Michael Straight: Could KGB Agent Become US President?

henrymakow.com — March 18, 2014

Michael Straight (1916-2004) was a wealthy American heir who became a KGB spy but later recanted.
Stalin wanted to groom him to become President of the United States. The idea of a “sleeper agent” becoming the US President is noteworthy today because of suspicions about the sitting President.
These suspicions are also fueled by the famous article by Tom Fife, “The First Time I Heard the Name Barack Obama.” Living in Moscow in 1992, Fife was told Obama would become the first black president.

by John Simkin Spartacus Educational (abridged by henrymakow.com)

Michael Whitney Straight, the youngest child of Willard Straight, an investment banker, and Dorothy Payne Whitney Straight, an heiress, was born in New York City on 1st September, 1916. His father died of septic pneumonia in 1919. Later his mother married Leonard Knight Elmhirst, a British educationist who founded Dartington Hall school in Devon.
Straight was educated at the London School of Economics and Trinity College. While at Cambridge University he became friends with John Cornford, Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean and Anthony Blunt. Straight joined the British Communist Party after the death of Cornford in the Spanish Civil War…
Roland Perry, the author of The Last of the Cold War Spies: The Life of Michael Straight (2005), has argued that Joseph Stalin wanted Straight to be groomed as a future President of the United States: “According to Yuri Modin, the most successful KGB control for the Cambridge ring, Straight was viewed as a potential top politico – a long-term ‘sleeper’ candidate. Stalin and the KGB would always be prepared to support and guide someone for however long it took to get an agent into high office, even the White House. In many ways, Straight was the near-perfect candidate.

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