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Visible Origami — April 7, 2014

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Ah… the wonder of Spring, that perennial metaphor for rebirth and fresh starts. The rising Christ will soon be in the windshield again and offering that annual opportunity to rise with him. Some travel to The Holy Land and experience the festivities on the etheric plane (as so described in The Way to the Kingdom). Those aspiring with the proper intensity can find themselves with an RSVP should they persist. That is what is possible is in these times. The gates of both kingdoms; supernal and infernal, are open to different degrees for different levels of personalities.
Today the film attending the writing is, “My Favorite Year” with Peter O’Toole. Though it’s quality is significantly reduced by blatant Tribe pandering to it’s predictable neurotic personas, injected into the film with no real reason for having done so, it’s still very charming and funny (in places) when that other garbage isn’t happening, which, unfortunately, is far too often. Why I object to this sort of thing is not because it is cloying and nauseating, to the extent that one feels they are being slowly smothered by monstrous tits in a Miami nursing home. The reason I object to it is because this is the real face of these people; this is what they are, both in the actions taken and the control of public awareness, following such brutal and callous cold blooded murder.
Behind all the comedy and vaudevillian, harmless seeming entertainments, lies an insensitivity of intrinsic nature unrivaled in the more or less human estate. This too is being monitored and manipulated by Mr. Apocalypse. The worse it seems to be, the more immanent is the denouement. The joint is jumping, the camel’s are humping and the cosmic drummers are thumping on their timpani drums. Moment by moment the moment approaches, in which the curtain will rise and the malefactor rockets will be exposed before the world in their underwear, it is to be hoped that they soil it immediately following.
Yes, Spring is most definitely on the scene in these environs. It’s been here since the beginning of February, should those of you elsewhere be wondering why it wasn’t where you are. Spring is being celebrated differently, of course, in other places. Have we not see some amount of this surfacing at turns of late? Yes we have and it is the same unbridled energy that is manifesting in situations like this and at a further reach, things like this. Yes, there are all kinds of energetic efforts afoot in various places, besides the efforts usually associated with these places
Why are these things happening? It is Mr. Apocalypse tapping into the ubiquitous lack of self control that is endemic of these times. It is an example of negative Spring. Energy that is not consciously directed will be unconsciously directed, or directed by those with certain agendas that bode no good for those under that direction. One can be forgiven, which is not the same as excused, for being incapable of seeing the intent of the choreography or… shall we say, the directed resolution of it. Of course, the result is not entirely fixed at this time, so perhaps one can be excused to an extent. What one cannot be excused for, is having a lack of genuine curiosity about the invisible as it moves through and around the penny antics of comatose humanity. Lacking curiosity is an unfortunate handicap. Oh, it’s not that they are entirely incurious, they are curious about all the wrong things; leaving them with a superficial knowledge of the superficial; a generation of Cliff Note Junkies who still have to cheat on their exams.
The sad but marvelous humor of the situation is that they will bring the same Pleather-like integrity to the workplace, where they will spend their time doing this, as opposed to whatever they were hired for. It’s pretty epidemic in every government agency and in the private sector as well. America has become the land of ten million masturbators. Why is porn so easy to find? Sure there’s a lot of money in it but there’s more. The fact is that there is a particular power in the sexual force of the people and in exceptional cases it is routed to a place where that power can be given positive expression. Otherwise, when it is channeled into the sin of Onan, it weakens every noble trait in the people so performing and results in increasingly more restrictive states of bondage. For those who are too attached to this practice and have found a way to rationalize it as good clean fun, it is probably not welcome for me to say these things. At the same time it is a personal choice whether one remains vital and charged, or weak and infirm at that point in their life, where this is the least desirable place to be in.
In other words, the vast international porn empire, mostly controlled by the usual Tribe suspects, is dual purpose and the less seen or understood side of it is polluting the human mind and generating various forms of impotence.
Yes, Origami is about the metaphysical but the metaphysical is irrelevant without the physical to counterpoint it and we are talking about the efforts of those who seek to feed the beast and reduce us all to something less than human.
In last night’s radio broadcast we tried to outline the simplicity of existence as it relates to our present state of being. What it is all about is self deception. We lie to ourselves to advance the desires and demands of self interest. We do not trust the higher kingdoms to work in our behalf, so we become the prey of the agents of the lower kingdoms. If you possess Broad Daylight Awareness, you can easily see this in action and lack of action all around you. Most people close their eyes to this because seeing it forces them to become responsible for the knowledge of it. There can be no freedom or liberation, while self deception is in operation.
Seated alongside the agency of self deception, is some attending amount of wrath and rage. This is generated because ones false self is in conflict with their real self. An antagonism is naturally generated out of this tension and it will express itself outwardly upon others, or it will be turned inward upon one’s self. It’s what it is for as long as you are not what you are. It has been the case for generations beyond count that people do not want to hear this kind of thing. It goes contrary to conformity and makes you look strange to others. It can lead to pariah status and to being terminally marginalized. As you can see, it comes at a cost but… that cost is nothing like the cost of the alternative routes. Of course, those notes often don’t come due as immediately, as the change in conditions, generated by the other, singular, choice.
It should be obvious to anyone paying attention that there is a reason why sincere seekers and those possessed of the requisite wisdom, seek out more cloistered environs to go about their business, which is remarkably unlike what usually goes by the term, ‘business’.
The gentle snorting technique and Broad Daylight Awareness are both offered for the purpose of putting an end to self deception. The former leads naturally to the latter. It is like coming, by degrees out of a fog. One is able to see things that were previously indistinct and because they were indistinct, are often seen as something else and can even take on a frightening aspect which is not representative of what is real. This is why we start at shadows and that tension spoken of earlier, is the source of the nervous apprehension which leads to an enduring climate of fear that causes one to jump and be startled.
We are being watched at all times. We have things within us that are very similar to Black Boxes, GPS software and other homing and identifying devices. In the ethereal realms, angels pass over us at regular intervals. They are always searching for awakening souls and souls in search of awakening. In the practice of these things, one begins to generate some amount of light and this light is noticed by those looking for it. These angels are duty bound to assist everyone who generates light by striving for the light. You have a one hundred percent assurance that powerful forces will come to your side and exercise their wonderful abilities on your behalf.
There are very few of us here who are not involved in some amount of self deception. That is because, at this time, there are agents of the darkness working to involve us in this, just as the angels are seeking to free us from it. It is a full time occupation to work contrary to this state of possession, which is being generated world wide and which expresses itself in all the negative ways we read about each day. Carpe Diem!
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Last night’s radio broadcast is available for streaming.


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