The Children of Draco with Judgment in the Wind.

Smoking Mirrors — March 9, 2014

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Why… I don’t know… but last night I got the motivation to look into the prisons in this world; the really bad ones of course, there are some really bad people in these places; people already prone to bad behavior get progressively worse and America has 2.5 million people locked up; more than the total in China and Russia combined. Wow! In the HBO video, the girl involved, age 15, got a life sentence. There was a man in another video I saw, who got a hundred and something years for burglary. What kind of people come up with these penalties. The Draconian nature of American justice is a frightening thing.  Karma is definitely going to be a bitch and Madame Kali will see to that.
The huffing and puffing by the Zionist media is in full bloom with Putin. This is the Putin I know. A hundred rag tag Hollywood extras show up with Little Georgie Sorrows and Oligarch money in their jeans and the Zio-media says that ‘protesters showed up in force’. This is what they think of the intelligence level of the peoples of the west. Speaking of Tribe sponsored antics, one can only wonder what this is all about. Here’s what’s really going on in The Ukraine and low and behold, they appointed vampire Oligarchs as governors in various places. These are the very people, one would think, that a people’s revolution would be dead set against.
What a bent and twisted location this world has designs on becoming. The false prophets are gathering and doing a brisk business. The darling of the atheists is doing a nice trade. There sits the Lama with his finger in the wind and depending on his location, so on that depends his position on anything   Yes, this celebrity fixture has been at all kinds of things for some time, sporting an armload of very expensive time pieces. There’s some kind of ironic symbology taking place here. To borrow a few quotes from that great film, Angel Heart;  “There’s just enough religion in the world to make men hate each other but not enough to make them love.” “The future isn’t what it used to be.” “However you sneak up on a mirror, your reflection always looks you in the eye.”
These certainly qualify as ‘interesting times’, according to The Chinese Tradition. What that should mean for all of us is that we should have a more interesting focus, to counteract against the powerful suck of the world… going down. It’s a simple process of cosmic recycling; a kind of ‘out with the old and in with the new’.
Around the world, strategy upon strategy is being mounted by many a disparate group, in the blind and aggressive pursuit of self interest. Of course, self interest comes up against self interest, with increasing frequency, in the grand tradition of evil destroying itself. This is why so much has gone on for such a long time, leading up to the times in which we find ourselves. There can be no doubt by now, who has been up to what and that is the reason that it has all taken so long. We are talking about a great many pieces being positioned and repositioned on the game board. We are talking about increasing degrees of reflected light shining down upon the players and their activities. The cosmic angel recorder is sitting off to the side, taking down the play by play. It’s what it is… until it’s something else.
Yes… circumstances seem explosive here and there, for many reasons, but… if you look ahead; if you look forward through the windshield of the moment, you can see far more dire possibilities threatening, like some distant cumulonimbus, marching on slow and invisible feet toward its moment of sturm und drang. Is that a drum roll, or is it thunder?
From my perspective, the good are getting better and the bad are getting worse. The clueless and obsessed, rise and fall through degrees of intensity, depending on the composition of whatever astrological combinations are coming down on any given day; unmanned pinballs, seemingly random but then… nothing really is. They bounce from bumpers to descending chutes, in an unconscious search for epiphany, which always arrives, sooner or later, when the flippers fail and the pinball finds its inevitable final chute down into the unplayable darkness..
Back in the day, they had quite the intricate pictorial presentations of the hidden side of things, of course, the soul moves in two directions according to its magnetics and settles in a location that is precisely calibrated to the magnetics… for however long the visitation is scheduled to continue. Most people have no concept of how precise everything is and how many opportunities for change present themselves into the more or less rigid patterns of individual behavior.
Everything changes, once there is recognition of the pervasive purpose that integrates with every move. One begins to see patterns where there were no patterns before. Oh… they were there. They were there and they ‘are’ there. Coming into a realization of the grand design and coming into an understanding of the importance of our place in the mix; how it is all about us… it changes you. What might have seemed important previously, is no longer important and… what was not important, now has a much greater importance than it formerly possessed.
In the mean time, the march of ignorance continues,  however things may appear to be accidental, or just the result of what happens, when a certain amount of people get together on some idea of a culture and a society. The truth is that there are all sort of agendas at work and there always have been. The useful tools go about their business as usual.
We have such infinite possibility before us. How do we spend our time? What thoughts occupy our minds and what ambitions drive us? Once again… self inquiry. There really is nothing like it.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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