Rat Singers, Sirens and Flaming Dumpsters

Reflections in a Petri Dish — April 5, 2014

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I came across this, this morning. These days I also then check the source and the result of that was ; now what am I supposed to think?  on the other hand, during my hyper reality 6 week mega-Kundalini event of a few years past in Italy, I had some experiences with the Rat Singer that closely parallel what’s being said here.
The bison are, in fact, running down the road (trying to loosen their load?) but details are sketchy as to why. The Park officials say they are seeking food. That doesn’t ring the truth bell in my head. Would they be running? It must be good eats. My personal theory is that they are running to hook up with the woman who used to breast feed them. Leave it to the American Justice System to reward dysfunction with Draconian punishments.
The mystery of the missing jet has been solved and I did it all by myself. Sometimes, if you want something done right, or figured out with accuracy, you got to do it yourself. So it was that I entered into my usual trance state, the one where I can tap into Unsolved Mysteries of the Cosmos and discovered the real what’s what.. You would have access to these mysteries via my paid web site but… since I don’t have a paid web site, I guess you’re out of luck. Anyways, here’s what was revealed to me. When the butt guy retrieved his cellphone from the nether regions, there was a moment of opportunity in which the plane was then flown up there in its place. So… it’s unlikely we will ever see the plane or its passengers again, unless the guy with the plane in his butt happens to attend on of those Queer as Folk reunions.
In the interest of seeing as much out there as I can manage and not lose my lunch, I watched some seasons of Queer as Folk and I have to tell you, I was impressed and not in a good way. I had no idea they would go to the extremes that they did to portray the lifestyle. They celebrated certain aspects I would not have expected from them. They counterpointed the unreal sleaze with all the topical considerations of the day. It was very professionally done and I suspect that was intentional as well. I don’t bring this up for any particular reason except maybe to showcase this gem of intellectual theoretics.
For some time we have been in a period of full tilt, full on propaganda via nearly all of the media vehicles. As Mcluhan noticed in, “The Medium is the Massage“;  he was pretty ‘right on’ (as they used to say during the time when the book was written). The people behind this phenomena are the same people who used money stolen from you to purchase all of these vehicles for two fold purpose; to control what got proliferated and to deny proliferation to those whose ideas were unseemly to these creatures. That meant, anything which might be critical of their industries. There is very often dual purpose in their antics. It is the same with the slur of ‘Antisemitism’. Not only was this created to support the manufactured victimhood of those, whose predatory ways, brought them into conflict with everyone else. It was also to establish a genetic claim to a certain region of The Middle East which they, in fact, have no legitimate claim to, as has been established by DNA testing. Forensic science has put the lie to many of their fabricated claims and Mr. Apocalypse is hard at work bringing the truth through revelation to the sleeping masses. The actual, now displaced, inhabitants of this land do have the correct DNA and so it served the purposes of The Satanists to give the impression that they are the people they displaced and are presently engaged in genociding.
It’s past questioning that they are now involved in fomenting World War 3, just as they were the motive force behind all recent holocausts and massacres visited upon Muslim lands. This is INCONTROVERTIBLY SO. No legitimate argument can be lodged against this fact. It is yet to be seen whether their plans come to some amount of fruition or die on the vine. This remains in the hands of the ineffable and upon the collective intentions of all of us in these times.
Here is a classic example of the level of depravity afoot these days. This fraternity has been suspended and it was suspended for this and attendant actions. Scroll down to the phrase, ‘evidence locker’ to see what was circulated among them. Here’s a list of former members of this illustrious fraternity. Nothing of what is going on these days is by accident. This was no more the result of some individual corporate decision than this was Is the public this stupid? It is to be supposed that some portion of them are. Would the fading powers of the day expend so many transparent and sophomoric efforts of the kind if they were not?
Meanwhile, it goes on and on and on.
For those with eyes to see, the hand of the cosmos is visible in all things, whether it be leading or directing to their appointed ends. The nature and quality of evil things are measured out against the acceptable level of ignorance. What does that mean? It means that there is a point near abouts bone deep stupid, where salvation is no longer possible. Above that there is always hope. Some might say that there is always hope for all. This may be true ultimately but… not in any particular life, or even in those periods that demark a turning of the cosmic clock.
This is why the human heart must yearn for higher things and the mind contemplate the visions, brought about by that inspiration, generated through industry in pursuit of it. If ones sight is taken up by the common garbage generated by fiends, one will find themselves in the dumpster there with it. This garbage is most exceptionally flammable and so… spontaneous combustion is a certainty at some point and that is the origin of flaming dumpsters.
It’s in our moment to moment that we define ourselves. There is no set scenario in which we are scheduled to show out metal. There are no manhood rites for the truth of one and through which each of us must pass. It is in the moment to moment. It is the right now of forever and always. We are all lashed to the mast of the ship on which we sail. We boarded that ship. We signed on for passage. Did we climb aboard that ship with no recognition of its final port of call? This is not something I have any full knowledge of. Are some eternally doomed to the depravity of their appetites? I have read chilling tales on the matter but… as I believe the universe is essentially benevolent and that there is a great mercy in it for any willing heart, I will not accept the surface evidence of unremitting darkness. If it is true that we carry the light within us, then it is also true that we shall either reveal that light and bring forth the wayshower in the higher chambers of the heart, or bury it in the smoke and sulfur of the lower regions. It is for this fatal attraction that the world now spreads its fan like some diabolical peacock in rut.
I was told some while ago that for some of us, the burdens and struggles that we bear are so great because it is not only our own hopes that we carry with us but the hopes of many another, should we win on to the goal. It’s been fantasized that our burdens become lighter as we go. This is not so. The weight of what we carry increases, as our capacity to bear it increases, however, our awareness and attitude make the whole lighter than ever it was when it was a good deal smaller. This is especially so when we are not pulling against ourselves. Our fiercest and most cunning adversary is ourselves and triumph over the self is our greatest victory. Those short of this condition cannot know how fine and glorious this state is. It cannot be said often enough; if we only knew what awaited us outside of this vale of tears, which is so defined because we weep for dead things of no value, we would have no other motivation in this life, or rather, any attending motivation would be tied in with this one or in cooperation with it.
Most certainly the clock is ticking. The clock is ticking now. The cassette is playing. The cassette has a specific length to it. Besides all of this, the opportunities that come and go, are varied with the passage of time. The knocking at the door is fainter. Is it fainter or have we become increasingly more deaf? Faith is that condition which knows intuitively that the light is shining, whether it is visible or not. We come into the light when we depart from our area of personal darkness. Then, all the forces of good will rush to our sides and we will hear angels rather than sirens singing. One can imagine the result of this should one be so inclined.
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