Things you may See, they ain’t Necessarily So

Visible Origami — March 30, 2014

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I suppose we are all familiar with the recent law passed by the Zionist Supreme Court, which states that wealthy gangsters can give as much money as they want to political parties through a third party. It should come as no surprise who was behind that law, which effectively grants control of the government to the highest bidder. Of course it would be the same people taking advantage of that law  who were behind the legislation, which was part of the push to confer personhood upon corporations.
The Republican candidates for Catamite in Chief have just gone to the seat of Satan (Las Vegas) in the U.S. to pledge their fealty at the dais, upon which his cloven hooves are tapping. Those familiar with Satanic ritual are aware that it’s not the fiends finger ‘ring’ that they will be kissing.
If you are looking for parallels between the morphing of Nature and the morphing of culture, you don’t have to look very far. Those who don’t think ‘grooming’ is at work behind the scenes in the Gay Tribe agenda haven’t been watching recent episodes of American Idol or checking the “lies, dammed lies and statistics”
Yes… studies confirm what one would suspect but with are shouted down at a hysterical pitch. As I have often said, I didn’t start out with a firm conviction of what the truth was; except where its obvious. I went where the truth took me and as I have also stated, I have sometimes wished it hadn’t taken me where it did, given how it has impacted on my career. Of course, that’s not true, my love of truth is greater than my passion for a career and I doubt the quality of any art that does not contain the truth. That sort of art can expect the longevity of a daily newspaper. Once again, there’s that glaring coincidence at work, concerning who has control of certain industries and for which reasons, i.e. The Tribe controls the art world.
Okay; why am I bringing up subjects more fitting for the other blogs than for Visible Origami? In the external world there is a war on for the attention and following perception of the general public. In the internal world, there is also a war going on; a war against Heaven. This is when the infernal realms have shanghaied enough of the human population that an assault can be mounted. Let’s keep in mind that Heaven is a state of mind. Let us return to that quatrain from Omar Khayyam; “I sent my soul into the invisible, some letter of that after life to spell and… by and by my soul returned to me and said, “I myself am Heaven and Hell.”” So… these things need to be understood in their proper context. The idea that an infernal power could ever seriously challenge the power of Heaven is ludicrous but… the ‘appearance’ of it happening is all that matters. If the appearance of it can generate a collective despair in the human heart and if life can be pushed so out of joint from familiar ground and Nature be bent and twisted beyond recognition then the desired result is effected. The Earth is a battleground in the war for souls.
Appearances are the most convincing of lies. In The Tarot Major Arcana, The Devil card is associated with the letter, Ayin (the eye). This is a direct reference to the deceptive nature of appearances. If you can see past, or beyond appearances, then you can also see the outline of the angel of light, as a corona around The Devil. The Devil is an absurd construct, a fabrication of the fear based mind. The Devil is the way that God appears to the wicked. “Even The Devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment, be not deceived.” Short sheeted Biblical scholars like to say that what this means is that he is transformed into an angel of light for the purpose of deception, the same way a demon will pose as a beautiful woman. In my universe, everyone works for God whether they know it or not. I guess you can interpret it how you please.
It’s like that BS about the serpent in the Garden of Eden. They understand it in The East, where serpents and dragons are properly understood or… more so than in The West. The Serpent power is the impetus to Godhead and this is noted in the cobra ‘hood’ over the heads of Hindu and Buddhist deities. Sometimes you see one, sometimes three, sometimes five and sometimes seven. True… at its point of origin, it is a primal and raw force and when it manifests in application, through the bottom three chakras, you get much of what you see in the world today but… once it has risen to the higher chakras it becomes divine. Below it is infernally inspired and above it is divinely inspired or… one might say, infernally expressed and divinely expressed. So… scripture is true and not true, or more correctly stated, incomplete. This relates to the traditions that are never written down but only transmitted in oral fashion. This also has to do with the corruptions of mysteries that have compromised The Masons and other organizations.
Most people don’t get what’s really taking place here. These organizations are corrupted by design. The external order is rendered vulnerable to corruption for the purpose of demonstration. On the esoteric side, corruption can only proceed to a certain level. Evil intent and focused will power, cannot influence the activities of the angels who are direct expressions of the qualities and abilities of the divine. Only the corrupt can serve the corrupt. If you are resident below a certain level of demarcation, you are in the corruption zone. If you are above it you are not. Strive to be above it. The pull downward is exceedingly strong in these times because the promise and possibility of reward is so great. Mind that reality!
Some will see Hell on Earth and some will see Heaven on Earth and some will wander in the shades. In many cases that is, ‘yet to be determined’. How does the day find you and whose business are you about? Why are you here? One might say that people are here for the actions they demonstrate, as in, “by their works ye shall know them.” It is the case that many are engaged in pursuits other than the real reason they are here. They have been seduced into these things by appearances.
We’ve all heard that phrase, “Things are not what they seem.” We’ve heard that phrase, “as above so below”. One might therefore assume that there is a similarity of dissension in Heaven as there is on Earth. If there is anything resembling that, it is for the purpose of demonstration. At no time, ever, is the ineffable not in control of everything; not ever.
Take notice of what is taking place around you and inside you. External conditions appear increasingly dire. Internally, many of us are experiencing depression and confusion, uncertainty and fear of want. If you had the script of life in your hands, you could read the intents and designs. You could fast forward to outcomes. Or… if you were on speaking terms with The Director, you might hear all kinds of things; “It ain’t necessarily so. It ain’t necessarily so. The t’ings dat yo’ li’ble, To read in de Bible, it ain’t necessarily so.”
Question everything but… once it proves to be true, in such things as you find compatible, in the spiritual sense, embrace them with all your heart. Others may embrace any number of things. To each their own, according to their acquired tastes.
If a person’s mind is bent, or if it is clouded by desire, seeing things as they are and accessing the simplicity of a clear perspective is next to impossible. Ergo, everything appears complex and confusing because the mind of the perceiver is compromised by conflicting cross purposes (that’s a double something or other) and they see a man with a gun instead of a tree with branches, or a wolf instead of a dog. They jump at shadows that are substantial to the degree that they are believed in. “Faith is the substance of things unseen”. That quote cuts at least two ways, like the other quote. How you come to have faith in something is that you test it and you question it, or you swallow it blind. You try the metal of it by personal experience, through example or through a resonance in the heart. How can it be of any value to you unless you have proven it out? How can you have faith in it unless it is real to you?
We keep thinking, something’s going to happen. Days pass and things do happen but not what we keep expecting. One of these days it will, or it won’t but it’s not worth organizing your life around it. There are far more important things one can be concerned with should one choose to be. They ain’t necessarily so, they ain’t necessarily so, things you may see when you’re riding with me, they ain’t necessarily so.
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From a reader…

Ashtavakra Gita

You are neither earth, nor water, nor fire, nor air, nor space. You are the witness of those five elements as Consciousness. Understanding this is liberation.

If you detach yourself from the identification with the body and remain relaxed in and as Consciousness, you will, this very moment, be happy, at peace, free from bondage.

Right and wrong, happiness and sorrow, are all attributes of the mind. You are neither the do-er nor the enjoy-er, you who have ever and always been free of all such attachments.

You are that Consciousness – Supreme Peace – upon which appears this phenomenal manifestation, like the illusion of a snake on a rope. Live happily.

The Atman is the sole Witness, all-pervading, perfect, free Consciousness – actionless, unattached, desireless, at peace with itself. It is only through an illusion that it appears to be involved in samsara.

You are unattached, actionless, self-effulgent, without blemish. This indeed is your bondage, that you practice meditation (as the doing of an ego, with expectation).

Know that which has form to be unreal and the formless to be the real.

Just as the surface of a mirror exists within and without the image reflected in the mirror, so also the supreme Self exists within and without the physical body.

Just as the all-pervading space is both inside and outside the pot, so also the eternal all-pervading Consciousness is immanent in all beings and objects.

Just as waves foam and bubbles are not different from the water, so also the phenomenal universe appearing in Consciousness is not different from it.

Why try to teach a pig to sing? You waste your time and you annoy the pig.

Knowledge, the knower and that which is known – the intellectual triad in phenomenality – do not exist in Reality. I am that stainless Consciousness in which this triad appears through ignorance.

How remarkable! In me, the limitless ocean, the waves of individual selves arise according to their inherent nature, meet and play with one another for a while, and then disappear.

The heart of the Jnani is not touched by virtue and vice, just as the sky is not affected by smoke even though it might appear so.

Who can prevent the Self-realized one, who has known the Unicity of the unmanifest Noumenon and the phenomenal manifestation, from acting as he wishes (spontaneously)?

Since you are pure, unattached Beingness, all that is necessary is the dissolution of the illusion of the ‘me’ as the individual ‘doer’ into the noumenal ‘I’.

In the knowledge that you are perfection itself, the potential fullness of Plenum, unchangeable in misery and happiness, hope and despair, life and death, do enter into the state of dissolution without any fear.

Is there any stage or age when interrelated opposites have not affected people? The one who disidentifies himself from them and is content with whatever comes to him spontaneously, in the ordinary course, attains liberation.

Intentions are the root of samsara. Therefore, the abandoning of intention and volition means dispassion with the world and freedom from bondage.

In the conviction that happiness and misery, birth and death, are parts of the natural process of causality, the man of wisdom, without any need to accomplish anything, is free from anxiety, and does not identify himself with anything he happens to be doing.

In the conviction that this manifested universe, wondrous though it may be in the magnificence and diversity of its phenomena, is truly illusory, the man of wisdom, without any desires identified with the pure Consciousness, remains in noumenal peace.

Having fully realized that deliberately abstaining from action is as much the outcome of ignorance as the volitional action, the man of wisdom abides in his natural state.

Thinking on the Unthinkable means merely another aspect of conceptualizing and objectivizing. Having realized this, the man of wisdom abides in his natural state.

Clearly understanding that nothing is actually ‘done’ in Reality, the man of wisdom remains established in his natural state, witnessing whatever happens.

Having realized his identity with the supreme Absolute, the Witness, there is complete indifference both to bondage and liberation, and the man of wisdom feels no concern even for enlightenment.

You are not the body, nor does the body belong to you. You are neither the doer nor the experiencer. You are Consciousness Itself, the eternal Impersonal Witness. Live in peace.

All keep exerting themselves, and yet find themselves unhappy. They do not realize that it is this very volitional effort, based on desire, that brings about unhappiness. It is only through this very understanding that the blessed one reached awakening.

One who has an aversion for sense objects is considered a renunciate, and one who covets them is considered sensual. But one who neither rejects nor covets is the one who is not concerned with them.

Activity begets attachment; abstention from activity generates aversion. Rid of the bondage of opposites, the wise man, established in the Self, lives like a child.

One who is attached to samsara wants to renounce it in order to free himself from misery. But one who is not so attached continues to remain in samsara and yet lives happily.

Rare in the world is the one on whom experiences do not leave impressions, and who does not hanker after any experiences still to be enjoyed.

It is possible to find in this world those who crave sensual gratification and also those who hanker after enlightenment. But rare indeed is the great one who cares neither for material enjoyment nor spiritual enlightenment.

The man of wisdom does not wish for the dissolution of the universe, nor is he interested in its continuance. The blessed one lives perfectly contented with whatever turns up in life, neither abhorring objects of the senses, nor coveting them.

For the man of wisdom who has transcended dualities such as ‘this is completed’ and ‘that is still to be completed’, how can there be any question of duty, wealth, sense-enjoyment or discrimination?

He who perceives the universe as universe may have to deny its existence. But he who is without concepts is not concerned with the universe. He perceives it, and yet does not see it as something to be concerned about.

He who perceives Brahman as something separate from himself may have to meditate on the principle ‘I am Brahman’. But he who has transcended all conceptualization and thus sees nothing as other than Consciousness, has No-thing to meditate upon.

He who experiences distractions in himself finds it necessary to control such distractions, but what is there for the sage to do, who has not identified himself with any distractions?

The sage is content to do whatever he is expected to be doing in his particular circumstance, but is not really involved either in the doing or the non-doing of it.

The steady one, not interested in contentious reasoning and mentation, is free from conceptualization and is therefore always in repose. He has transcended thinking, knowing, hearing and perceiving.

The identified individual with a sense of volition acts even if he is not acting. On the other hand, the enlightened being, without any sense of personal doership, does not act even if there is action.

Neither by action nor by inaction does an ignorant person attain tranquility; the wise one becomes tranquil merely by understanding what tranquility is.

The ignorant person does not attain liberation in spite of various disciplines and methods for controlling the mind. The blessed one stands established in the Self merely through intuitive understanding.

With the split-mind healed into its holy Wholeness by the mere listening to the Truth, and with total serenity prevailing continually, the awakened sage is not concerned with the propriety or otherwise of any action, nor with inaction.

Though pleased, the sage is not pleased; though dejected, he is not dejected, though angry, he is not angry. Only those who are like him will understand this wonderful state of Beingness.

There are some who believe in the existence of the phenomenal manifestation, and there are other who believe that the phenomenal manifestation does not exist. It is only the rare one who is not concerned with such concepts, and is therefore always serene, merely witnessing whatever happens.

Those with an immature intellect may believe that the Atman is pure and without a second, yet they want to experience the Atman phenomenally as an independent entity. Therefore, they continue to be unhappy.

The intellect of the seeker seeking enlightenment cannot function without a corresponding object as its support. The intellect of the liberated being is not limited and restricted by any desire even for liberation.

He whose sense of personal doership has dropped off through intuitive in-seeing of his true nature finds no reason to speak or do anything, even though in the eyes of the ordinary people he leads a normal working life.

The man of wisdom is devoid of thought even when he is thinking; he is devoid of sense organs even though he is endowed with it. He is devoid of the ego, even though he possesses it.

The liberated one who abides in the Self under all conditions, who is free of the concepts of action and duty, who is totally without desires, remains unconcerned with all actions that take place, and does not brood over what has been done and what has not been done.


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