To Shake, to Rattle and to Roll away the Stone

Visible Origami — April 3, 2014

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I do not want to be an alarmist so I will simply post this link and you can read between the lines just as you can read between the lines of this blatant absurdity meanwhile- and it’s going on every day; people from every walk of life are going mad. Some walks of life are already mad and we have multiple examples of that by the day. It just goes on and on. This is no longer a gradual descent into madness.
Boy… you can just feel the tension in the air these days. I find my watchfulness function has gone up a couple of notches. One thing that happens when tension goes up is that the propensity toward the very actions that stir the shit go up as well. This is why those who are capable of it back away from the circus for a period. Subsequently, when things get sorted, one is not among them, having already sorted themselves.
“You mess with that boy again and I’ll tear off your pecker like a piece of French bread.” I just heard that on the series that’s playing alongside these postings for the next few days.
Another Fort Hood shooting; they say it came out of an argument; like I said- the tension is there. It’s all over the place. Not a day goes by without several examples and that is going to increase and increase, until even the perpetually sleepwalking dead, rise up from their dreaming slumber beds and the first word out of their mouths might well not be, “duh.” Yea though I walk through the valley of the Zio-Ogre, I shall fear no evil other than my own fears and appetites (upon which they prey), which are controllable. One of those anonymous readers who like to prick and probe for weakness and who feel they can slip the censor by including false praise with the attendant intention for injury, sans actuality of occurrence, said something like, for someone who criticizes and puts down desire, you sure have plenty; referencing my admiration for and desire to be more like Guru Bawa. Any number of times I have said that, desire is the agent of God’s will. There is certainly nothing wrong with desire rightly directed. Wrongly directed it leads to bondage, rightly directed it leads to freedom.
One of the things I have noticed in criticism of myself is that, more often than not, the criticism is fabricated out of behavior and characteristics that don’t exist. This is not to say there is no call for criticism in my case; that could hardly be true but… both liars and those seeing their own distorted reflection in others, are more attracted to what is not so than what is so. That is a mystery, because the truth would not only be correct but have impact as well. I once said to Bawa, something like, “How can I be more like you more quickly.” He said, “You must not polish the pot so hard that it breaks.” What was I to make of that? Here’s a classic example of statements from source being capable of several interpretations. What I finally came up with is that one cannot get there under their own power. It’s something like “all thy righteousness is as filthy rags.” It’s also pretty clear on The Emerald Tablet as well; although somewhat concealed.

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus

You can fight the good fight and struggle all your life to be free of personal demons, failings and shortcomings and feel like you’ve been walking into a sirocco, or the Santa Anna Winds. Every little bit of progress is hard won and you might feel you’ve hardly gotten anywhere with all your efforts. We are what we are, until we are not, if we are not who we are in the process.
When we are “ourselves again, with yesterday’s seven thousand years”, everything is relevant and everything makes sense in the context because you are in context. You reflect an accurate picture, meaning you can see yourself as you are. Automatic with this (and not as often mentioned) is that you can see others and other things as they actually are. It has been likened to awakening from a dream.
The author of a best selling book on a predicted future is in the news today. At one point he says, “The short-term goal is to create a ‘brain pacemaker’ for Alzheimer’s patients, so they can push a button and they’ll know who they are and where they live.” He also says a lot of things that are either totally misinformed or he is consciously misinforming. For instance, he says, “I have something called the caveman principle, or the cavewoman principle, that determines whether certain inventions will be rejected or accepted by the population.” He says nothing about the suppression of inventions or the grooving of history for the profit of the few; not to mention the rewriting of history in order to control the present and the future. In this case, the self styled elite are racing against time because of the increasing impact of the works of Mr. Apocalypse upon the public mind. Big lies are on the verge of being exposed and… once they are, the liars will lose considerable power. Of course, in the worst ways, they are also exposing themselves and there’s going to be a lot more of that.
I won’t go into what I believe to be glaring errors in this authors perspective on various things, except to say a lot of it does not match up with ageless wisdom.
Last night, as I lay in my bed in this empty house; everyone else is away at the moment, I was thinking about the coming West Coast Earthquake and other possibilities such as Yellowstone. It got very visual and I could see a tsunami many hundreds of feet high rolling toward the coast. It felt like one of those dreams when you are falling from a height and there was a roaring sound like the mother of all trains. I could see the waves pass over the Hollywood Hills and into The Valley, or whatever is on the other side. I could see the headlines and listing of people who were gone and the real list was impossible to make because there were so many. I could see San Francisco through some kind of a shimmer. Perhaps that was the result of all of the buildings swaying and then most of them crumbled and a huge crevasse opened right through the city all the way down to Daly City. All kinds of people and things were in freefall down into it. It looked like the people in The Tower card of the Tarot…

The Tower Card Rider Deck

…I could feel the indescribable shock of the nation and the world. There were many serious associated effects that played into Mr. Apocalypse’s goals.
I fell asleep but did not stay asleep for more than a couple of hours. Then I lay there, probing the darkness in my mind until some light and imagery arrived. I do this kind of thing quite often, probing at the ‘incoming’. The reason we see through a glass darkly, as opposed to seeing into an ass darkly, in search of an iPhone5, is because much of the future is not fixed. Of course, a lot of it is fixed for one reason; people are resistant to change. If one were to fully embrace change there is the distinct possibility that they would pass by or through death. This is why ‘change’ is associated with The Death card.

he Death Card BOTA Deck

Unlike The Rider Waite, which only deals with more superficial aspects; the surface definition of death, The BOTA deck (shown) has a skeleton which is twisted at two important junctures of the spine. You also see a river taking a sudden bend toward the sun, which is the source of all light. The twists occur at the waist and the neck. This is to indicate locations, from one to the other, for the passage of the light force toward the secret kingdom of immortality. This is to say that when the force is directed outward and becomes established in that manner of expression, death will be the result. Should one through keen and penetrating in-sight and the favor of the ineffable, reverse this course, the result is very different and so beautiful and filled with wonder that one beggars the description by seeking to put it into words.
The strides possible for one to make in their youth are not as available in middle age, due to a great deal of added inertia, due to established mindsets; fixed patterns and all the operational magnetics that were put into place over the course of life experiences. Most people can’t pack it up and head off… somewhere, inside or out …because life associations act like anchors on this consideration. This is not to say that one can’t get everything they seek wherever they may be. Lahiri Mahasaya comes to mind. Of course, he had association with Babaji so, there you are, or there he is anyway. The effect of the serpent force is clearly evident upon his face.
You can ‘rise’ to the occasion, or you can sink under the weight of predictable circumstance. The very force that is the cause of our bondage is the force that sets us free. In times of material darkness, the low end energies of materialism pull upon this force. It is literally sucked out of you and all of that is defined as exercising your rights of free expression (which is not free). Those in cooperative depravity see each other as kinsmen and the occasional exceptions as fools, dreamers or mad. It’s the price of admission, or better stated, departure.
I have no idea if the dramatic Earth changes I was watching are going to come to pass, or not. I believe a lot of that depends on human actions and choices made. Just as there is great tension among us at this time, there is great tension in the Earth. Earth mirrors the human state. We’ll see.
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