Flaming Neon, Pittsburgh Steel and GMO Vegetable Glue

Smoking Mirrors — March 25, 2014

Join the good fight against Talmudic Anti-Gentilism, Russian Holocaust Denial and all those others that were done by the same people.

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More and more, it seems, we are hearing about vile and horrific crimes. There are strange people running around in these times. Here’s a lovely couple out of some Phrenological nightmare. Whether they got sent here to provide a macabre offset to the cartoon appearance of today’s tailspinning culture, or they are a product of the Satanic conditioning operating at all levels, I couldn’t say. For everything we hear about, there must be a much larger percentage we do not hear about. Certainly things cannot continue as they are but… they do. They do. Middle America has become “The Trailer Park Boys.”
I have no idea what to expect anymore. I look at life where I am and it is orderly and looks as if it could just go on and on and on. Then I read about conditions in so many other places and I wonder, how far out can they push the boundaries of reality until reality hangs itself in the basement? “No, I’m sorry Mam? There was no note that we discovered. Had you seen him recently? How did he seem to you?” “Uh… uh… I don’t know what to say. He hadn’t been himself in some time.” “Well, we’re sorry for your loss, Mam.” Yeah… aren’t we all.
Maintaining a balanced mental perspective about it all is like being a Brahma Bull rider at the rodeo. It’s all well and good to say that one must maintain a detached awareness of that temporary sideshow known as the manifest world but… it’s like, there. It’s there every day dude and that is the relentless Chinese water torture truth of it. It’s there in neon and Pittsburgh Steel; held in place by Avon hair spray and GMO vegetable glue. The March of the Corporations continues attended by courtesy wrist slappings. The monsters march as the mastodons must once have done during former climatic alterations so much is happening at so many different levels, it’s no longer possible to assess what relates to what and project any kind of outcome. It’s like a machine that kept adding on new components until no one can’t even remember what the original purpose of it was. It just got bigger and bigger and more complicated, as well as more expensive to operate.
Some numbers of people said that the machine should be shut down because of the high cost of maintenance and the ever increasing toxicity of its waste products. Others said it had to be kept running at all costs because everything depended on it for survival. In the process of the ever increasing dependency on the machine, an ever greater and greater number of people were being sacrificed to wars and diseases that had become the chief products of the machine. It wasn’t a machine any more, in the sense that it was in the hands of any specific operators, or that it produced more than it consumed. It now consumed far more than it produced and whatever was in control of it is no longer human.
One of the scariest components of the whole affair is how right on so many of the science fiction writers have turned out to be about present times; written about in former times. True… materialism always ends badly, which includes a long and exhausting period of near death experiences, culminating in the longest and most drawn out death rattle imaginable. It doesn’t have to be like this and it didn’t have to be like that but… it’s what it was and now its what it is. I study it every day. I look at it from here and then from over there. I climb the big ridge at the back end and look from that perspective. At night in my dreams I float above it and look down. I’ve looked at it from all the angles I could think of and… given that its very composition is confusion, sometimes it looks like a kaleidoscope in motion and sometimes it looks like a big box of takeout but all you can see are the maggots feeding on the top. The only way you’re going to know what was originally in the box is if the label is still legible. What you do know is that whoever it was that ordered it wasn’t motivated to eat it all.
Then again, this has to be one of the most wasteful cultures we’ve ever seen. They say as much as 40% of the food in America is wasted. There are so many crimes in operation these days that it’s hard to get a complete picture of them all. It’s hard to know how to measure them or what to measure them against, or whether it’s a good idea in the first place to even get into something like that. Maybe when you’re doing all of that measuring, you wind up measuring yourself in some way and… maybe that’s not the most desirable way to go about it. After all, very, very few of us know what anything really means, do we? We only know what things mean according to what we’ve been told and according to how we have accommodated and cataloged information, in respect of personal appetites and desires. I wonder what it looks like when you no longer have any appetites or desires… or… when all of your appetites and desires have been woven into one?
Once again, here is yet one more addendum to divide and conquer, sowing discord, spreading confusion, dividing the human will against itself, setting one against ones neighbors, creating a multiplicity of attractions to overload the senses and drain off the vitality; producing an endless array of of toxic foodstuffs that attack the body and the immune system. It goes on and on but… you’ve heard all of this many times and now we’re watching it play out. What shape will that take? How will it affect you? Where are you going to be when the next stage cranks up? The next stage is a real doozy. It’s like the difference between a drama and a thriller.
One can find many parallels in the cycling of an addiction. Let’s compare it to the water swirling down a toilet bowl. At the top of the rim there are these things that happen and other things that don’t happen or hardly ever happen. The you slide down the bowl a bit and the things that hardly ever happened become commonplace and certain other things that never happened at all now begin to occasionally happen. You drop down to the next level of the bowl and those things become commonplace and there are yet more new things that never happened before and now they start to happen and so on and so on, until you are no longer visible in the bowl. As it is with individuals, so it can be with entire cultures.
As a culture begins to swirl around the bowl, things start to happen that never happened before and then they become commonplace. This is followed by the appearance of new scenarios and situations that never happened before. It’s the same thing. At a certain point, certain individuals and their associates see the writing on the wall and depart. Then there are more and more departures and, on the other hand, an ever greater fixity of obsessions and compulsions in those who remain.
All of the social and political systems begin to warp into a Boschian nightmare. Right and wrong no longer have any real meaning. If it feels good do it. If you want it take it. The whole thing starts to go down and the people crowding the rails of the doomed ocean liner applaud as the ship begins to sink. It’s only toward the end when they realize what’s happening and then its too late. Given the intelligence level, it’s not hard to understand the cognitive dissonance.
Still… even in the midst of a vast sea of contagious ignorance, we can count on Mr. Apocalypse to be diligently employed at ripping the masks off of the faces of the monsters. We’re really getting to see the players as they are. Isn’t it interesting that so much of this sort of thing is happening? Oh! and there is much, much more to come… is there ever. Imagine the fury of these players. Who is responsible for these things? Ah yes… all things in time.
It is so very, very topsy turvy at the moment. Don’t lose faith, my friends. There is an immense drag operating on the human spirit in this moment. They’re pulling out all stops, both in the visibly obvious plane and behind the scenes as well. They’re frustrated, angry and frightened. The latter is becoming predominant. They know something more than what they might have initially suspected is behind so many of the things that have been going wrong. They figure, if they can just pull off this next terrible outrage they will be able to bathe the world in blood and fury but… what if something goes wrong? Yes… that’s the kicker which has held them back so far. They nearly set it off several times in recent years but something came up or looked suspicious to them in the final moments prior to. Oh… they’ve between a rock and… the unknown, because… in the back of their minds, demons are cavorting and generating a powerful drive; “Let’s go already!” they cry but these freaks didn’t get to where they are by being stupid, that’s the public’s job. So there is all this tension. However, the drive is just going to increase and so is the hesitancy and sooner or later, bingo!
I just want to suck in that breath of free air, which follows the thing that sets the dominoes tumbling. That thing that cannot be reversed and which ignites the blowback (speaking in firefighter terms). I want to dance across some green field in my own version of The Trapp family (God knows I have enough personalities for it) and sing out in extemporaneous delight that dawn has broken upon the human mind. Holding to this optimism through this most dreadful drag and the slow thudding repetition of one day after the next , may well be the most difficult thing I’ve ever done (am doing). You can imagine that, doing what I do, I get messed with regular. Besides that… all of us, in a certain groove, are challenged daily for the purpose of subjugation. All the usual culprits are there; uncertainty, critical unreturned phone calls and emails, matched by similar in other venues (the drag I was talking about). It’s tough enough walking through the dark pudding atmosphere of these times but there are fallen trees and opportunistic bushes below the surface that catch and tear. Still… if you don’t give up. If you do not relent; time well spent it shall be.
Regardless of how it does finally resolve itself, I’ll see you on the further shores in any case.
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