How To Bypass a Directed Darkness

Reflections in a Petri Dish — March 13, 2014

Due to apparently heavy pressure for the usual Morlocks my event in Zurich appears to have been cancelled. I’ll have details when I get them.

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques, interspersed with some relevant songs (technology permitting) on March 16th at:

Dynamo Jugendkulturhaus,
Wasserwerkstrasse 21, Zurich

Please email me, or comment if you are coming, so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.


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I heard a few days ago from the author E.C. Moran of these two books:

Riding the Apocalypse Wave

The Evolution of Consciousness in the Breakdown of Western Civilization
and the Birth of a new Worldwide Civilization

Riding the Apocalypse Wave Volume 2

Cosmic Vibration, Esoteric Knowledge, and the Spiritual Principles
that create the World – And the great cycles

He wrote me because of his surprise that I was speaking on March 16th. According to him that is a significant date and maybe he’ll pop by and share his reasonings with you in the comments section.
He says;
March 16th is on the last chart of the attached pdf. It is the very end of “The Fall” from a 250 yr and 500 year cycle. It is also the point of the “official” beginning of the Si-Do interval of Western Civilization. The last 250 year British Empire culture and more importantly the 500 year end of the Renaissance Civilization, aka “Atlantic World”, is now DEAD. Or officially will be on March 16th, 2014. It also marks the point where Western Civilization itself begins to die.
On the bright side a whole new civilization, on the same scale as all of Western civilization is rising. This is the beginning of the very first semitone. This is where the music starts.
With the Si-Do interval there is also a shock that comes in. This will be a shock beyond the experience of anyone alive. The shock does not have to be bad or destructive but signifies a break with the past. It has been destructive in the past because people resist the change. But then we have passed through a dark age when people do these sorts of things. From a cycle point of view the situation has not been this good for a long time. It is all a matter of perspective. The book is 306 pages, highly illustrated, and so it is difficult to explain in a small pdf and email. The second book covers the esoteric/spiritual principles that are behind the waveforms. at Cycles.”
This is probably more the fodder of the in house intellectual mystics like Ray and others. Visible is far too right brain to be able to make head or tales of this kind of thing. I used to get people recommending a Ken Wilber to me. So… I went and read some of his work a few times and it hit me as gobblely-gook, with all those color coordinated esoteric sectors of whatever the hell it was. I’m not comfortable reading anyone but the lovers of god and the friends of god any more. Of course, ONCE AGAIN, this is not meant as a criticism. My interests are much narrower these days. However, my appreciation is much wider (grin).
Tonight, Mr. Visible is watching the first segment of that brilliant mini series, “The Singing Detective”. This is the original BBC production, not the piece of shit Hollywood remake that came later. “I Claudius” is on deck and that will probably be going down by the time the weekend rolls around. The Singing Detective is very, very funny, if you haven’t seen it before. It’s a little like something Irvine Welsh might do. Lines like, “I’m sorry, I’ll have to lift your penis now to grease around it” appear. The singing detective is badly burned and it’s a gruesome thing, attended by much black humor. Hysterical.
That’s life isn’t it? Gallows humor prevails in many places; hospitals, pathology labs, police departments. Sometimes it’s the only way to hold on to your sanity.
Let’s digress a bit, back to a previous posting. Frankly, I’ve had all I can take of the endless bullshit going down on this planet and the smug officiousness attending it; offspring of the clerk mind, the tedious prattling of bureaucrats, who are no more than fiduciary agents of The Prince of Darkness. I may not accomplish much while I’m here but I’m damn well not going to give an inch when it comes to collaborating with the seeming masters of temporary time.
I was talking about the wise use of sexual energy. I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I have lived a life by any standards. Had I gotten married every time I lived with someone for more than two and a half years I would be on my 11th divorce, or thereabouts and the casual liaisons were many, many multiples of that. Yet I managed long periods of Brahmacharya and I’m certainly going for the gold at the moment. Like I say, “the ineffable forgives much for those who love much”. Intention has a lot to do with it all. One’s energy has to be sincere and even when you screw up (pun intended) you have to be sincerely contrite. I’ve done my share of ‘sincerely’.
One of my favorite authors is Evelyn Waugh. He understood human society through the lens of a finely cultivated black humor. I read everything he ever wrote and that applies to some number of writers for whom I have a deep and abiding affection. Damn! I forgot how good this mini series is. You must see it if you haven’t. It’s intelligent theater and you have to be intelligent to appreciate it. There’s an epic performance of “Dem bones” now playing. Like I said, SCREAMINGLY FUNNY!
Why am I wandering all over the place with this posting? Am I that unfocused or… bored and unfocused? Hardly… we’ve got to keep our spirits up. We’ve got to know how to do that. There’s a story about Aleister Crowley. He was in a magical war with someone and they were sending death spells after him. He happened to know, through one agency or another, the window of time when the attack was going to take place, so he went down to the local cinema and watched a Charles Chaplin double feature. Because his mind was focused on the inanities on the screen the spell missed him and we know, or should know, what happens to spells that don’t find their initial target. I’m no fan of Crowley’s. He’s more the province of the, ‘complicated’ and ambitious. I’m not complicated nor ambitious.
Managing the sex force is a magnum opus but true serenity lies at the end of that road. I often advise people to read about the lives of the saints; St. Ignatius of Loyola and St Augustine, among others, comes to mind. What was it Blake said? “The road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom…for we never know what is enough until we know what is more than enough.” This is similar to a fool persisting in his folly and becoming wise. I don’t need anyone railing on me about Loyola or anyone else hardly being saint material. This is only about the lives of so called saints.
Like I said, I’m losing all interest in these embarrassing shape shifters and perception manipulators. They will soon be at each others throats and those too stupid to see the writing on the walls, can consider themselves extras in one of those cast of thousands productions, where the walls come down, the lava comes down, or the ocean comes in or… the armies march forth. One can weep an ocean of tears for the stupid and indifferent but all you are going to have is an ocean of tears and the stupid and indifferent going about their business as usual. Heh heh… “I see, it’s Stalingrad all over again”. You really must see this series. I will add also that the latest HBO series, True Detective with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson is a masterpiece of acting and direction. You don’t see that kind of thing often. Usually I have to shut things off.
Look! I’m doing what Crowley did and others before him. I’m employing distraction but not for the same ends as we are usually used to.
Manage the desire bodies. When you see the spiteful and temporarily privileged living it up and the common knobs trying to emulate them, in their own limited fashion; when you see random outbreaks of violence and collective violent behavior among the young and it is to no good and transformative purpose, you should know that it’s time to step back and punt. As soon as you do, the wiser course is to then exit to the sidelines, stage right.
Like I said, yesterday… this Synagogue of Satan crap going on about Syria is a real deal. The effort in The Ukraine is just a diversion. Until Israel and Saudi Arabia are brought to their knees, or destroyed, there will be no peace. Here be monsters, more monstrous that all the monsters of myth and legend. Here be real monsters.
Let’s close on a breath of fresh air from one of the leading lights in passing litmus tests over the course of time. Step by step, inch by inch.
End Transmission…….

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