Nat Rothschild’s bust-up with wealthy Bakrie family turns into Twitter storm

Introduction — March 27, 2014

Nathan Rothschild. Click to enlarge

This is the closest the corporate media gets to reporting on what the Rothschild banking dynasty are really up to. But then they could hardly avoid reporting on this very public spat involving Nat Rothschild as it was all over the social media.
So while the Independent provides readers with a verbatim transcript of his bitter bust-up with Indonesian businessman Aga Bakrie, it omits to mention any background on the Rothschild banking dynasty itself.
Like the family’s funding both Napoleon and the British during the Napoleonic Wars.
Or their support for Hitler and involvement in funding both the Nazis and the Russian communists.
Or their being behind the foundation of modern Israel. Or the family’s connection to President Kennedy’s assassination.

In fact the Rothschild’s have a long and nefarious history spanning centuries although you wouldn’t guess as much from the Independent’s reports below.
In its place we get the details of an acrimonious exchange; which amounts to little more than disinformation as it diverts attention from the family’s involvement in crimes of historic proportions and focuses on petty name-calling instead.
All of which makes the following a reflection of how disingenuously the corporate media is controlled.

Nat Rothschild’s bust-up with wealthy Bakrie family turns into Twitter storm

Ian Johnstone — The Independent Marsh 26, 2014

You know a divorce is getting messy when one side descends to accusations  such as “your dad is an evil genius” and references to a “pile of turd”.

But when corporations split, titans of global industry are usually careful to wash their dirty linen in private.

So it was a surprise when the financier Nat Rothschild and a prominent Indonesian businessman, Aga Bakrie, engaged in a spectacular and very public bust-up on Twitter.

Yesterday saw the wealthy Bakrie family agree a deal to cut ties with London-based investors and buy back their stake in the mining firm Bumi.

Mr Rothschild, 42, who had helped to broker investments in the firm, then tweeted: “@agabakrie7 thanks for buying back a worthless pile of turd. I look forward to watching Bumi TBK trading to zero.”

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