No, Ted Pike is Not an ADL Agent

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve been forced to give that answer in the last 2 days I could no doubt buy something REALLY nice for my wife’s upcoming birthday. This–meaning ‘No, relax, Rev. Pike is not working for the ADL’ has been the stock answer I’ve been forced to give to the deluge of bewildered (and sometimes outraged) queries I’ve received in the last few days concerning the piece he wrote recently dealing with the conference in Baltimore attended by me, Hesham Tillawi and Chuck Carleson a week or so ago in which he asserts that the three of us (but more importantly, Chuck Carleson and I, being Christians) have given the Jewish spy agency ADL ‘all the ammo they need’ to destroy our movement.

When my spiritual blood-brother Hesham Tillawi called me to talk about the article I could hear the blood in his temple veins pounding like war drums. I can’t say I blame him. As a Muslim who has never harmed a hair on a Christian head and who has personally seen friends and family members in Palestine killed before his eyes (including a 14-year old kid who took a bullet in the face at point blank range) hearing one of the more ‘enlightened’ experts within our movement spouting such nonsense about Islam is maddening.

I was not particularly surprised to hear the news of the article. I spoke with Ted this past weekend and (as usual) had an extended and for-the-most-part friendly discussion on this topic where he made his feelings known to me. Sad to say that no matter what reasonable arguments I used in countering the irrational opinions he held about Muslims, no matter how many times I quoted sections of the Koran and clarified those portions deliberately misquoted and misrepresented by the Jewish media he had used in forming his opinion it wound up being a wasted effort on my part.

The real reason I was not surprised however is because it’s something I’ve dealt with now for many years, meaning well-intentioned but at the same time poorly-informed Christians going off half-cocked over my willingness to rub elbows with ‘the Mohammedans’, as they often put it. Since I began writing on this issue of the war in the Middle East, as well as the three components to it–meaning Judaism, Christianity and Islam, I have lost most (if not ALL) of my former ‘Christian’ friends, to say nothing of the extended lecturing I‘ve received from family members. ‘Don’t you know what it says in the Koran??? My God, what are you thinking????’

Good God, how many times have I heard that from friends and relatives who repeat what they heard from Jewish groups that lie as a matter of principle, as well as all their Gentile lackeys such as Hanity, Limbaugh, Glen Beck, et al? It is an incalculable number, to be sure. Talk about feeling like Will Smith’s character in the movie I am Legend where he is the only sane person in a city full of zombies completely unaffected by reason. Hearing contradictions to positions they have held their entire lives, namely that Christianity and Judaism where not affectionate siblings within the same family but rather were antithetical to each other, as well as that other ‘biggie’–that Islam is not about ‘jihad, 72 virgins and conversion by the sword’ has been like telling the average person steeped in the superstition of the Dark Ages that the world was not flat and that leeches do not cure disease.

I have come to the conclusion that this–the unwillingness to consider the possibility they are misguided–Is as much an ‘American’ thing as it is a ‘Christian’ thing. Westerners in general and Americans in particular, much due to the fact that they have been the dominant culture in terms of economic and military power the last 4 centuries have developed an organic sense of their invincibility and infallibility and refuse to consider the possibility that maybe they get it wrong from time to time.

And unfortunately, as brilliant and as brave as Ted Pike is he is no exception, something I learned recently in conversations we had about various issues concerning the Middle East. While he may be an expert on Judaism, he certainly is not when it comes to understanding Islam. Based upon things he has said to me in the past year it was obvious to me that he has not done any substantive study of what Islam teaches and our conversation this past weekend was no exception, where his slightly-accusatory questions were surprising and yet not surprising at all–‘Slay the unbelievers were you find them‘–straight out of the Zionist script in demonizing Islam with no mention of the fact that this particular passage in the Koran deal specifically with Muslims utilizing their right to self-defense when THEIR homes, churches and communities were being assaulted, as is occurring today. ‘Look at the war between the Shias and Sunnis in Iraq’ as if it were all a product of the inherent, organic violent nature of Islam and not related to the fact that it is a civil war deliberately started by Israel and the US. ‘Look at the way they treat their women’ as if we in the west had any business lecturing ANYONE around the world on things such women’s issues when we raise gems like Madonna and Britney Spears as role models for young girls. The fact that there are millions of Christians in the Middle East, as well as churches standing that have been there for 20 centuries–IN THE MIDST OF A SEA OF MUSLIMS–and that these populations and structures have not been destroyed was not evidence enough that there is nothing anti-Christian about Islam. IF there is anything anti-Christian these days about Muslims‘ attitudes towards Christians, could it possibly have something to do with the fact that the Christians working in the interests of Zionist Jews have invaded the Middle East, murdered millions of innocent people and subjected tens of millions to a lifetime of mental and physical suffering?

And yet, what is the position we are supposed to adopt? No, this has NOTHING to do with it, it is all because the ‘Moozlims’ hate everyone and want to convert them to their way of thinking.

Of course, the truly maddening thing of it all is that the entire problem dealing with the misconceptions of Islam could be cleared up literally in about 10 minutes. 10 MINUTES. That’s all it would take, for someone with 3 functioning brain cells to sit down with a copy of the Koran (as I did) and read the sections constantly quoted by the Jewish media to see that they are all lies and misrepresentations. 10 minutes could have saved the 4,000 American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the millions of innocent persons between those two countries who have been murdered.

I suppose I should be more disappointed than I am, but the fact is that when it happens enough times you start to develop a thick skin. The fact that Rev. Pike’s piece was picked up by a few of the bigger websites within the alternative media does not surprise me either, as some (and I emphasize SOME) of them have started to swim in the waters of irrelevancy as evidenced by the fact they will post just about ANYTHING, including ‘breaking news stories’ concerning UFO’s, Bigfoot, and in the case of one rather large website, stories that parrot the Jewish line about Islam being violent and backwards. If there was anything that harms the credibility of our movement, it is these folks. Barring some radical shift (where they ditch the foolishness and disinformation they are using as filler for their sites) they are destined to become the step children of Art Bell and his ilk and then before long there will be no substantive resistance to the madness of the Zionist agenda.

Generally I do not get into public squabbles with fellow soldiers on the field. There is enough ordnance being lobbed at us from our enemy and, as much as a no-brainer as it may be, the fact is I don’t think it is a good battlefield tactic to shoot one of my own guys. However, as soon as someone within my platoon becomes a liability rather than an asset and starts shooting at me, then I have to take steps to protect myself, and this is one of those times.

That having been said, I will say this–the position taken by Ted Pike and others in refusing to share a foxhole with someone else based upon the fact they are not ‘Christian’ is suicidal. We in the formerly Christian West fighting the beast are a mere handful up against all the powers of hell and are few in number the fact is this–WE NEED THEM, meaning the Muslims, and as far as I am concerned as long as they are shooting at the same enemy I am and not at me than I am all too happy to march alongside them and call them fellow soldiers, which includes clapping them on the back when they put themselves in harm’s way in order to fight the good fight.

On the other hand, writing pieces such as he did this past weekend, where he is basically siding with the ADL and other Jewish groups that hate us for our freedoms, want to see our freedom-loving, freedom-minded civilization become a mirror image of the totalitarianism they have setup everywhere they have gone does our effort NO help. As much as Rev Pike imagines the ADL rubbing its hands with glee over the fact that a few Christians spoke at a for-the-most part Islamic conference, the truth is they are more pleased with the fact that someone from within the ‘truth movement’ is spouting the same lie-based Islamo-phobia that has become the most important sparkplug in the engine of the New World Order.

The fact is, I had a fabulous time last weekend with the ‘Mohammedans’, as some disparagingly refer to them. There were no beheadings, no suicide bombers, no one put a sword to my throat and threatened to kill me if I did not turn to Allah and I did not see any women being beaten. No foul language, no ‘Jesus F******Christ’ that I would have heard at a gathering of typical Christians in America. Not only did I have a great time, I would bring my wife and kids at any such similar gathering any day of the week. So much for the conventional wisdom that depicts Muslims as terrorists and jihadists.

Therefore, what I will tell those deluging me with emails and calls wondering if indeed Ted Pike is ‘one of them’, my answer is, only if you consider ‘them’ to be those well-intentioned but poorly informed activists who go off half-cocked and by virtue of this action allow themselves to (unwittingly) be used in the service of our enemy. He is otherwise a brilliant man, but it appears that in this case he is allowing his tunnel-vision sense of religion to get in the way of him doing the right thing and to see the bigger picture which includes a reconsideration of the propaganda that the Jewish media is feeding the West concerning Islam and all for the purpose of robbing us of our senses and our ability to think rationally and in our best interests.

Otherwise, as far as the rest of the dishes on his information buffet table dealing with Zionism, Judaism and the Talmud, I would say ‘eat to your heart’s content’, but avoid anything he offers dealing with Islam, as it is no doubt likely to give you a certain amount of intellectual indigestion