What Really Happened to Flight MA 370?

by Alan Cundy — (henrymakow.com) March 29, 2014

Is Jacob Rothschild linked to the disappearance of Flight MA 370? Click to enlarge

What happened to flight MA370, why and who could be involved?   Let’s look at some of the possibilities:
The plane either:
(A) Was a genuine accident caused by equipment or pilot error.
(B) The plane was taken down deliberately.
(C) The plane was hijacked/stolen and has landed.
Let’s look at the possible motives.  Malaysian Airlines was on its way to China and its transponder did not respond. Many passenger cell phones were called and GPS information exists somewhere.  The flight had an all-Malaysian crew of 12 and a total of 239 passengers of which the majorities were Chinese and Malaysian.  One group of passengers included 12 Malaysians and eight Chinese all from the same company, Freescale Semiconductor.
In my experience, this defies all company policies. You don’t “put all your eggs in basket.” Generally travel groups are split up to reduce business risk.  This company is called Freescale Semiconductor and is based out of Austin TX with manufacturing and design facilities in the Far East.  Their products and services are across the board of applications from automotive, medical, military etc.

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