Corruption in Ukraine Amazes American Contractor — March 11, 2014

Ranked 144 of 176 in a worldwide index, “Ukraine corruption” even has a Wikipedia entry. Brian Anderson describes reasons Ukraine is bankrupt and Ukrainians are in revolt.

by Brian Anderson — (

One of my Ukrainian colleagues asked me if I was informing my friends back home about the situation here. I admitted that I’ve only talked to my wife much about it and he accepted that. I got to thinking and decided that I’ve been delinquent.
I came here in 20– on a contract [with]  the Ukrainian Army. It was a dismal failure. The military budget couldn’t support building the kind of [unit] the US Army has. Ukraine just doesn’t have the budget for the personnel and training changes that are necessary…
During my last five years here now, I’ve met and worked with several Ukrainian mid-grade (major through colonel) and junior grade (lieutenant and captain) officers. Plus a few hundred cadets. I’ve made friends, a couple enemies, and a lot of good colleagues.  I’ve met local civilians and have eaten in some fantastic cafes. I enjoy living in western Ukraine. It has a history that goes back a couple thousand years and is rich in a culture that even 50 years of Soviet occupation could not destroy.
Ukrainians are almost as much of a mixed culture as is the USA. There are leftists, rightists, centrists, and a few idiots. There is a small but vocal group that bears resemblance to the Nazi Party in Germany in 1939. There are human rights activists, well educated professionals, business entrepreneurs, and criminals. Just like home.
What amazed me, however, was the level of corruption. I expected it, after having worked in former socialist countries before, and have seen what happens when you toss out the communists.
The only groups ready to replace the communists … the only groups with a formal/semi-formal hierarchy, organization, chains of command, resource procurement procedures, etc… the only groups immediately available… are the crooks and criminal organizations.

Ukrainians were astonished at opulence of deposed President Viktor Yanukovyc's mansion, he even had a private zoo

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