The Looming Dangers of Samoa and Occult History

Smoking Mirrors — March 19, 2014

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They’re at it and at it and at it Robot Zio Stooge Boy has landed in the Ukraine it would probably prove very interesting to see what they have on this completely corrupt hack; very interesting. I don’t know why I get that creeping sensation that he should look out for the crosshairs and the red dot. The situation is so unstable. The same would go for Obama. How easy would it be for the Ziopaths to arrange something with all the fingers pointing at Russia or Iran or Samoa? As you probably know, Samoa is becoming a major player in the high stakes game of socio-political strategy, moving and grooving. Fire dance anyone?
On other fronts, the culture continues its, no longer slow degeneration, down the cosmic toilet bowl. Dying cultures are not known for sudden resurrection. I can’t remember one that did that. What often happens is that the cultural light transfers to another location. Certainly the plundered loot is doing just that. Patagonia ain’t what it used to be.
It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to look for associating links in order to delineate what we know to be true. These days I am much more into, “what can we do about any of it?”
One of the things that the self styled elite work at, is to confuse ones sense of self and this manifests in ambiguous sexuality which, if you are a student of cultures, you know that certain things never show up in an emergent culture but predictably they do show up in a declining culture. I’m quite sure that those with investments in this don’t want to hear it but… it is demonstrably true and something that seldom gets pointed out. When a culture is in a tailspin, the unpredictable can become the commonplace and that is why, unless it is practically unavoidable, one should take care to at least be in a location where warning and the possibility of smooth exit exists. Still… one can be in protected space no matter what the conditions might be. I’m living proof of that more than once and occult history has any number of examples of this. I remember reading about events that happened during the French Revolution, about someone whisked up into the air and deposited several streets over. There were some number of master personalities abroad at this time and engaged in the purpose of demonstration. The Comte de St. Germaine went to Marie Antoinette and told her of the danger she was in. She ignored him. It’s said she saw him from the tumbrel as she was heading (pun intended) toward her date with Madame Le Guillotine. No doubt, Madame Dufarge was front and center knitting for this particular event. J’accuse!
Some number of supernatural events went on in France at this time. Cagliostro was in town telling fortunes, among other things and he let specific people know they were in terrible danger but… there is this thing about a lot of people that they refuse to believe what they are told and I don’t doubt that Cagliostro told them other things, to reinforce his credibility as well. Anyway, for whatever the reason, Cagliostro was locked up in the Bastille. On Bastille Day (as it was later to be called) the prison was stormed and lo and behold, Cagliostro was nowhere to be found.
Occult history is seldom referenced by those who control the flow of information because it gives evidence of supernatural goings on, such as the stories about Apollonius of Tyana and a great many others. Such individuals walk the world in these times. They don’t walk the world with a neon sign around their necks. That’s the other guys. They don’t have a PR operation and their own visualization cards courtesy of Hay’s Publishing, like Dr. Wayne Dwyer (number 3 on the most important spiritual people list). that’s the other guys. They don’t charge hundreds of dollars for you to hear them drone on in a calculated, mesmeric manner and who reserves the front row for celebrities. That would be Eckhart Tolle; also one of the other guys (number 1 on the most important spiritual people list). You can hear tales about people insisting they’ve been helped here and there but that happens at evangelical tent revivals and it happens at new age convention speeches. People can go through certain changes regardless of the medium of transfer; “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. …” On the matter of Tolle (or Troll as they call him at this website) here’s a well written article AND I am going to post one of the comments (in full) because of the extremely prescient insights of the writer-

Anonymous said…

If Tolle is all about ego transcendance and getting free from one’s personal story, why does his personal story matter so much in the marketing of his material? (Ditto for BK and her time on the floor with the roaches. Note: there’s no way to disprove her story here. If she actually was in a halfway house, that halfway house would be bound by legal requirements of confidentiality to say nothing at all.

If Tolle is all about ego transcendance and getting free from one’s personal story, why does his personal story matter so much in the marketing of his material? (Ditto for BK and her time on the floor with the roaches. Note: there’s no way to disprove her story here. If she actually was in a halfway house, that halfway house would be bound by legal requirements of confidentiality to say nothing at all.

That’s the thing about anyone’s claim to have once been homeless or depressed and suddenly cured. All the care agencies who looked after them would be required by law to keep silent and there’d be no way anyone could prove or disprove the formerly homeless or mentally ill claim–not unless the person signed release forms permitting the halfway house or case managers to speak up.)

Also, go look at the price breakdown for Tolle events. The seating is priced according to physical proximity to Tolle–odd, if his teaching is meant to transcend matters of ego and celebrity. If a teaching is really good, it should make no difference whether someone is in the back row.)

Go to Google.

Type ‘Eckhart Tolle’ and ‘Platinum’ into the slot. You can do this just on the
Google main page.

Or, if you want to be precise, type ET’s full name into exact phrase slot and
the words ‘platinum’ and ‘seating’ into the all words slot.

Seating is divided into bronze, silver gold and platinum.

Read the price differential for tickets based on how close you want to sit to the stage. Platinum price seating is for the first three rows.

Now…a question.

If a teaching is supposed to transcend the speaker’s personality/history and is meant to liberate the listeners from suffering generated by their own personalities and personal histories—-

Then, (unless one is visually or hearing impaired), what difference does it make how close one sits to the person doing the speaking?

Its the teaching that should matter, not the speaker’s own embodied personality. Whether one sits in the back or front row shouldnt matter.

IMO the verbal context is all about transcendence of personality and personal history–yet the social context and price structuring seem to imply, nonverbally that the speaker’s presence and personality do remain important enough to influence price structuring.

So we have a combo of verbal and non verbal elements that combine to form a possible double bind.

Tolle may not be aware of this, but if it potentially undermines the message that he sincerely wishes to get across, then as a thoughtful teacher, he would be well advised to re–think this arrangement and design something that doesnt generate a rank ordered class structure tied to money and ability to pay or charge up credit cards.

For it is possible that this rank ordered fiscal/seating structure might, without people being aware of it, insinuate some obstacles and subvert a teaching process in which Tolle sincerely wishes to help people transcend personal history and class, but which may subvert what he is trying to accomplish.

The possible problems generated by the rank ordered seat pricing, named by precious metals and tied to proximity to the speaker might possibly have the following effects:

The verbal content would possibly influence participants consciously, but the nonverbal elements of price structuring might provide an unconscious teaching that personality remains important, after all–contradicting the stated content of the teaching and impairing the pedagogical impact.

Enlightenment and celebrity would be subtly tied together and transcendence of craving would, in this context, remain subtly linked to a social state (celebrity) that many of us do crave and are taught by our culture to crave.

The price differential would also bring in, nonverbally, matters of class–those who have the money (or credit) to afford front row seats, with financial and social stratification based on ability/willingness to pay hierarchically rank ordered by bronze, silver, gold and platinum—the last three being precious metals and themselves objects of craving.

(If people have a hearing impairment this could be solved by supplying headphones.)

I’ve been to events where rows close to the speaker were priced higher, but this price difference was donated to charity and clearly spelled out as such.”

That missing airplane is generating tens of millions of dollars in search costs and… since governments are involved in its disappearance and certainly, other governments know about what happened, it’s a pretty grand, calculated farce what I wonder about is what happened to The Black Box; that is a location transmitter. It is to be supposed that the same thing happened to it as happened to 9/11 aircraft but… why is there no mention of the black box that I have seen? Ah well…
So… what to do in times of tumult and upheaval. Right off the bat one would counsel, do not be tumultuous and upheaved, unless that’s an internal thing. The more off center the world becomes, the more centered an aware individual must become. The more fear is generated by those who feed off of it, as if it were nourishment, which for them it is, the more one should embrace fearlessness founded on Faith, Determinination and Certitude, which, it is to be presumed, one is diligently pursuing at this very moment (grin). This movie goes into it pretty well. It’s not unlike how things are. If there are demons and ghouls and all manner of underlife, who congregate on battlefields and who have even been seen by those equipped to do so and who draw power from spilled blood; it is to be readily assumed that there are similar entities that feed upon fear. Certainly all negative qualities are attractants for invisible entities. Sexual interactions draw many feasters to the banquet, depending on the manner in which the energy is being served. Students of Tantra know just how important attitude is.
People get the impression that all Tantra is about is sex, though that is the primary focus, inasmuch as it is the primal urge all over the place and at all kinds of levels, Tantra is largely a lifestyle and includes your every thought word and deed. What an aware Tantric does is to perform every single one of the bodies usual functions as if Love and a cosmic process were present. One eats with tremendous enjoyment, knowing that one is consuming love in substance, that will be transformed as love in expression. When one goes to the bathroom, one celebrates the departure of the dead cells of a former self, while alternatively celebrating the feeding of the cells of the new self while eating. during acts of elimination, one is consciously aware that outworn patterns and old ways of thinking are departing. One freely lets go of all that is no longer needed. That’s what Tantra is all about and one can come to amazing states of being, as described in the books by Robert Svoboda on Aghora. I’m a tantric, after a fashion, inasmuch as it interfaces with Bhakti, with the promise of immersion and Jnana being the fruits thereof.
Sincerity and intensity are two of the major keys to union with the divine, coupled with a love for the divine. Such a cocktail cannot fail. Anyone whose disenchanted because ‘it’s too hard’, or it takes up too much time, has little awareness of the meaning of eternity and how that applies to the existence of the soul and the state of the soul’s existence.
Once ones eyes are open you are in a very different world and you soon understand that everything you formerly identified, in whatever fashion you identified it in, was all a projection of the mind. We really do live in a world of our own creation and we only see what we see, according to the opacity of the veils of our Samskaras and through the filters of our appetites and desires. The definition of the name Adam is, ‘namer of things’. That should explain a lot. What you define something, it becomes so for you. Of course, there are collective definitions that most people assume without thinking.
In times of Apocalypse, the veils are all subject to a certain amount of disintegration, except in those cases where people willfully hold on to their blindness, for any number of bad reasons; not the least of which is any kind of fundamentalist thinking, because at this juncture, it is no more than a form of madness and like any form of madness it can get its hooks into you and it is always surrounded by an atmosphere of fear. In a way it’s like a jelly donut, or an eclair, although I don’t think anyone sane would want to eat it.
I know I say it over and over but self inquiry is job one. Within ones self, there are all sorts of treasures. There are sunken treasure chests and all of the qualities one needs to survive or pass through any conditions. The Tarot exists as a meditation device that activates archetypes within the human consciousness. Nothing one might possess is nearly as important as the qualities of the divine. These are protective energy envelopes that can pass one through and around all manner of difficulties. One can be forewarned. One can experience unexpected providence. One can be the recipient of all manner of good fortune, simply because ones inner being resonates to that portion of the cosmos which dispenses blessings. I think it’s in Malachi where The Lord says something like, “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and test Me now in this, says the LORD of hosts, “if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing too big to receive.” It is Malachi. I checked just now so that I would have the quote correctly and found I had to adjust part of it back to what it said when I first read it (typical). What the sure and certain perfect translation might be… this will do for my purposes
That’s the sort of thing you can look forward to, once you have activated the archetypes within you. How do you bring them more fully into residence? How do you increase the degree of their power? You practice exercising them at every opportunity. How do you build muscles or develop anything? So it is and so it goes and I am out of here (grin).
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