Little Georgie Sorrows and the Kites of the New Serengeti

Reflections in a Petri Dish — March 26, 2014

Join the good fight against Talmudic Anti-Gentilism, Russian Holocaust Denial and all those others that were done by the same people.

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Bad things happen and they make no sense a lot of time time. Bad people prosper, sometimes from one generation to the next, as is evidenced by The Rockefellers and Rothschilds. People like Kissinger and Howdy Doody get the Peace Prize. Rupert Murdoch continues to pump out his filth each coming day and Hollywood and all related industries of airwaves and hard copies, prosper and close off anyone and everyone who doesn’t act, or sing, or dance, or write, according to their lack of standards.
Despite the worldwide chorus of Zionist owned mouthpieces, relentlessly trashing Vladimir Putin for doing the right thing in defiance of their doing the wrong thing, one can safely say that a power shift has now begun in the east. Greece and others may soon find the Moscow Embrace more tender than the usual buggering by bankers. In South America they have also decided it’s time to strip the sold out opposition of all power as this series of articles reveal. Yes, Mr. A. is really putting the hammer down. Treachery for filthy lucre is abundant. Honor and fealty are rare
That plane issue, well, this looks like as good an answer as any. It’s a little long but it is detailed and well reasoned  Combine this strange and singular possibility with the defining truth of this and slowly sprinkle the realization of what business as usual actually amounts to and you can see that there are some number of rogue storms and calamitous circumstances in waiting.
As ever; Christopher Bollyn.
I find some number of ethnic jokes to be very funny and also true. I won’t provide any examples (grin). You can surely find them online. It isn’t PC but I go where the truth leads me. I don’t search out these jokes, nor does anyone tell me any of them anymore. Occasionally one will pop up indirectly from some site. Some races are more prone to violence than another and some to this and some to that; all drenched in irony. Oh what the heck, here are some ethnic jokes, a few of them are funny and a few of them have been reworked from having been applied to another group previously
No one was more disappointed about the departure of the ’60’s than I was. I really thought the world was going to change. Slowly but surely I am making my way back to that guy who lived in a teepee year round; searching for god in the springtime of his life. I’ll get there.
There are some really bad people in the world, as the first line in my new novel states and these days, courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse, they convict themselves out of their own mouths. here’s a zinger from Little Georgie Sorrows, killer of many tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands; ruining the lives of millions and financing torture, all for the purpose of making a few bucks. This is what he thinks about all that; “As a market participant, I don’t need to be concerned with the consequences of my actions.” Could he have put it any more plainly? Here’s a heads up on what the general savvy market maven gets up to.
I’ve read a few things about the missing plane and this rings most likely (if I post something twice, it’s usually something that made me think). This also points up the kind of entrepreneurial spirit coming into play in the days of Mr. A. In the meantime the devil has been loosed in the minds of many. He’s traveling on the mind thermals like a kite over the Serengeti. You may think of the American mainland as being the new Serengeti. It used to be that they talked about turning the desert into a garden. Now, the poilicy is to turn what might have been a garden into a desert.
Once against, FOR THE HUNDRETH TIME AT LEAST, this whole multi staged, orbiting drama is for the purpose of deception and seduction; a reversed sump pump suction for those looking to bathe in the effluvia. Do you know why ethereal beings don’t come round most of us? It is because of the way we smell and the palpable sense of our thoughts and feelings. There’s a parallel here, since the sense of smell is the only one that goes directly to the brain. If there were a compelling reason for being a vegetarian, besides Ahimsa, it is the way that being a carnivore makes us smell to the higher life forms.
Yes… we can learn a great deal from observation. Everything has been put here for our study, even if the “proper study of mankind is man”. We learn from minerals, plants and animals and each other, or we don’t learn from anything. If you are not engaged in conscious learning, you get the stick. That’s cosmic law. ‘It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again’ …as I like to say, ‘learn or burn’. It isn’t that I want to be a nice guy or that I have some innate higher morals code; it’s common sense. It’s about spiritual survival, screw the temporal, that’s time sensitive and endlessly redundant. Not much is worse than going through the same suffering rituals over and over again. You have to be crazy to pursue that, yet, people do and people are. Is this the measure of success; getting all that warm inclusiveness among those on the down escalator? I’d rather be alone. I really would rather.
Here’s another feature of life; those who behave like psychopaths are delivered unto psychopaths. In a sense you create your own god, simply by the relationship you develop to the divine. The divine is capable of anything, for the purpose of instruction …and what it doesn’t handle directly, which is most things, it handles through its agents in the superior and inferior realms. You want to ride roughshod over others? Prepare to become the highway, with the sensitivity of skin. There are two things that deserve special notice and that is not to suggest there are not worse crimes; certainly by degree there are and that is ‘suicide’ and the treatment of women. One should take great care to be attentive to avoid the one and be always considerate with the other. I’m not going to go into the details of what I might know about these, except to say, the downside is not good. Some sins carry a dreadful taste of the unfortunate side of self realization.
We are advised to show compassion whenever it is possible to do so. We are advised to be tolerant, which does not translate as acceptance. Both of these are recommended because, surely, we would like to be on the receiving end, should that be necessary. I remember an occult maxim that goes something like this; “If you continue on the path of self interest, your final destination is a hard and rocky, empty field, with no one but Saturn for company”
You can consider yourself unlucky for being poor and less than beautiful; lacking in all sorts of things that the seemingly more fortunate have in abundance. Listen up, they paid the coin for this run round on the carrousel. They put in the time and they desired and dreamed it up. These states of particular lifetimes come and go. The queen of one period can well be the serving wench or sidewalk whore in another. If you used your position and power to be abusive, you are in for some terrible licks in the upcoming lives and you may be sure it is all ingeniously tailored to your specifications.
Regardless of your not looking like Tom Cruise (or much much worse. You MUST scroll down for the Tribe honey) or having millions of dollars, being world famous, or any of those other lifestyle accessories and karmic amenities, you stand a good chance of being far, far more fortunate than anyone with everything else, if you have the positive attention of the divine. Everything good that you could imagine and far more, the ineffable has in it’s vast larders and freely dispenses to those who have proven themselves AND, you only get the good stuff because the dispenser knows all. The dispenser knows everything about the object or condition. You don’t get prescribed crystal meth if you have heart problems.
Let’s head out with something anecdotal that some will like and some won’t. It probably comes as a surprise that I think highly of Siegfried and Roy. I will freely admit, I wish I had their affinity with the big cats, or animals in general. His understanding of the cat that almost took his life really impressed me. Sure… people might think these cats should be running free (where they can be hunted by Chinese poachers for their bones and blood) but I, were I one of those cats, would love the full medical, great dining and treats …as well as the special bond with one’s master. I know it’s BS Las Vegas glitter and sham, mirrors and high end hocus pocus but these guys are something else.
I know this posting was all over the place but so was I today; getting all kinds of things together for my move which gets closer by the day. There may be some interruptions of service coming over the next 30 days but… we’ll do what we can. I’ll compensate with an Origami tomorrow.
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