Ukraine – Satanists Take Us to the Brink (Again)

Henry Makow Ph.D. — March 16, 2014

Skull & Bones' John Kerry, the ghoulish face of modern Satanism. Click to enlarge

If the crisis in Ukraine spirals out of control,  we will all pay the price for letting Satanist Jews and Freemasons (the Illuminati) control the economy, government, culture and media in the West.
Whether this crisis results in war and/or a financial crash depends on two factors:
1. If the West imposes onerous sanctions on Russia that provoke retaliatory measures, a financial meltdown could take place. Russia could restrict oil and natural gas exports to Europe and the US causing prices to soar. It has warned that it will seize Western assets in Russia. It could undermine the US dollar. I don’t expect this to happen. Cooler heads will prevail and Western sanctions will be token and face-saving. (This appears to the case.) Western corporations like Pepsi and GE have already warned that, if Russia and the West get into a real pissing match, all bets for future growth are off.  EU banks are owed $200 billion from Russian loans while US Corporations export $11 billion annually to Russia, and have $14 billion invested.
2. The Kiev government or the Neo Nazi Right Sector, which is part of it, could decide to get Western help by provoking a Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine by attacking pro-Russian Ukrainians living there.  Again, I expect cooler heads to prevail.
Nevertheless, I am concerned. The same people that brought us 9-11 and the satanic wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria are behind the regime change in Kiev. These are the Neo Con (Illuminati) Jews who control US foreign policy on behalf of the Rothschilds and the IMF.  Their ultimate goal is to own and control everything and everyone, body and soul, including sodomizing our children. Ukraine is a stepping stone to Russia which is thwarting their progress.

As we enter this decisive week, let’s keep the following facts in mind:

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