming increasingly clear that our ruling psychopaths are trying to kill us. Not all of us, but almost all. We are no longer needed. They have worked it all out. We are dirty and smelly and unrefined and rude. And worst of all, we in the process of waking up to their evil ways, and they are worried that when the 100th monkey effect kicks in what we might do to them.
They are working feverishly on ways how to replace us. Apparently robot technology is only 5 years away from working producing robots that can do everything a human can do, only better and faster. And the transhumanism people are working on ways to merge man and machine. I suspect that they are working on this, not so much to make us better, but as a means of having  better control over us.
As far as slaves goes, I suspect they only want to keep women for breeding purposes and maybe some effeminate toy boys. Real men, especially Whites, they certainly want to get rid of, because of the risk that they might one day pick up a gun and start a revolution. Men will soon no longer be needed as soldiers thanks to drone and robot technology. And they are no longer needed for the purpose of breeding. Our scientists have already worked out how to produce male sperm from stem cells.


This diagram describes the process of creating sperm cells from male bone marrow tissue and injecting it into the male reproductive organ, but there is no reason why the bone marrow has to come from a male or why the artificially created sperm could not be directly administered to the female egg.

If you think that sounds all a bit far-fetched, please explain to me why we are being systematically poisoned with brain-damaging and cancer-causing vaccines, aspartame, chemtrail aerosols, Monanto pesticides, and Monsanto GM food. Why doesn’t the government do anything to protect us from it? And why aren’t the mainstream media and academia doing their job to expose what is happening and go on a ‘global warming’ style rampage against it?
And while you are at it, please explain to me why our ‘elite’ is doing everything it can to drastically reduce the available food supply, by making the soil too acidic to grow crop with the bromide and aluminium contained in the chemtrail aerosols, by mass-murdering bees with Monsanto Roundup and other high-powered pesticides and causing havoc with the weather using HAARP technology ?
Don’t take my word for it that our ‘elite’ is planning a ‘big cull’. Have a look at what the world’s Freemasons themselves have put in writing in what they have in stall for us. They have carved it in 8 languages into the Georgia Guidestones, also known as the American Stonehenge.

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. “ Sounds wonderful, apart from the minor detail that it requires culling 93% of mankind. I suggest that the people engrossed with this nature-friendly idea lead by example and volunteer for being ‘terminated’.

This goal, not quite coincidentally fits in perfectly with the 3000 year old plan of the Hebrews of enslaving or culling all non-Jews. There are 20 million Jews, leaving 24 ‘Goyim’ slaves for each of them. That’s not quite the 250 (or was it 2500?) slaves the Jews were promised on arrival of the Messiah, but with today’s technology there is no more need for that many. They mainly need us as sex slaves. Nowadays, most of the hard work can be done by machines.
If mankind wants to survive in dignity, we must mount a credible and effective resistance. We must rise to the challenge and do whatever it takes. These reptiles have declared total war on humanity. It’s time to give them the appropriate response. There is no other option except for slavery and death.
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