The Lessons of 9/11

Rebel of Oz — April 1, 2014

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I still vividly remember every single detail of that fateful day, the horrifying pictures on CNN, the things I did and the conversations I had. The first thing that came to my head back then was that this attack changes everything. Little did I know to what extent it would.
Once I got over the initial shock caused by the magnitude of the attacks and my brain started functioning again, I couldn’t help but notice how the 9/11 attacks were being used by the Americans to pursue a seemingly senseless brutal neo-colonialist strategy in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. I also noticed how the Israelis were jumping on the bandwagon to justify their unjustifiable merciless treatment of the Palestinians.
Looking for answers I soon discovered that 9/11 wasn’t what it was made out to be by governments and media. What convinced me immediately was a combination of expert opinions such as those of architects and pilots for 9/11 truth and common sense.

Lesson 1: You cannot believe any information coming from the establishment

In my case, this discovery opened a Pandora’s box. If the establishment was capable of lying on such an epic scale as on 9/11, I started wondering, what else did they lie about? The post-9/11 focus on the Middle-East soon made me curious to know what could have motivated an intelligent, educated man like the Iranian President to question the ‘Jewish Holocaust’? He didn’t come across like a ‘neo-Nazi’ and appeared far less crazy than – for argument’s sake – George W. Bush or Dick Cheney.  Most importantly, after 9/11, the suggestion that we might have been lied to about the supposed industrial scale slaughter of six million Jews by ‘Nazi Germany’ suddenly no longer seemed so ridiculous any more.

Lesson 2: The truth is out there

So I started my research on the Internet and in book stores, and what I found truly horrified me. My worst fears got confirmed. Surprisingly for me, I didn’t need to look for very long. The truth is all out there, in spite of many attempts by Israel and Western governments to keep a lid on it, I just needed to know what to look for. Our ruling crime families are handicapped by their need to preserve the illusion of being free societies and democracies, so there is only so much they can do to suppress the truth.
What immediately convinced me that the official Jewish Holocaust story must be just another big, fat lie was that people like Ernst Zündel, Germar Rudolf, Fredrick Töben and Jürgen Graf were not allowed to defend themselves by providing evidence for the claims that got them arrested.  It was all the proof I needed to know that it’s not a case of historic truth being defended against vicious lies, but the other way round. Everything I’ve learned ever since about the topic, only confirmed what I first thought.

Lesson 3: Not everyone is interested in knowing the truth

The next lesson for me was probably the most frustrating one. When I found out the truth about 9/11, I felt that everyone else needed to know. I quickly discovered that not everyone wants to know the truth, no matter how important. In fact, most people no longer wanted to be seen friendly with me as soon as they found out about my ‘heretic’ thoughts on 9/11, for fear of being suspected of harbouring similar thoughts.

Lesson 4: Speaking the truth is career suicide

This leads me to an even bigger problem ‘truthers’ are often confronted with. What many of us have discovered the hard way is that it’s not easy to keep your job, leave alone find a new one, if you are known as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. By the looks of it there is a blacklist that all recruitment agencies and major HR companies are sharing. I suspect it’s a feature of their HR software packages.

Lesson 5: Money is not everything

Once I had escaped from the rat race, not quite voluntarily, I soon learned another important lesson; money is not everything, other things are far more important than it. Health is obviously a major one, and so is having time to care for family and friends. But the one thing to me soon became the single most important priority, is what kind of world I leave behind for my children and grandchildren.

Lesson 6: 9/11 truth is just the beginning

Given the fact that 9/11 is just one out of an endless chain of ‘elite’ conspiracies, spreading the truth on this fateful event can only be the beginning. WWII, Adolf Hitler, the Jewish Holocaust, Global Warming, Fractional Reserve Banking, Debt-Based Currency, London 7/7, Vaccinations, Cancer, Geo-Engineering, Genetic Engineering and the list goes on and on.

Lesson 7: We live in a world run by monsters

The closer we look the clearer this lesson becomes. We live in a world run by monsters, mild-mannered mass-murderers and soft-spoken psychopaths. And unfortunately, large parts of middle-class are so obsessed with preserving their house nigger privileges that they have no qualms about prostituting themselves and pimping for them.

Lesson 8: Life is too short to waste it on trivial activities

The first thing I did after realising the truth about 9/11 was to sell my television. I was so upset about how this device was being used to constantly lie to us. What is more, my time had become far too valuable to waste it on trivial activities such as watching soap operas and Hollywood movies, and there is no point getting constantly angry about all their lies. I rather spend every spare minute spreading the truth and inspire people to join the global resistance.

Lesson 9: Resistance it our duty

Another lesson that I’m increasingly conscious of is our duty to resist. Not only do we owe this our children and grandchildren, we also owe it to our ancestors. Considering the sacrifices they made to in their life for our future, the least we owe them is to do the same for the sake of our kids. This is particularly true for all those of us, who lost family in the fight against Communism. It would break my heart if all their sacrifices had been in vain.

Lesson 10: There is hope

There is a global awakening happening. More and more people are becoming conscious of the truth. Middle-class is key to all societal change. The big mistake our ruling crime families have made in their greed is to try to eliminate us from the gravy train. Now middle-class is beginning to say that the ‘elite’ has gone too far. We are no longer putting up with their crimes. There is a revolution in the making, and the French Revolution – in comparison – will look like a walk in the park.

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