Out of the Shadows and into the Wold’s of Light

Visible Origami — March 11, 2014

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques, interspersed with some relevant songs (technology permitting) on March 16th at:

Dynamo Jugendkulturhaus,
Wasserwerkstrasse 21, Zurich

Please email me, or comment if you are coming, so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.


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To quote one of the actors in “Gladiator”, “people should know when they’re conquered.” And one more, “what we do in life echoes in eternity.” Given that, it would not be any of my primary choices to be in the situation those quotes came out of. If there were one temporally directed message I should like to leave imprinted on the human mind (there are several), the most important would be that Wars are the Offspring of Bankers and that tangentially, central bankers, most exclusively, come out of a particular genetic dysfunction and have not ceased in this industry since their moneychangers were driven from the temple. Usury is a spiritual crime and it’s most direct byproduct is enslavement of the debtor, to the end of influencing those so indebted in the way they live and behave. Secondarily, I would wish to imprint the certitude that this does not have to be the way things are.
One does not have to engage in gruesome, midnight sacrifices at ruined abbeys, somewhere out in the rural countryside, to be a Satanist. Anyone who behaves like one, automatically has that designation conferred upon them. The Darkness is subtle and ingenious. To think oneself capable of outwitting it, is to confer upon oneself the title of Fool. It’s not unlike playing Chess with Death or thinking oneself the equal of Mephistopheles, like Faust. This is why humility is so critically important. It saves your ass and more importantly your soul, when you come up against entities whose lifespan is so much greater than your own and by that measure, whose cleverness also far exceeds your own.
What may not occur to many, is that should you fail in your dance with the devil, you either become the chattel of the entity who seduced and overwhelmed you, or you become that entity in a parallel way like Lord Vivasvan sits in Lord Surya’s seat. However, eons may pass before you become that entity and once accomplished, the gain is no more than a greater increase in suffering. Demons wouldn’t have the attitude they do were they not in a great deal of pain.
This is the thing about humanity, it’s potential, the potential of the individual is immense; ever so much greater than what we see demonstrated here and that is a grave disappointment to those who are aware of what that potential is. This is the great work of The Devil, to cause humanity to dishonor itself and thereby lose respect for itself. This is why guilt is such a powerful thing and why alcohol is promoted with such fervor. It is why demons lurk in its waters and why those waters are called, ‘spirits’. There is not much one cannot understand with Broad Daylight Awareness. With a mind emptied of conflicting thoughts and with the mind no longer a battlefield, the intuition can speak and the mind can hear because the relentless chatter has been stilled. The mind has been quieted. When one is no longer at war with themselves, one becomes immune to the effects of external dissension and disorder.
The public has come to a place where most of them do not mind eating shit if you serve it to them warm. They can’t identify it as such since it is colored with Red Dye number 2 and sweetened with Saccharine. It’s been molded into a pleasing form and shrink wrapped for freshness. It has many preservatives to extend its shelf life but that is of no great consequence since, who ever heard of shit going bad? It had achieved that state at the very moment it became shit. As ever, in this marketplace of a faltering age, it’s all in the packaging. I often think that when I see those ads with the beautiful women stretched across the hood of a car; I think to myself that parity is perpetuating justice, watching pretty girls grow old (that’s cold, Visible, that’s cold). The same it is for all the handsome men, who, upon their looks depend. It amuses me to consider them mating with their own vacant reflections, inadvertently producing charismatic Bimbots and Bambis, the next crop of golden volley ball Gods and Goddesses. Okay okay, maybe I’m being a little cruel and lacking in compassion but that is the one quality one could be certain they are seldom in the possession of. Of course there are truly beautiful men and women, given that everyone in whom the light shines has a beauty about them but in this age where the shameless worship of personal vanity is at its zenith, I am not infrequently stunned by the peculiar objects of the public’s adoration.
Speaking of which, here is a review of ‘the Michael Jordan of Music’ by a simpering, pandering appreciator of going down on the Dumb Waiter. There are accolades aplenty for the one whose taste in music is only rivaled by his taste in women.
I’m less than understanding about all of these clowns, for they are the ones who poison the well of the public mind by anesthetizing the brain-stems of those who can’t think for themselves; those who have made ‘art’ a dirty word. The original purpose of ‘art’ was to inspire, to lift the sensibilities and thoughts of the one experiencing it to a higher plane of awareness; to civilize us, to soothe the savage breast. It is no longer art when its intent is to brutalize our perspectives and encourage us toward ignominious descent rather than glorious ascent.
I am not here, personally, to find something good to say about everyone, to gaze at all with a faraway distant look of wisdom in my eyes and to speak soft and pretty to everyone in hopes that everyone will like me and throw money at me.
If enough of us can find the stones to call things as they are, they will no longer be what they are, for one will shame the devil and the devil will flee. You do not shame the devil by making deals with him. You do not master this force by looking for some circuitous path around it. You do not master this force by serving it. You do not master this force short of mastering yourself, for that is the force, the force of your own unruly nature. One does not serve truth by bending it to the ends of self interest through watering it down, so as to make it palatable for those who have no respect for it. This is the province of diplomats and I am no diplomat. Truth is without compromise and also without fear. If truth is offensive, one gives that no great concern. It does not offend where offense is not deserved. Only the very wise have ever been heard by not speaking out. Only scoundrels have evaded censure in speaking out. But it is up to you, whether to be temporarily elevated by the infernal and damned by Heaven, or to be inspired by Heaven and elevated for a far greater length of time.
To please those who here wander in subjugation to those who despise them and who in ignorance, insanely war against their liberator, is to be a collaborator in the madness of the hour. One gains nothing from the honors of this world, where Peace Prizes are conferred on mass murderers. Those who do not speak out against injustice and outrage are cowards. Those who do not contradict the liars in high places are complicit in these lies and have earned themselves a place alongside them. Those who do not possess the wit to see the intent of the efforts of those who work to end their enslavement are nothing more than dead leaves, guttering in an anonymous wind; the flatulent enterprise of Nature perverted to unholy ends.
There is only one popularity contest worth being a contestant in and that is the one in which the judge loves all equally, regardless of their shortcomings and ignorance. “Though Heaven favors no man, the wise man favors Heaven.” It is the great pleasure of the ruler of all things to confer priceless gifts upon those willing to receive them. It is the greatest of pleasures for the ineffable to prove out the truth of his timeless scriptures; “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have it entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him.” These words are true! What mind possessing even a little light, what heart possessing even a little love, can fail to be moved by those words? How small is the faith of those, how enthralled by the world must they be, not to be deeply moved by the sure and certain promise of those words and there are many more, many more great and powerful testimonies to that end.
Let your heart swell near to the bursting, at the blessed and wondrous assurance of what awaits those who persevere. Take but little notice of the slings and arrows of this vale of tears and shadows. It is not the real world. KNOW where your true loyalty lies and persevere. Embrace the unshakable confidence and optimism of one who sees through the curtains of deception that shroud our courage and faith… in this faithless world; that sees beyond this plane and into the worlds of light. Even if one cannot see this vision around them, one can see it within. Once seen within, it is no great length of time before one will see it all around them because Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth. Find Heaven while you live here and Heaven will open upon your departure; nay, Heaven will open before that. This is simply done; only let your Love become greater than everything else that lives in you.
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