A Ghouls Feast?

It is with interest that I noticed a recent advertisement for the upcoming event; “An Evening with George Galloway”, at the Orlandos Bar in Chorlton, Manchester and was interested to read that the tickets are costing people £35.00 each but was fascinated to find that the designation of the funds was absent from the publicity for the event.

In light of the fact that the event is going to centre quite heavily around the issue of Iraq, as stated on the Manchester Events Guide website , I am hoping that the management team of Orlandos Bar and Mr. Galloway himself, will only see fit that the money raised from the evening, should go to assist the people of Iraq, after all it could be argued that without their suffering the event would not be taking place.

As it is known internationally, the occupation of Iraq has now cost the lives of one million Iraqi people, along with creating one of the worlds largest refugee crises and has left an estimated five million Iraqi children as orphans, with thousands of children being forced to live on the streets, in overcrowded orphanages or kidnapped by criminal gangs and forced into the sex trade.

This is not even counting the millions of Iraqi people who are contending with the daily struggles of poverty, malnutrition, trauma and displacement, with regular reports coming out of Iraq, highlighting the families who are being forced to eat discarded food from rubbish dumps, the growth of illiteracy as a consequence of schools being made the targets of militias and the fear of violence which is being directed against the country’s children.

Even as refugees in countries like Jordan and Syria, the lack of support has meant that Iraqi refugees have been reduced to begging for money, with the lack of support from the international community causing a financial burden, on already over stretched services, which would normally assist those refugees who are dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, malnutrition or are victims of rape and torture.

Having seen the devastation which the war has caused to the lives of ordinary Iraqis, I can only hope that when the evening with George Galloway takes place on October 1st, that Orlandos Bar will show some humanity towards those whose lives have been taken and damaged by the ongoing conflict in Iraq and find that it is only right that the money raised from the evening, should actually go to saving other peoples lives.

Take Action!

You can help raise money for the people of Iraq, by letting Orlando’s Bar know the truth of what is happening to the people of Iraq and by urging them to donate the proceeds from An Evening with George Galloway back to the Iraqi people.

E-mail: info@orlandosbar.com

Write to: Orlando’s Bar, 380 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 8AZ, the UK.