Water in Our Hands and the Imprisoned God

Visible Origami — March 27, 2014

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Trust is a big thing. It’s got a relationship to integrity, faith, certitude and determination.
So… today I go to register my new-old car. I had been about to purchase a neon yellow VW Beetle from 2001. It was in pristine condition and loaded with amenities. The Swiss treat their cars very nicely. It had eight tires, each with those pricey metal designer rims. I love Beetles, however… it was anything but low key. It was also a gasoline car. I am a diesel fan.
Yesterday, when the car dealer I am buying from shows up (for us to go and register the Beetle), he is driving a 2002 VW Golf TDI. It is a subdued silver and immaculate, also with 8 tires. These are all new and also have those rims and it is a diesel. It has 50,000 more kilometers than the beetle but that is meaningless. It’s one owner with all the paperwork for regular maintenance. It’s a ‘special edition’. It says, ‘special’ on the metal step into the car.
I mention it’s too bad he didn’t have this before and I was sure it cost more. He says; “It is the same price” and you can have it if you want it. So yesterday we had to do all the insurance and paperwork again for a new vehicle. He drives to France yesterday to pick up another car and is driving the Golf. The Frenchmen there insist they must have the Golf and tell him he has to call me and cancel the sale… heh heh.
This morning we take another car into the town where one registers vehicles. He tells me he hopes there are not a lot of people; sometimes you have to wait for hours. I tell him that I have very good luck in these matters. We get to the building and he runs in (before we park) to get the ticket with a number. He comes back and tells me there are a lot of people. As we park, I tell him it will go fast. We are in and out in fifteen minutes, plus, he gets the friendliest lady in the place. Why am I mentioning this?
Things (of late) very often go super smooth for me. Only occasionally do I have brief periods of drag, as in recent days when various critical things looked uncertain but… I just weathered through it and all things turned out to be much better than I initially imagined them to be, in terms of positive outcome. I have been told that this would become routine and also improve and improve. When you are riding with the ineffable, everything is about the ineffable.
When you are riding with the ineffable, all of your circumstances are not the usual general combination of the mundane and the unexpected. Everything has meaning. Everything is relevant to your relationship with the ineffable.
I awoke this morning in a fine frame of mind, around 6:45. I laid there for 20 minutes, engaged in conversation of an exhaled and thoroughly enjoyable nature. It was a step up from the previous exchanges of recent months. It was of a higher order and within myself, I was far more clear than I have been. Riding with the ineffable is a progressive thing. It’s not static. It doesn’t plateau out. It is a steady and gradual incline. The psychedelic version is a steep ascent but you can’t stay there.
In former times, I have mentioned an experience I used to have on Maui. If you take the Hana Highway toward Paia, there is a place that you turn off on to the Haleakala Highway. As you are driving up, it doesn’t seem like you are climbing at all so… it is a surprise when you look in the rear view mirror and see that you have actually gone up a considerable distance. Riding with the ineffable, riding in pursuit of the ineffable, is a process of continuing ascent and you may not notice how far you have come. It seems gradual.
Recently I was reflecting on the last year and marveling over the personal transformations that have taken place in that time period. Certain things that would come and go with a regular frequency just up and left. In some cases, habit patterns that spanned decades just up and left. You never know when real change is going to be upon you and that is why you must persist
I was talking to the used car guy about music. He’s studying the piano and his 12 year old son is studying the guitar. These are fairly recent engagements. I’d given him a CD of my music, which he really liked and that was what brought about the conversation. I told him that he should tell his son and be aware himself that, no matter what, you don’t quit at your practice for the first year because it is the first year that contains the majority of the difficulty. Also, by that time, discipline has kicked in and some level of enjoyment shows up, in most cases (grin).
This applies to just about everything we do, or might engage in and this definitely applies to seeking the ineffable. The ineffable is like a hard won romance. The object of your affection keeps retreating before you as if it were shy. What it is actually doing is leading you and checking to see how far you’ll go. You can count on this being so. Your Weekend Warblers and dilettantes are not inclined to continue beyond a certain point and the ineffable insures that that point is reached in every case because… most drop off. Usually people seek out the ineffable in periods of desperation and extreme suffering. We’ve all heard about death row conversions and some of us are aware of what it’s like to be terminal, or have a loved one go terminal. In many cases, once the crisis is past, the attention drifts. It has to be a full time job.
The ineffable reminds you at intervals about it’s existence and you respond, or you’re busy. The greater your due diligence, the more consistently the ineffable will remind you. If you are inconsistent then… unless he really wants your attention, he drops away. As infinitely patient as the ineffable is, the ineffable does not like to intrude. I wish I had the words to accurately explain what that means, about not wishing to intrude and being shy, retreating, elusive. Lao Tzu goes into this. It requires a particular state of mind to take hold of the necessary state of consciousness, in which the ineffable is not driven away by any number of variants of human behavior.
Defining the ineffable is much like trying to hold water in your hands. One of the reasons that self inquiry is of such cardinal importance is that, in the process of self discovery, one sinks down into one’s self. One deepens and in the very depths is where the ineffable resides. It is also most certainly true that your real self is the ineffable, or rather, the ineffable as it defines itself in any individual. Is it a spark like a star, in the vast darkness of perpetual night, when enough space has interposed itself between the observer and a distant sun; should such a thing be possible? Is it a mirror, reflecting a brightness, saturate with luminous wisdom? It is what it is, in whatever way it chooses to be, confounding the wise and bringing fools to laughter.
I marvel at the pundits and knowledge junkies who have such a reservoir of definitions and details. They are awash in information. For some, the ineffable is totally impersonal. For others, he dresses up in a set of clothes that he allegedly wears for centuries and which are a composite of the dogma and doctrine that a whole lot of parishioners latched on to, once the priests arranged it all to their enduring profit. Sometimes it is given a particular personality and modus operandi overlay, for the anthropomorphic hobby minds. It’s determined as all good, worshiped as resident evil and defined as beyond good and evil. Whatever you say it is, it is not, but… it is like water and it will take the shape of any container it might choose to be awake or asleep in and so, one way or another we give it a being that we are most comfortable with; father, mother, lover, friend and… it will adadpt itself to that. I choose friend and so… the ineffable is my friend. I consider myself a friend of the ineffable and anyone else I may be a friend to, I am a friend to the ineffable within them.
The ineffable lives in me and lives in you and it exists and operates in a stage of awareness that is relative to our own and hindered in expression thereby, because we place restraints and limitations upon the ineffable. This very often brings me back to my Hare Krishna piece, courtesy of the inimitable Patrick Willis. We are the authors of The Imprisoned God. We must liberate the divine within and that is the point of something else that comes up a lot and is an inescapable thing that must be employed to pass through to the latter stages; one must become as a little child… “And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Regenerated innocence. Knowledge, pedantry and punditry are serious stumbling blocks. Self importance, vanity and pride are serious stumbling blocks. That condition that connects to the needle’s eye is a serious stumbling block; “If you want to be perfect, go and sell all you have and give the money to the poor, and you will have riches in heaven; then come and follow me.” That’s pretty clear.
It’s not easy, while at the same time being remarkably simple, should one be so inclined. It’s really about the degree of inclination, commitment and inflexible resolve. If you are in possession of these, it’s nowhere near as difficult as it is without them. Hence, one must love what they do and completely as well. One must be focused and Love makes this far more effortless than any other motivation; “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with thy whole soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind:”
Yes, I’ve been using a lot of Christian quotes. Most people who come here are Christians. You can find the same things said in every bonafide religion. Religions, however are not a reflection of the divine in present time. Religion is a wardrobe containing the clothes the divine wore at one point before moving on. There is inert truth and living truth. There is the empty space once filled by the spirit and there is that place presently occupied by the spirit. God is alive, conscious and intimately involved. We should be too.
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