On Being Able to See around Corners

Reflections in a Petri Dish — March 17, 2014

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As reported here a few days ago, one of the first things The Ukraine did after it was taken over by the world wide Satanic, Zionist Cabal was to steal the Ukrainian gold through their proxy government flunkeys. The gold was transported to a Zionist Central Bank called the New York Federal Reserve, which is where the stolen Iraq and Libyan gold also went. These people are criminals and their illegal state, which was set up upon the dead bodies of the actual authentic residents, is nothing more than a fabricated sovereign state, created for the purpose of criminal enterprise. This has been proven out in spades over the last decades so… those choosing to argue against this are none too bright. This is one of their official faces. Truthfully, you couldn’t pay me to sleep with this woman but those whose appetites lack discrimination are not so choosy; unfortunately for them.
You might wonder why they’ve been coming out into the open over the last couple of decades. That hasn’t been their intention. They are being brought into the spotlight by Mr. Apocalypse. Let me say something now that might not be generally known. There are a lot of people on this planet who think they are clever. There are a lot of people who think they are powerful, or rich, or good looking in whatever temporary dream they paid the bills on in former times, or were summarily granted for the purposes of demonstration. Their position in the mix makes them think they are smart enough to do whatever they have to, to stay at the top of their game. Certainly they possess the moral relativism which means that whatever remnants of conscience they have won’t get in their way but… the truth is that for all their presumed cleverness, they are no more than pawns in a much larger game and they are directed and herded by a will that they are unaware of. This is how clever they are; too clever for their own good.
For the majority of us, we are unable to see the cosmic moves taking place in front of us because we only see a particular stage of the program. What is happening, was happening far around the corner, behind what is happening now and where the whole drama is headed is around the corner up ahead. So… it does appear that the least worthy and most unscrupulous among us are riding high into the eternal sunset. It does appear that life is unfair and that is the primary deception that puts people in such grave spiritual danger by motivating them to look out for number one and become a victim in the doomed game of The Pursuit of Self Interest. If only humanity could see beyond their basic appetites and the predictable appearance of their fears, as they are routinely manipulated by the spiritually damned, who sit above them, like associates of the owner in the skyboxes of stadiums.
If humanity, or any individual, could simply dial down their desires and identify the Fear Generators, an entirely different world would come into view, where one could see more than a single point in the progresssion. This is the cardinal activity of The Grand Deception and that is to keep the majority of humanity from being able to see outside of the situation that contains them and denying them the opportunity to troubleshoot their way around it.
We are lucky indeed, truly fortunate to be able to have whatever level of awareness and awakening that we do have. This is Karma too but it is important to remember that Karma is possible at any moment. It is happening at every moment and it is possible to accrue a great deal of good Karma, especiually in these times. There is even a yoga that addresses it; Karma Yoga. Wherever we are, we put the work in to be there and wherever we are it is a perfect description of our priorities, as they have been. Sometimes great spiritual fortune comes upon a person but this too is Karma because one would never have come into such an advantageous serendipity, without it having directed one there. Usually this extremely fortunate serendipity comes about through a guru, visible or invisible. When a legitimate master takes you under his or her wing, they also assume your Karma and accept the responsibility for taking you through it. One has little idea of the power, importance and significance of this. It is the ultimate ‘get out of jail free’ card.
Regardless of such a wonderful thing happening to us (it happened to me), we fight against our good fortune like a sport fish. Eventually we tire and eventually we come on to the course set for us. One should realize that this fighting we engage in, is also prearranged. This should clear up the mystery of our resistance which we might find it difficult to understand. For those of you who have a teacher of which you are aware, it should be noted that everything that happens to you is scripted. In other words, ‘everything is under control'; the very words I myself was told. Others have guidance but may be quite unaware of it.
Very important things are concealed from us that would make our day if we could get into the position to see them and that is why sustained effort has to be made. If you don’t engage in this then you aren’t serious. All of us get tryouts with different teachers. We could well not know when this is taking place. If we don’t rise to the occasion, they pass on. We’re unripe fruit. When one involves themselves in their own spiritual evolution, ‘hothousing’ occurs. Once again, those telling words from The Bhagavad Gita, spoken by god himself; “success is speedy for the energetic.”
It dumbfounds me that people do not register how important this is but that is what comes of buying into the seeming reality of the material zone. The material zone will suck you dry. This is what it does.
If you persist, you will be given help. If you do not persist you will be allowed to go on with whatever it is that you think you are doing. This is a world of somnambulists moving around in a collective dream of life. It always reminds me of those scenes in The Overlook Hotel in the film, “The Shining”. Life outside of the spiritual path ends in tragedy. This is an incontrovertible fact and the real tragedy goes down on the other side of the equation when one is informed of what one missed. There is no punishment that can equal the disappointment that comes in these moments.
We are all investment bankers one way or another, or should I say, we are all investors, period …and our individual investments differ widely. We get back what we have put into it and then some. No matter what bank you are investing in, you accrue interest; so it is with investments. In the world you can always lose your investments, there’s been a lot of that in these times. In the other bank, the esoteric banks, you don’t lose your investments.
I’m going to check out a little early today. I have guests coming today and I’d better get the house in order or people will notice that I am the cluttered bohemian that they might imagine I am rather than the faux anal retentive I pretend to be, as far as my environment goes, for the period of time that they are here. Hopefully some of you find some of this useful.
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