Sun Baked Mudpies. It’s What’s for Dinner in Haiti

Reflections in a Petri Dish — March 29, 2014

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The present is the place where the past and the future conspire to conceal it. They hide it well. Most never see it and when they do it is in childhood. Childhood is that dreaming place where the exercise of hope and faith are unnecessary, for they are already perfected in the moment. After that the world divides and you begin to feed upon yourself, until only a burned out husk remains. Ah, if only one could corral desire before it imprisons them. That’s the ticket. Then you can actually enjoy whatever it is you’re getting up to in the now, as opposed to living your life in either hindsight or projection. It is possible to do things in a dream and believe you have accomplished them. The irony is that even in their waking state, most people are dreaming and that is why they take it amiss when you disturb them.
Without the dream there is no profusion of colors or objects extended from the mind. In the dream, the mind becomes a playground and unfortunately, these days, there are razor blades on the jungle jim. Sometimes the dream is pleasant. In these days it all too often turns to nightmare.
Do you remember the politicians and musicians who went to Haiti after the earthquake? The ever fickle attention of the public mind, manipulated by the Zionist press, moves on to the next profitable disaster and what is it that they leave behind? This is what they leave behind. In the west we have problems of a different kind, although food shortages are on the menu (hmmm. That doesn’t sound right)
Far away from the public mind of the west are vast areas of darkness, made as such by the greed of corporations. Because a corporation has no soul and because those who work for corporations, very often sell their soul for financial gain and the right to continue at these obscene practices is rubber stamped by the Zionist controlled U.N., which works the duplicity angle by giving lip service to condemnation of these things and tacit backdoor approval to continue at the same time. We know about the U.N’s complicity in human trafficking. Yesthe Satanic United Nations has a lot to answer for.
Again and again, the question rises upon the mindscreen, “Why? Why?” Over and over, the mind wrestles with the enduring continuance of all the despicable acts performed by the very people responsible for protecting the people from those very things. It is all proof positive of this Biblical phrase, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” In disrespect of these fiends, let us address how it is that they come into the positions they occupy. Pedophiles seek out positions where they can exercise their tastes. Sadists seek out placement in the military and the police forces to exercise their tastes. As their souls are brutalized into quiescence by horrific behavior on the battlefield and as their own humanity rebels against them internally; creating the right psychological profile for further abuses in other professions.
There is something that needs to be understood and it explains much of why the world is as it is in these times. The illegal state of Israel was founded as a base for the operation of a world wide Satanic Empire. Satan’s agents, the central banking consortium of Rothschild who are practicing Satanists, were deeply involved in the founding of this nation, just as they were deeply involved in the events that led up to it happening and then you get The Stern Gang and The Irgun and all those poisoned Palestinian wells, which the Zionists purloined as context for their own complaints, which is standard SOP for these people. They cry out in pain when they strike you. They arrange acts of aggression against themselves in order to justify gratuitous violence against a poorly armed populace. The ultimate strategy for the ultimate oppressor is to create a perpetuating victimhood. It becomes a religion. Any fool can’t see this but some of us can.
Those of us living in potential danger zones should also be aware that they are there. I’m getting a bit of a vibe about Kalifornia. I don’t want to be an alarmist. Then there was that mudslide in Washington State; speaking of which (and we were)… they are hammering on about donations for the mudslide victims. Since nearly all of the victims were in their houses; who are they getting donations for? It is interesting to note that it is not immediately easy to find the number of survivors. I saw where it says, “only 8 more survivors were found”. Does that mean there were 9? Hmmm… I don’t trust charities. They are money mills for ghouls. Speaking of charity corruptions and mealy mouthed, non informational articles (which we weren’t), in Haiti, 9 billion dollars went ostensibly to Haiti and only 600 million made it through to the people.
They don’t name or identify who got the rest of the money. It’s a slick bit of calculated avoidance. The graph on the page shows, 9.04 billion dollars was collected and somehow, with creative math, they figured out that 11% (or so) of the donated money reached people. How can 600 million be 11% of the total when 600 million is is 10% of 6 billion? You know, this math reminds me of another creative mathematical exercise some decades ago, which has resulted in far many more billions for what?
As has been stated any number of times, corruption is epidemic throughout those organizations presumably devoted to controlling corruption. Nothing says it better than this. I pray that Kalifornia not get hit with what is inevitable at some point. Because, if it should, imagine the quality of the response.
One thing that hasn’t happened yet but which is upcoming, is mobs looting rich neighborhoods, once the standard of living has fallen to unacceptable levels of desperation. In Lisbon several years ago, some hundreds of poor people came out of nowhere and stormed the beaches, stealing valuables and cash from the sunbathers. This is something you can anticipate in America and gated communities with armed guards are going to be next to useless at the hands of enraged mobs. When have they ever been able to contain these things? Also, given the lack of integrity among the politicians and police, their will shall dissolve. As Lao Tzu says, something like, “Those who do not fear death (since their living conditions equate to that) are far more capable of survival than those who are too fat to dare to die.”
It’s all been a long time coming and some are being kept alive in their evil dotage in order to see the degree of their iniquity. As has been generously stated, time and time again, this long excruciating life tale, is orchestrated, both by time and event, to a specific end. It is long in duration as a test of faith. It is long as a test of faith …and so that there can be and will be no doubt about where anyone was coming from, or where they were headed. As for the latter, we shall all get there, wherever it was that we were headed and regardless of whether we knew that was the place or not.
Here’s a little something that should shock the shit out of you, children in school are no longer being taught to write in 40 states in the US. Did you know about this? Does this make any kind of functional sense whatsoever?
I had a most remarkable meditation this morning. For the first time, I could clearly hear who was speaking to me (outside of psychedelic states) and it was attended by vague imagery and I was informed that this too would clear in time. You know how it can be when you’re not sure if someone is talking to you or not? Like it could just be your mind fabricating it?… or some lower entity but… lower entities are proof of higher entities and I’m secure in the knowledge of the quality of the information I get. Anyway, I got the most remarkable encouragement this morning and one of the highlights was an unmistakable assurance that if I just kept on as I am doing there was and is nothing that can keep me from my objective, which is to dwell in the presence of the divine. Indeed, I was informed that I already had that to a small degree.
I was also told that I should realize just how many readers there are out there and that a high percentage rely on me for what is produced here and I should take that into account. It was an interesting thing to say to me because you would think I was aware of that to some degree but even as I was being told, I realized that I don’t think much about that, I just do what I do. I always thought that thinking about that could be a sop to vanity and other undesirable qualities that I actively dislike; vanity being one of the chief offenders, especially because there is no upside to it. You gain nothing useful by being vain. If you are in this particular area of employment you can even compromise the quality of your information by being vulnerable to it. This is one of the reasons that monks, yogis and other perform austerities.
I used to think that it was somewhat unfair that I should have certain talents and have to live on such a small margin; hardly enough to survive on, unless you are creative (and I am- grin). I thought I should be asked to speak at places and have a wider reach with my work. Was I not working hard enough? Was I not good enough, especially when I can speak off the cuff without notes? Now, I know, I was being protected and I have been told that is the case. I was told a lot of things and it was a true comfort. Nothing and I mean nothing beats contact with the divine. I was laying there and thinking, “Man! if people only knew what was available to them they would push on with all enthusiasm to this end.” How can there be anything in the world to rival this? There is not. I’ve had a sampling of the world, topside to bottom and I can unequivocally state that nothing comes close to this. The sense of well being is not to be described. Every area of one’s being that is tied into one’s optimism is flush with power. Negative energies and entities cannot approach. Nothing inimical can approach. There you are, in contact with agents of the all powerful, for whom nothing is impossible, whose reach encompasses the known and unknown universe, who cannot be measured or comprehended and… who is right there, WHO IS RIGHT THERE! I can’t grasp the enormity of it. My mind isn’t equipped to process this yet and I was told that I am kept at a certain level for particular reasons but… those reasons are soon to be nil and not only for just me.
It all comes down to awareness; what we are capable of being aware of. Never assume that your efforts go unacknowledged. The moment you set out on this course you are monitored. You are monitored even previous to that. Is your faith strong enough? Is there an intention to make it strong enough? I was told in no uncertain terms and in a most convincing manner that those who persist and persevere will win to glory (as Christians like to say). There is a difference in one’s assurance at different points. We are able to contain as much as we will empty ourselves to receive. Strive!


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