Ukraine: “The war will be nuclear”, by Paul Craig Roberts

By Paul Craig Roberts with Comments by Lasha Darkmoon – March 8, 2014

According to a report in Kommersant-Ukraine, the finance ministry of Washington’s stooges in Kiev who are pretending to be a government has prepared an economic austerity plan that will cut Ukrainian pensions from $160 to $80 so that Western bankers who lent money to Ukraine can be repaid at the expense of Ukraine’s poor.
It is Greece all over again.
Before anything approaching stability and legitimacy has been obtained for the puppet government put in power by the Washington orchestrated coup against the legitimate, elected Ukraine government, the Western looters are already at work. Naive protesters who believed the propaganda that EU membership offered a better life are due to lose half of their pension by April. But this is only the beginning.
The corrupt Western media describes loans as “aid.” However, the 11 billion euros that the EU is offering Kiev is not aid. It is a loan. Moreover, it comes with many strings, including Kiev’s acceptance of an IMF austerity plan.
Remember now, gullible Ukrainians participated in the protests that were used to overthrow their elected government, because they believed the lies told to them by Washington-financed NGOs that once they joined the EU they would have streets paved with gold. Instead they are getting cuts in their pensions and an IMF austerity plan.
The austerity plan will cut social services, funds for education, layoff government workers, devalue the currency, thus raising the prices of imports which include Russian gas, thus electricity, and open Ukrainian assets to takeover by Western corporations.
Ukraine’s agriculture lands will pass into the hands of American agribusiness. What remains of the country will be thoroughly looted by the West.
The other part of the Western plan hasn’t worked out very well either.
Washington’s Ukrainian stooges lost control of the protests to organized and armed ultra-nationalists. These groups, whose roots go back to those who fought for Hitler during World War 2, engaged in words and deeds that sent southern and eastern Ukraine clamoring to be returned to Russia where they resided prior to the 1950s when the Soviet communist party stuck them into Ukraine.
At this time of writing it looks like Crimea has seceded from Ukraine. Washington and its NATO puppets can do nothing but bluster and threaten sanctions.
The White House Fool has demonstrated the impotence of the “US sole superpower” by issuing sanctions against unknown persons, whoever they are — against people responsible for returning Crimea to Russia, where it belonged about 200 years before. According to Solzhenitsyn, a drunk Khrushchev (who happened to be of Ukrainian ethnicity) moved the southern and eastern Russian provinces of the Crimea  into Ukraine.
Having observed the events in western Ukraine, those Russian provinces now want to go back home. To where they initially belonged. To the Russian federation. Just as South Ossetia wanted nothing to do with Georgia.
Washington’s stooges in Kiev can do nothing about Crimea except bluster.
Under the Russian-Ukraine agreement, Russia is permitted 25,000 troops in Crimea. The US/EU media’s deploring of a “Russian invasion of 16,000 troops” is either total ignorance or complicity in Washington’s lies.
Obviously, the US/EU media is corrupt. Only a fool would rely on their reports. Any media that would believe anything Washington says after George W. Bush and Dick Cheney sent Secretary of State Colin Powell to the UN to peddle the regime’s lies about “Iraqi weapons of mass destruction,”  is clearly a collection of bought-and-paid for whores.
In the former Russian provinces of eastern Ukraine, Putin’s low-key approach to the strategic threat that Washington has brought to Russia has given Washington a chance to hold on to a major industrial complex that serves the Russian economy and military. The people themselves in eastern Ukraine are in the streets demanding separation from the unelected government that Washington’s coup has imposed in Kiev. Washington, realizing that its incompetence has lost Crimea, had its Kiev stooges appoint Ukrainian oligarchs, against whom the Maiden protests were partly directed, to governing positions in eastern Ukraine cities.
These oligarchs have their own private militias in addition to the police and any Ukrainian military units that are still functioning.
The leaders of the protesting Russians are being arrested and disappeared.
Washington and its EU puppets, who proclaim their support for self-determination, are only for self-determination when it can be orchestrated in their favor. Therefore, Washington is busy at work suppressing self-determination in eastern Ukraine.
This is a dilemma for Putin.
His low-key approach has allowed Washington to seize the initiative in eastern Ukraine.
The oligarchs Taruta and Kolomoyskiy have been put in power in Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk, and are carrying out arrests of Russians and committing unspeakable crimes, but you will never hear about their crimes from the US prostitute media.
Note by Lasha Darkmoon
Kolomoyskiy is President of the European Jewish Congress. Only a few days ago Putin called him “an incredible swindler”. This Jewish oligarch has seized power in Dnepropetrovsk which happens to contain the biggest Jewish center in the whole of Europe. It also contains the giant Yuzhmash industrial complex where the USSR’s intercontinental missiles were made, among them the dreaded “Satana” which could completely alter the face of New York.
As for Taruta, he is  one of the financial sponsors of the “antisemitic”  Right Sector and extremist Svoboda party. Donetsk, one of the richest industrial areas in Ukraine, has now fallen into his rapacious hands.
(With full ackkowledgements to my learned friend “Asthor”, an expert in all things Russian).
Washington’s strategy is to arrest and deep-six the leaders of the secessionists so that there are no authorities left to request Putin’s intervention.
If Putin has drones, he has the option of taking out Taruta and Kolomoyskiy.
If Putin lets Washington retain the Russian provinces of eastern Ukraine, he will have demonstrated a weakness that Washington will exploit. Washington will exploit that weakness to the point that Washington forces Putin into war.
The war will be nuclear.


Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

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