Mockery: Mind Weapon of the Illuminati

Sarah Silverman: "My partner and I want to have an abortion but we are having trouble conceiving." Click to enlarge

Bill Cosby’s legendary gentle observations about friends and family are a world away from the destructive lifestyles and values that are today’s stand-up comedy
The term “shock jocks” was first associated with Howard Stern. But many stand-up comedians are engaged in assaulting our sense of decency, and lowering our standards.

by Ron( March 14, 2014

As a child of the 1950s I recall with fondness the role that humor played in forming my character and values.   Shows like The Life of Riley, Father Knows Best, My Three Sons, I Love Lucy, I Married Joan, My Little Margie, (many can be viewed on youtube) and so many more, featured characters who respected and loved each other. The humor arose from misunderstandings among the characters, not from impulses toward the perverse.
Exactly when television comedy made the big transition from positive to negative values, I can’t say for sure, but I first noticed it when I watched the first few episodes of Saturday Night Live. The humor, which I didn’t find funny, was based primarily on mockery.  The sketches mocked every positive value and every positive person imaginable.  It was if the writers were instructed to create scripts that intentionally sought to belittle humanity’s better nature, and thus destroy it.

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