Book Exposes Cancer Industry & Obamacare

by Ken Anton — ( March 31, 2014

The Rockefeller-initiated medical cartel which revamped US medicine in the early 1900’s has grown into an enormous bureaucracy comprising doctors, hospitals, support services and government regulators like the FDA, NIH and CDC, all working closely with Big Pharma to ensure their steadily increasing profits at the expense of Americans.
Despite the efforts of the cartel to suppress natural cancer therapies, many have succeeded in actually curing thousands of terminal patients so that they can return to a normal life. Juxtaposing these alternative therapies against traditional therapy is the focus of the book.
As far as the ‘War on Cancer’, even with hundreds of billions contributed to the cause over the past 4 decades, the survival rate shows little improvement. Neither a cure nor prevention is the priority any longer, because the real money is made from treating cancer.
In place of the medical cartel-devised Obamacare, a new system designed from the ground up is needed to create truly affordable healthcare. It’s necessary to take a stand, don’t wait for armed IRS agents to come knocking at your door.
“Cancer Vortex” revolves around three dramatic stories concerning Janet Franklin, Frank Rider and Thomas Hartwell who try natural or orthodox therapies in their struggle against cancer. Interleaved with these stories are factual reports about the Medical Cartel.
Tribute is paid to visionaries who made major contributions towards our understanding of cancer, especially Dr Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner and biochemist who discovered the generic cause of cancer in the 1920’s. Other great innovators in cancer research and promotion of natural cures are Dean Burk, Max Gerson, Stanislaw Burzynski and Ernst Krebs Jr who each achieved extraordinary breakthroughs.


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