Iran Claims New Success in Shadow War

News Brief — April 7, 2014

Iran has announced the culmination of a successful operation in its ongoing war in the shadows with the West
Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps announced on Monday, April 7, that it had intercepted and arrested a “terror team” in Khuzestan province, which borders Iraq
Monday’s statement said the group had planned to sabotage and bomb key facilities in the country as well as gather intelligence useful to Iran’s enemies.
The IRGC statement said “roadside bombs and communication terminals equipped with internet encryption devices and equipment have been seized from the terrorists.”
“The apprehended terrorists have confessed to their links to the spy agencies of Iran’s enemies,” the IRGC statement continued.
Although it didn’t name the country the terrorists were linked to it is thought that it may be Israel.
Moreover, although the IRGC statement didn’t openly say as much, the implication is that Iranian agents may have been operating undercover in Israel themselves.
For the IRGC statement continued that the operation was the “result of a series of complicated intelligence, surveillance, monitoring and control operations”, that had been conducted “outside the borders of Iran”.

We know that Israel has convicted individuals on charges of spying for Iran, so it’s not beyond the bounds of possibility that Iranian undercover activity in Israel goes further.
Last June, the Iranian intelligence ministry announced that it had arrested terrorists who had been preparing launch a terrorist campaign during the country’s presidential election.
In a statement released at the time, the intelligence ministry said it had managed to identify and arrest all members of the terrorist cell involved. The leader of the 12-man team had reportedly been trained in Israel and was receiving instructions from Mossad.
According to Fars News, the latest terrorist operation was also intended “to spread an atmosphere of intimidation and insecurity in the region”, which Iran’s enemies had intended to exploit for their own advantage.

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