Making the Rounds in the Age of Self Interest.

Visible Origami – March 8, 2014

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques and a short musical performance (possible technical problems for that) on March 16th at:

Dynamo Jugendkulturhaus,
Wasserwerkstrasse 21, Zurich

Please email me or comment if you are coming so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.


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Let’s do something different today. Let’s talk about one of the big secrets that hides in plain sight. Maybe it’s not a secret. Maybe it is an act of practical magic is what it is. Whatever the definition of this may be, it is something that works but only those equipped with the determination to apply it can advantage themselves of this powerful truth.
Nothing has life, where the ineffable is not present. The physical representative of the ineffable in our solar system is The Sun and all the avatars are an embodiment of this force in manifestation. The Sun is a ball of radiating consciousness and you can plug into it. There are ways and The Operation of the Sun is based on The Sun. Duh. This process builds a body of light.
If the ineffable is in everyone and… this includes the most evil among us, as well as the most virtuous AND- if the ineffable is also in you then… that means you… you can speak as the ineffable to the ineffable in anyone at any time. Provided the ineffable is speaking through you. You can also speak to the devil in them too. There’s one force with two different forms of expression, according to two different motivations. Sure, you can say there are many motivations and many expressions of that force. All those motivations and expressions come under one of the two headings
You do not have to be in conflict with anyone, no matter how in conflict with themselves they may be and… such personalities are on a continuing quest to find conflict in others. People get into relationships based on whether or not the relationship satisfies their necessity for conflict.
Interpersonal relationships based on physical attraction are doomed. If people knew what they were getting into ahead of time, they would run like a scalded cat (why would anyone scald a cat?). Hindsight is a marvelous thing, isn’t it? You want a successful relationship with the opposite sex? Make a friend and make sure your objectives in life are the same. Because of our Karma we can be attracted to certain types that hurt us in the same fashion each time. There are some things we can’t handle that are no problem for certain others. This is why self inquiry should be job one. We have to study ourselves and acknowledge our weaknesses and strengths. We need to know what these things are going in.
Few people realize that difficulties and problems are a part of life. They might say they do but they just go on like they always do. The wise individual knows that difficulties will present themselves regular and goes forward expecting to engage and most of the time (for some all of the time), due to their unique perspective, turns adversity into some form of prosperity because… everything that comes at us is disguised as something else. It’s what I call, The Jacob’s Ladder Factor; referencing the film. When you are going about your life as if it was the ineffable living your life, eventually the ineffable shows up and joins in. You have to understand, the ineffable loves this kind of thing. Nothing pleases the ineffable more.
Most people… a shockingly high number, close the ineffable out. After all, this is The Age of Self Interest. People close out the ineffable for the dumbest reasons, presuming that the ineffable doesn’t like to party, doesn’t like to have sex, doesn’t like all kinds of things; is a killjoy and a tight lipped, very anal, curmudgeon that is against all the enjoyable and attractive aspects of life. None of this is true. It is true that one must channel their force until awakening occurs, or the Kundalini makes its presence felt or, ‘the presence’ comes into residence. After that happens, all kinds of things become possible and also are not prohibited. It all has to do with attitude and attention AND it definitely has to do with being connected to the ineffable in a conscious way. One should make this their all consuming pursuit until it happens, AFTER THAT it is an entirely different script and you never know what the ineffable might want to get up to.
People bend themselves out of shape when they seek to define the ineffable and they will use scripture or whatever it takes to adapt the ineffable to their specifications. You can imagine what the result of that will be and this is why… this is why the greatest commandment is that you love the ineffable with all your heart and all your mind. If you do this, the ineffable is very well disposed toward you. The truth is that you don’t have to do anything else really. Everything else will take care of itself.
So… if you love the ineffable, you can love the ineffable in everyone else because the ineffable is there. Now at this juncture some might say, “Well, Visible, I don’t notice you doing that all the time.” Yeah, that might appear so but… how do you know that isn’t Love too (grin)? I’m not saying this to manifest an excuse for anything, I’m pointing out that Love can take all kinds of shapes for… for the purpose of demonstration and also, we are all works in progress or we wouldn’t be here, except for special cases. There are some number of special cases floating around and invisible to most.
If you study the private and personal lives of the various, so called, spiritual oracles you will find many a curious circumstance that seemingly doesn’t compute with whatever your idea of appropriate behavior might be. In any case, that is between the ineffable and whoever happens to be claiming some kind of a relationship. In some cases a relationship doesn’t exist, not in the way it is being publicized. That also is between the ineffable and whoever it concerns. It is said that many a soul has been saved by a charlatan or an impostor. The ineffable does work in mysterious ways.
The true test of whether one is in the employ of the ineffable is whether lasting results are obtained by others but… didn’t I just say that many a soul has been saved by a charlatan? Those would be one offs and many times the furthering has led to a, usually, crushing disillusionment. Everyone we encounter is a teacher of something, experience being the greatest teacher of all and that certainly involves other people. Sometimes one is transformed by an energy transference carried out by the ineffable who will use anyone for his /her purposes.
Once a seeker tumbles to the act of going about their life as if the ineffable were living it, interesting things begin to happen, until they become a constant occurrence. There is nothing so inspiring, entertaining and exciting as hosting the ineffable. If people only knew this. If they only knew. Oh my, oh my. Compared to this, everything else is a complete waste of time. All kinds of people go round and round in circles with cycling lifetimes. Millions of years can be involved in this, so long as appetites need to be fed, so long as desires remain unfulfilled. The agony and pain of this makes me shudder but… that’s how some people are; men and women of sensation being led into the fire.
The power of going about as if you are hosting the ineffable; something like being a horse and the ineffable is your rider… the power of this is off the charts. Of course you may not notice much for awhile and you might notice right away. It all depends on how many hoops the ineffable makes you jump through and how many garden paths you get led down to establish whether or not you are a serviceable horse, who will carry the ineffable wherever the ineffable wants to go. Since the power of the horse to carry the ineffable comes from the ineffable, I guess the ineffable is carrying the ineffable and you’re just along for the ride.
Regardless of whatever else you might know and regardless of how little you might know, going about with the sincere conviction that the ineffable is your co-pilot and that you are on automatic pilot, solves a great many concerns about the search and the path. Loving the ineffable in the process takes care of everything else AND, since you’re riding with an angel of light, riding with the ineffable; the one who created the whole shebang to begin with, one might say you were fairly well set up for here and afterwards as well.
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Yesterday’s broadcast with Robert Phoenix is available for streaming.


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