The Judeo Masonic Roots of Modern “Cult-ure” — Oct 17, 2018


Just as our bodies need food, our souls also have needs, for meaning and inspiring models of truth, courage, goodness, beauty, and love. The satanic cult (Cabalism) that controls modern culture defines humanity as soulless animals, better to exploit and cull us.
The film Why Beauty Matters (above) shows that we are being starved spiritually. Our souls are fed a diet of dysfunction, ugliness, violence and sexual depravity. We are being starved. 
To confirm this, just look at contemporary music, literature or films. It’s what you’d expect in a society run by a satanic cult, where mention of God is forbidden because atheists might be offended. Where believers have no rights? (The attack is also intellectual. They suppress information and control discourse.)

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — from July 26, 2012

Modern “culture” is a product of the Luciferian conspiracy against Christian Civilization.
Relentlessly negative and increasingly obscene, modern “culture” attacks the sources of dignity, decency, and hope that define us as human beings rather than animals.
For example last week the media in London was hyping a play about “sexual love” between a married man and a goat.
albee the goatIn an interview, the playwright Edward Albee said “The Goat” challenged this “societal taboo” and hoped that members of the audience would “re-examine their values and attitudes toward bestiality.”
“Funny, moving and tragic,” raved Channel 4 News, a respected and “serious” programme in the UK.
Bestiality has occurred and the play is primarily concerned with the protagonist’s confession and inability to deal with the fact that he “feels guilty for not feeling guilty”. “We are all animals,” he rationalizes. The play deals with the confrontation between the protagonist, his wife and their gay son.
A reader, Jonathan Stonehouse wrote: “It staggers me to think that there are many who now associate freedom with the normalization of everything formerly regarded as morally repugnant, when the truth is we’re building a world in which the majority will be slaves to every whim and fancy, not to mention dark and abhorrent desire, the human imagination can conceive. That’s a form of ‘freedom’ I can well do without.”
True culture is based on refining our animal instincts in terms of spiritual ideals (like truth, justice, goodness and beauty.) Modern anti-culture is based on demoralizing and destroying society by disparaging these ideals and indulging our basest impulses.
Anti-culture portrays man in purely naturalistic and material terms. Every sexual impulse and bodily function must be recognized and indulged. This is considered “courageous” while any demur is considered repressive, prudish or fascist.
In one of the final episodes of “Sex and the City“, the audience had to endure Carrie getting a bikini wax. Thankfully we were spared a full frontal view. This is not prudishness. Human dignity requires privacy. Female allure requires modesty and mystery. We have souls, not only bodies.
The exaltation of man’s animal nature, at the expense of his spiritual qualities, is a direct consequence of the deification of man. Our anti-culture assumes that man is a finished product and doesn’t need to be transformed by God’s Love.
A symptom of making man God is that we mystify and worship human beings. We worship a cult of great minds, a cult of great beauty, a cult of great wealth and power.
Modern “culture” reflects the final unfolding of a diabolical conspiracy that rejects the Designer’s instructions.



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