“The Cornucopia of Grace and Holocaust Porn.”

Reflections in a Petri Dish – March 10, 2014

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques, interspersed with some relevant songs (technology permitting) on March 16th at:

Dynamo Jugendkulturhaus,
Wasserwerkstrasse 21, Zurich

Please email me, or comment if you are coming, so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.


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Tribe propaganda whore, Mark Salter goes to work, talking about one thing but… actually doing what they always do, raising Bin Laden from the dead, in order to keep the dancing Halloween skeleton alive, as a red herring to cover for their complicity in orchestrating 9/11 Your IQ has to be south of 100 to still believe that Bin Laden had anything to do with 9/11, when all the evidence points to Israel and those she ordered, blackmailed or threatened into helping her.
We know the Gay Political Agenda is a Tribe sponsored affair, inasmuch as they are near exclusively the only ones to sit on the boards of every major organization and they head them up the same way they do the largest atheist organization. For some, this is just more of the convenient coincidence (that couldn’t possibly be true) and which attends all the numerous other ‘coincidences’ that point in that direction when it relates to engineering wars, harvesting the organs of a people they are genociding, drug and human trafficking, you name it. Don’t argue with me, argue with their own near exclusively owned media, which has reported on these things multiple times and in the cases where they don’t report on it, the alternative news does and so does a growing army of bloggers and authors, matched by those employed by the other side and some amount of those used to be truth bloggers, who came to find lies more profitable than the truth. Some of them even used to come around here, back in the day. They’re not happy with what goes on here, oh no.
My point is that just the other day, cutesy new age mascot, The Dali Lama, put his seal on Gay Marriage (while hypocritically opposing it as well) and now The Pope has ordered a think tank kind of effort on the same subject. It is a matter of simple logic that, since the Tribe is behind the push for this issue and since, traditionally, these figureheads, representing certain long standing traditions, are scripturally opposed to this issue, it stands to reason that the Tribe with their heavy juju, reverse kabala and the backing of the Prince of Darkness, who is being allowed to prance about all over the place at the moment, they have significant juice to pressure anyone without the integrity to resist them.
One of their biggest assets is an army of around 30,000 dedicated operatives, who are engaged in full time blackmail schemes, as well as arranging scenarios where blackmail is the result, or simply gathering available evidence to that end. They are supported by at least ten times as many individuals worldwide, who assist them in this work, for money, or because they are also compromised, ♫One way or another this darkness got to give♫.
When it is hard for you to summon the necessary faith to believe what is true but which is concealed beneath dreadful appearances, use the reverse angle. Inform yourself that these dreadful appearances are, all by themselves, ample proof of what you inherently believe must be true; just as scripture tells us in any of its many traditions and languages, what has been long expected and which also explains so much about why dreadful appearances are permitted …and that is to test the tensile strength of your faith, certitude and determination and that is why we, the visible and invisible, in house representatives, of whatever it is that goes on around here, recommend, oh… let us not be coy… insist that one must hunger and thirst after these virtues, cultivate these virtues and employ these virtues to the extent of our capacity to do so. One is also much empowered by the additional cultivation of Love, compassion, humility and integrity.
You can push forward into this world and seek to acquire all the desirable elements of this world and the cost of this will be some portion of those qualities just mentioned. You can’t have the things of the world and the qualities of the ineffable at the same time, except under special circumstances and then, only for the purpose of demonstration and only as a steward. It is to be understood that the things of the world are not bad or wrong in and of themselves, it is the love of them, to the exclusion of the love for the one who is the origin of providence and all good things …as well as the cornucopia of grace and the perfection of fulfillment that is wrong. This is why the greatest commandment is that “thou shalt Love the Lord thy God with all your heart and with all your soul.” If you get that one down, everything else will follow in time and the speed of it will depend on the degree of one’s personal intensity in respect of this.
The things said here and at the other few, by comparison, locations are not ideas or concepts that are in the realm of general public approval or, so we are told. The control of the media and various fields of entertainment, from publishing to pornography, are all in the same hands for the purpose of subjugation; the subjugation of the collective mind before what is not real. The truth is that there are many more people who disagree with the lies and agendas being foisted upon them. Many are fearful, many are confused; many are compromised… but at various points within each of them, there is the distinct sensation that something has gone wrong and is going more wrong with every passing day.
Those who would speak to alternative awarenesses, are closed out of the mainstream organs of mass communication. They are slandered as kooks and intolerant Luddites, who refuse to accept what has never been true in the first place. Those in the service of darkness, know that they do not have to gain control of every mind. It is sufficient to have control of only a certain portion of the population and they achieve this by messing with the economy, making jobs scarce, collapsing the housing market, causing conflicts around the world and promoting the pleasures of the flesh as preferable to the joys of the spirit. At the same time; dangerous drugs are made legal (and useful compounds are made illegal) and widely dispensed to interfere with the clarity of individual and collective consciousness. Bad diet is promoted in order to weaken the immune system of the human organism. Trivia, banality and superficiality are celebrated as the operational norm. Twitter is a classic example of a world wide effort to dumb humanity down to where they take upon themselves the characteristics of livestock. What is the difference between livestock and that which is wild and free? The former can be herded.
We want to be tolerant (most of us) and accepting of the different cultures and lifestyles that exist in all the different locations in the world. So… it is a simple matter for those employed by the forces of darkness to use themes like political correctness, diversity appreciation; all the live and let live considerations, under the cover of which, perversity and profanity are allowed to run rampant and roughshod over all the linchpins that hold a working society together and allow the wheels to turn, instead of flying off the mechanism.
One of the things that are promoted in this culture of the moment, is the expending of sexual energy in a profligate and wasteful manner. The reason for this, is in order to weaken the individual and make them more pliable for control. Those who practice continence are able to access higher levels of awareness. Those who do not… cannot. Psychologists will now tell you that wasting your essence is the altogether healthy thing to do. It is similar to the once widespread practice of ‘bleeding’ and has a similar negative effect with nothing beneficial about it.
I know, I sound like some kind of a disapproving elder (grin), remonstrating about the dangers of a misspent youth. It’s not the sort of thing that has much impact when the blood runs hot. Actually, I believe in ones ability and right to express all kinds of things and above all, I believe in the liberty of the human spirit. This is why I am opposed to those things that lead the human spirit into bondage and… misappropriation of the sexual force is the predominant culprit in this area. Humanity and their capacity to hold their world together are both in grave danger and that is why, unless you have some kind of special dispensation, you shouldn’t be moving around in the thick of it …because when it starts to go down, it radiates a great pull all around it. I’ve used the image of a sinking ocean liner in previous times. One needs to swim some distance away in order to escape the effect of that particular law of physics.
Another useful image is that of being in a small sailboat and any sailboat would be small, compared to those massive container ships that ply the ocean on their unmarked highways. They go tooling along in the night and… there you are sleeping in your bunk and that ship can hit you and no one even notices what happened. You need a certain amount of radar for this kind of thing and you’re not going to have it, if your precious bodily fluids are being squandered. You can associate the idea of these container ships with certain social and political movements that come and go.
The servants of darkness gain considerable power by a different channeling of the sex force for nefarious purposes. This is why The Devil has a tail, symbolizing the reversed Kundalini. This is why there is so much perversity in the halls of power and so much incidence of child sex and blood sacrifice of the innocent. All of these things and anything else you can think of, are easily explained in similar context. If you are in doubt about what they are pushing, just scan any contemporary film or TV series. Look at the best selling books. Look at the art. You’ll also note that there are no films without positive mention of Tribe issues, including Tribe actors and symbolism galore. Often these things are irrelevant to the production itself and the volume of Holocaust Porn is at an all time high.
Feel free to take this for what it’s worth. The inner light is fed by the proper channeling of the sex force. Darkness is the result of improper channeling. If it is your wish to have a ‘guiding light’ to shine upon your path, this is your best area of inquiry. Once again, that amounts to self inquiry. You want to know about anything, anything at all? Study yourself.
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