Ukraine People Reject both their Government & Russia – March 7, 2014

The US financed a “popular uprising” and replaced a pro-Russian government with a pro-Western puppet. You can’t expect Russia to take it lying down, especially since its Crimean naval base  is crucial to its security and world role.
Apart from this, Volodymyr Debriansky says the conflict is about who plunders the Ukraine– Russia or the EU.

by Volodymyr Debriansky — (

Again public opinion is being manipulated.
Some points to be made:
1. Ukraine and its people since its default independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 HAVE NOT HAD a chance to be an independent sovereign and democratic state.
Our country [Ukraine] has been a pawn of the government of Russia resulting in thugs and thieves running the country and turning it into a criminal heaven playground benefiting Russia, NOT Ukraine.
In 1994 Ukraine had abandoned its nuclear program and gave its ALL nuclear arsenal to Russia as part of the Budapest agreement that guaranteed USA, UK and Russia to defend Ukraine’s borders and integrity in case of a foreign military invasion.

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