2 for 1, Hog Nostril Night at Big Caesars

Smoking Mirrors — March 28, 2014

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Howdy Doody and the Popester had a little chat the other day. It seems they spoke somewhat about birth control. Howdy Doody asked the Popester if there was ever a time he might feel that birth control was a positive thing and the Popester replied, “Yes, say for instance if your parents had practiced it.” Following his visit with the head of Twink Boyz Town, Howdy held a press conference and announced that he was appointing the former PR rep from General Electric, Japan, as a good will ambassador to Fukushima You may know Howdy Doody as a mass murdering, psychopathic tool of the Satanic Central Bankers …but one thing you can’t say about him is that he can’t lie effectively on command or say the dumbest and most fatuous shit ever imagined to come out of a ‘not very’ near human mouth.
Howdy Doody’s Zionist, Oligarch cronies first order of business (after fomenting the revolution) was to free Ukrainian murderess Tymenchenko, so that Little Georgie Sorrows and his band of international murderers could run her for Madame President. I seem to be using the word ‘murder’ a lot already. Little Georgie Sorrows is a multi tasking criminal of epic proportions but… once you get into the upper ranks of the criminal elite, you are no longer called a criminal, you are called a financier, an entrepreneur or a banker. Here’s something a corrupt Tribe member (aren’t they all, nearly?) and compromised industry spokesman said about Lil’ Georgie; “[N]obody who has read a business magazine in the last few years can be unaware that these days there really are investors who not only move money in anticipation of a currency crisis, but actually do their best to trigger that crisis for fun and profit. These new actors on the scene do not yet have a standard name; my proposed term is ‘Soroi’.”
Sub Rosa, there is an argument going on in the heads of that portion of the populace, still in possession of some portion of their wits. That argument is some variation of, “Why are absolute, psychopathic bottom feeding scum like Victoria Neuland, Tymenchenko, Samantha Powers and Susan Rice, speaking of the more or less female end and including the male end as well… why are these vicious and conscienceless monsters allowed to free range roam among all the sheared, slaughtered and subjugated sheep?” They are hashing back and forth, beneath the surface mind, about cosmic verities and laws and how the possibility of their existence and non existence might be affected, or proven out, by the unbridled mayhem taking place around the globe. Surely the horrors of the day indicate that the divine must be simply a fantasy; much as the Tribe and Satanic representatives claim. Of course, proof of the devil is also proof of God but simple minds divorced from objective inquiry are not up to the task of reasoning this out.
Since there is a divine and also an infernal, of which the latter is presently romping across the landscape; what is the glaring and obvious reason for this continuing cycle of madness and invoked despair? Why is it going on and on and on? There can be no other reason except to take a head count of those with sincere belief and those who give way beneath the weight of appearances. I know how cruel and harsh this seems but… that is how it is.
That is why there is such a tremendous display of allurements to the base appetites. That is why there is such a relentless push to morph the general sensibilities about sexual mores, as well as right and wrong …AND WHY there are such graphic demonstrations of unpunished criminal behavior at the upper levels. The reason for this is two fold. One is to generate despair in the hearts of the masses and the other is to encourage a desire to join their ranks. If you can give the picture that ‘evil is good’, just as the picture has already been registered that ‘greed is good’, well, you’re not that far away from Hell on Earth, which is the intent of the servants of The Prince of Darkness because that is what the Prince of Darkness wants.
Into the mix comes The Madhi and the Avatar (likely two terms for the same entity) and The Anti-Christ, or whatever they’re calling him in other places. Some grand battle is scheduled, or maybe that gets stymied. Maybe ships come out of the skies. Maybe armies rise up out of the catacombs and subterranean depths of The Earth. Maybe angels with flaming swords will precipitate downward. I guess anything is possible. I don’t know what’s most likely and what’s absurd. I do know that I feel a strong conviction that things will be alright… somewhere, for someone.
Why is it a near certainty that much of the west is headed for the compost bin? This is only one of the impressive factors at work. Then there is Morgellons and that’s also just one of many. However… the major reason for the swift decline and disappearance of the west is that few seem inclined to reverse any of these activities. Corporations don’t want to hear it, no matter how many people die. Banks don’t want to hear it. Politicians don’t want to hear it because… where would all the loot and the graft come from? No… it seems pretty irreversible, mostly because very few want it reversed. The got that ‘Misery Jones.’
I mention the west but it’s big time operational in the east as well. Look at Japan with Fukushima and the air quality in Tokyo. Look at the poisonous industrial conditions in China. Quite frankly, I have no idea why I should be so optimistic. I am …but… there is no observable reason for it.
Of all the things you can be certain of; such as, there is a God, the weather will change, the neo cons are evil monsters… things we can be sure of… you can be sure that the nogoodniks are up to something and that this year, the world will change like never before. The endless stream of mindless reportage on da missing plane is all you need to know that there is nothing ordinary about this missing plane. Now they want all the twits to twitter on about their questions. You got questions burning a hole in your stomach so you can’t eat or sleep? They seem to think you do. Now they have new debris (scroll down for the former). I say it’s new debris because they probably only put it there yesterday …and they say it’s new debris. Later on they’ll be debris-fing, as all the polished liars with polished heads and rear ends branded with ‘Property of Tel Aviv’, tell each other what they think, or yell at each other on cue, according to whatever notes they’ve been handed by the Lie Meisters who own the media and who took control of it for this very purpose.
Look at the sheer power and force of The Media. Impressive isn’t it? Look at all the wars they made possible and all the dung slugs they put into office, to facilitate those wars and who also made it possible for the Banking Kindred of the Media Kindred to steal all of the things they have stolen in recent years, which is a large, large portion of the savings of that large portion of the public, who are unable to simultaneously scratch their asses and pick their noses at the same time and forget about remembering having attempted to do so, two minutes later (belch! whoa… too many slices of that hog nostril pizza).
Yes… most any fool, which would not be most fools (do the math, like they would do the math, the way ‘they’ ‘have been’ doing the math. Then it adds up) can see there’s something coming… eh? eh? Knock, knock! Nudge, nudge, Twink, twink; A certain number of fools must know that these sanguinolent swine got something planned that has something to do with the full duplicate Zio plane parked in that hangar in Israel. How do they manage not to cover themselves so often, when they are up to their basic business of destroying the human race? Yes, seeing as you are not most fo…people, you have probably guessed that Mr. Apocalypse is behind this. He’s also ‘behind’ them and in ‘front’ of them and all ‘around’ them so… all the while that they are dancing around and celebrating the performance of all their injuries and thefts, flashing those vampire smiles and wiping what is definitely not ketchup off of their lips, Mr Apocalypse is videotaping all of it for when court convenes in mid air.
I have to keep saying these things because as time progresses and things get progressively worse, or appear to be getting worse, it can look bad and one can easily begin to experience depression and as that descends,  eventually fall into despair. Whatever may happen, you want to ♫always look on the bright side of life♫ as Brian was singing from the cross. You have to be optimistic no matter what, because that is the one thing they want most to steal from you and hopefully what they have yet to acquire. Until they have that, you hold all the cards. It may not be completely clear to all of us why that is but… I assure you it is so. Don’t let go of your optimism and faith. They are nothing more than poorly trained actors in a second rate burlesque; take them no more seriously than that.
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