Contemporary Evil and the Source of all Good Things

Smoking Mirrors — March 22, 2014

Visible will not be speaking at the recently unannounced speaking engagement soon to not take place in a city and country yet to be named. Join the fight against Anti-Gentilism. Anti Gentilism and Russian Holocaust Denial are two of the worst cultural crimes of the times. Since sunlight is the best disinfectant, the more of us that resist these evils, the sooner they will depart.
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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Well… let’s see what Little Georgie Sorrows money is doing today …the evil that men do …the evil that men do.  and, what would a day be without some Putin bashing? Here, oligarch crony and present head of CIA front, Human Rights Foundation, engages in a lying smear on behalf of whoever it is that pays him to dress up in thigh high white boots and a red miniskirt. Human Rights Foundation is a nasty little web of fountain pen killers. There sure are a lot of nasty goings on in this part of the Kali Yuga and the staggering truth that seems to accompany most revelations of who is doing what just… keeps on happening as Jim Nabors used to say, “Surprise, surprise.” It gives a whole new meaning to the term multi-tasking.
And now… now we have the Tribe version of Honey Boo Boo complete with relentless Twitter reports. Not only is the world certifiably insane, those who have driven it to such a pass are decidedly malevolent too. One of their biggest weapons against human well being is political correctness and here is a classic example of reworking the public psyche and fueling race hatred.
If the world is ever going to be put right, even a small portion of it, certain things have to change and according to the laws of physics, in relation to irresistible forces and immovable objects; something’s got to give or be altered and… given the resistance likely to either; combustion is a certainty. This is the sticky wicket factor of world affairs. Change is not welcome most of the time and when it comes to those who are working contrary to general human welfare, change is very unwelcome because it usually involves Justice and Justice goes contrary to the bottom line of the business interest of the children of the Prince of Darkness.
“Da plane! Da plane! Yes, da plane, Here’s a working theory about that. You have to appreciate someone who practices the art of disclaimer like James Perloff. We like to do the same thing here. It’s our way of saying, “I don’t know.”
Something happens to a person when they say, “I don’t know” enough times. One of those things is that they develop an aversion to pedantry and the hollow proclamations of those who will projectile vomit, regurgitated theories, insisting that they are facts but lacking hard proof. We will allow for purely circumstantial when it is overwhelming enough, such as is the case where Israel did 9/11.
Meanwhile, those who bring us the news are on their toes to make sure we get the important news; the news that is of personal importance to all of us. Thankfully they keep us abreast of all kinds of important topics, like cutting edge cinema and what do you know? They even keep us current on psycho-social nuance and how to put our best foot forward when it comes to maintaining the rightness of our position, which we can do by constantly adjusting it to ever greater and greater degrees of lunacy. Is that a twitch in your right eye? I don’t remember you having that last week. Chin up old boy.
It’s an interesting thing isn’t it? One wonders where they come from; this collective of creatures who hate humanity to such a point that their abiding passion is its destruction. I’ve looked a short ways into these pools of darkness and the sense that I got was that I could have looked a long way into that darkness and still seen, nothing but darkness.
What’s the best way to destroy a civilization masquerading as such? One of the ways is to get control of the money supply and the result of that is a control of the political system. What that gets you is the power to engineer wars between countries and, in the process, bankrupt the economy of whatever country you are in the process of looting and destroying. Along with this you introduce elements of depravity into the culture, through the media, entertainment, publishing and art worlds and simultaneously doubling down on the educational system. You’re guaranteed of success if no one stops you but… who’s going to do that?
As I’ve maintained for some time, were it not for the ineffable, we’d be up the proverbial creek. In fact, we wouldn’t even have a proverbial creek, cause there wouldn’t be any proverbs. I can see where people might succumb to a certain amount of despair and depression, simply based on appearances, as presented in these times. It can look hopeless and certainly one can be made to feel desperate, should one be among that increasing number of people who either have no faith in the invisible, or whose faith is compromised by the counterweights of dogma and cant, which are not much unlike concrete shoes or a cement overcoat. The worst thing for any religion or spiritual persuasion is a lack of vitality. You might call it a loss of vibrancy, or the missing possibility of passionate intensity. That seems to me to be key elements. I suppose the most important element is that there should be someone on the other end of the line. You don’t want to have to hear the operator tell you the number has been disconnected, or worse, it just keeps ringing and nothing else happens. There’s a lot of that going around these days.
So… given that there is an ineffable, whether you think so or not, it stands to reason, at least insofar as I interpret that word… it stands to reason that just by definition the ineffable is in control of everything. You get that idea from just about all of the religions and bonafide spiritual teachers. We are told that the ineffable is omniscient and omnipresent. What do those terms mean? Don’t those terms imply what’s been already said? Now… here’s a thought; if the ineffable is everywhere at all times and all knowing and all powerful, which is what we’ve been told… does it seem as crazy to you as it does to me that anyone wouldn’t then make every effort, of which they were capable, to be in the good graces of the ineffable and pursue the company of the ineffable at all costs? Given what’s been said about the ineffable, it would seem that anything one could ever want is to be found there. I’m hard pressed to understand what I see around me in respect of what I’ve learned concerning the ineffable.
The ineffable is the source of every good thing. The ineffable is not only a material cornucopia, it is a spiritual cornucopia as well AND… it resides in you…  it resides in you. There is nothing the ineffable cannot do. There are no limits to the power and prescience of the ineffable. There are no restrictions, restraints or boundaries on the Love of the Ineffable and YOU! You are heir to all of this. So it is to be clearly emphasized that turning your back on the ineffable is the same thing as turning your back on the family fortune. Do you see why I say people are crazy? You are the offspring of the creator of the worlds. The offspring of the one whose burning desire is to confer upon you all of the blessings that it is in his/her power and ‘discrimination’ to grant. This is literal truth. This is not conjecture; no more than it is a theory that the sun shines in the sky or that the moon reflects that light, or that all physical life giving light, flows ‘through’ the physical, which is a manifest expression of that which remains out of sight as an impetus to faith.
Don’t be tardy. The window of blessings as well as the window of mercy and forgiveness will close at some point and then it’s back on the wheel of fire for who knows how long? Carpe Lucem!
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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