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Visible Origami — March 18, 2014

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
I had the extreme pleasure yesterday evening in my home, along with Gabi Weber, a doctor …and one of the founders of Palestinian Cafe, which is sprouting up, on or near, university campuses in Europe. I don’t get to talk to too many people, I’m not really on the way anywhere. Gilad’s larger than life and fills a room. Of course being an accomplished musician, he pretty soon picked up my guitar and began running some jazz riffs. Apparently he plays a number of instruments but… mostly we talked about his new book which looks like it’s going be breaking eggs and making omelets. Here is a taste of the sort of thing the book will contain. This is going to tap dance on the heads of Academia. Listening to him articulate the details of the book was riveting. All too soon they were gone but I have to say, I was tickled that they went out of their way to visit me. Gilad is going to be speaking in Geneva shortly. Gabi translates for him sometimes. That is quite an asset. There is definitely a Kismet factor at work in our meeting each other and developing one of those mutual admiration societies. I love that kind of thing. It takes all the work out of interaction.
Sometimes it is truly amazing what you learn that you didn’t know about really, really bad people and- what do you know, they turn out to be the usual suspects again. What are the odds (grin)? While we are on the subject of ‘the usual suspects'; how about some high end rationalization for the perpetual victim industry in the form of Mossad operatives (most highly likely). What do you do after an agonizing stretch in prison (I was in the same situation for longer and I don’t make a big deal out of it)? You write a book of course and you appear on TV all over the place, so one would have to assume that spending a certain amount of time in jail without torture, or the daily threat of danger, has paid off handsomely; just as they expected it to.
This is Origami so, let us leave the usual suspects in the dust, where they will most certainly take up permanent residence in that ‘dust to dust, ashes to ashes’ fashion.
One of the things we talked about last night was the possibility of a mini golden age coming into being. Both of us agreed on that account. I said that it was going to get very bad in places and it was going to get very good in places. That’s how it works in an apocalypse. Under the radar and behind the scenes, are emerging technologies that are going to transform the world in a very short period of time. Because the cosmos has a benevolent, long range intention, everything going on right now is to definitively and convincingly portray the vipers and other vermin as the truly reprehensible creatures that they most certainly are.
Check yourself as you see the daily headlines on the world situation. Meanwhile, domestically there are a significant number of people who are a few marbles short of a countertop and who are also under a great deal of pressure. Mr Apocalypse is laying on the pressure near everywhere and some numbers are not going to be able to process it and they act out.
Whenever you see an article that tends to run counter to the PR ooze of what is definitely not peanut butter, you have to hypothesize in various directions, at least I do. I often look for coincidences and interesting examples of timing. A hundred years ago this year, the Archduke Ferdinand got shot at Sarajevo. Now, Mr. Trip and Stumble is going to fumble and bumble his way through the same general area. If ever there was a completely sold out hack, it would be Biden. Once he’s done throwing his weight around on behalf of his Zionist owners, Howdy Doody is then going to show up in the same area. Now we know that Israeli troops are moving around in those areas, we’ve seen pictures of them. Then there were those professional mercenary snipers, hired by The West and who shot up the police and the crowds. Should something happen to either of these bozos, it sure would make for a powerful motivation for mayhem. As we know, the self styled elite are all about magical numbers and messages sent by them. I just thought I would point this out.
You know they are getting desperate cause they can feel the heat of Mr. Apocalypse coming down on them. This isn’t something they would talk about except among themselves. They’re starting to realize that being forced out into the public eye is not a good thing. Apparently there is such a thing as bad publicity.
Until every single one of us, here anyway, gets the clear understanding that everything is happening for a reason and that the ineffable is behind it all, we’ll be in a confused and fearful state. This isn’t necessary. Here is one of the real benefits of faith; an easy state of mind… an ease of being. There are subterranean rivers that run in the chambers of the heart, esoterically speaking because we are talking about the esoteric heart. These rivers are awash with boundless joy and bliss that can channel up into awareness, once they are properly stimulated, or activated by the urging pull of a higher love. The mass of humanity has no idea of the states of being that are possible for those who are able to put the world into perspective. If they did, they wouldn’t be running mindlessly about after pedestrian pleasures that bear little comparison whatsoever to the higher states that are one of the perks attending a steadfast commitment to the path and one’s duties, such as they may be.
A common mind might well view these labors as onerous and tiresome because they do not have the passion that comes with an association with the ineffable, whose job all of these jobs are, via channeled enthusiasm to the task. It becomes an act of pure joy to serve others. The satisfaction inherent in this cannot be measured by ordinary standards, nor understood by ordinary minds. One does not have to possess an ordinary mind, once they eschew the attractions and distractions of the ordinary mind, it becomes a mind less ordinary. To come into the possession of an extraordinary mind, one has only to turn their mind to extraordinary things; simple, neh?
See, it’s what we are able to convince ourselves of that counts. What the dark side does is to shut down the objective mind and to surround the subjective mind with all sorts of banal allurements so… ordinary minds do not tumble to reasoned explanations such as were just given in previous paragraphs. One needs a particular level of detachment to view the simplicity of passage through the complexity of terrain. In this case, as in most cases, “character is fate”. Character is also the path itself. ‘The Path” is an elusive thing which redefines itself, according to who is on it. It is of no given length. That also is determined by who is on it. There is a great deal of mystery around this singular journey. That’s in order to keep the dilettantes and dabblers at bay. Weekend Warblers who crowd the big avenues where the charlatans and hucksters ply their wares no doubt talk about being on the path and the one thing they appreciate the most is how little is required of them.
You can tell when it’s the path by the relentless difficulties you encounter for some portion of the way. This feature is unavoidable and that should be reassuring, if you know it’s a requirement and you’ve already made up your mind that no matter what, you are going to walk that glorious highway into splendorous lands. Once that’s understood the struggles become almost incidental. It’s the lack of full commitment that makes it hard and, inevitably a lack of full commitment will be responsible for you stepping to the side and wasting yet one more lifetime. I love the rationalizations people come up with about how it wasn’t worth it, or how there are so many frauds and whatever it is that they come up with to justify stepping out of the grind and back into transitory time.
A higher love is the ultimate objective and what is the benefit of a greater and more pervasive love? It is what one experiences in the possession of it. As good as some drugs are AND- I know what I’m talking about in that respect, no drug can reach above a certain level. There are stories about enlightened yogis taking a tab or few of LSD and showing no signs whatsoever of it. They were, naturally, above that state already.
When I was in the John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane, I spent each day as a fully committed yogi. So it was that about half through, or so, into my 22 month stay in that particular environment, one of the patients there got a joint smuggled in to him and he convinced me to go out to the screened in ping pong room and share it with him. I did and what it did was bring me down, well below the level I had been at. It was a big lesson. When I was released, I was so high that the world was surreal and I could see all of the people around me in states of bondage and I was wonderfully and beautifully free. It was a divine intoxication that I will never forget. That state and many of the others I was graced a temporary engagement with are waiting up ahead, should I not swerve from my focus and intent. There’s near zero likelihood of that happening. In fact, I was told that I no longer had any choice in the matter and that should make me feel extra fine, regardless of the temporary turbulence or any sense of unease that comes and goes as it is meant to at this stage, which is just before the next stage.
The mind is like drops of Mercury on a hand mirror; getting those drops to coalesce is truly a feat. Then the Mercury becomes a mirror as well. Of course, there are all sorts of interesting things that can be known should one take the trouble. It is to be seen who that may be in reference to.
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