Russia to boost its military capability

Enhancement of Russia’s firepower has become of paramount importance thanks to Georgia’s ‘aggression’ and ‘continuing militarization’.

The recent decision, announced by President Dmitry Medvedev on Thursday, was made against a backdrop of unrest triggered by Georgia’s August 8 invasion of South Ossetia to reclaim the independence-leaning province.

Russian forces stepped in subsequently as the Georgian incursion had endangered the lives of the Russian citizens who comprise 80 percent of the republic’s population.

Medvedev was quoted by ITAR-TASS as saying “the problems that emerged of late…the events in the Caucasus – Georgia’s aggression and its continuing militarization,” have made it “the highest priorities of the state” for Russia to inject more weapons into its military.

“We shall be doing so consistently and scrupulously,” he added.

The concerns, pointing to the possibility of a recurrent Georgian raid, echoed similar ones raised by the Russian officials.

In the latest move aimed at toning the military muscles, 20 Su-27 Flanker fighter, comparable to US’ F-15 Eagle warplanes, have been tasked with exercises in southern Russia.§ionid=351020606