“Gay” is Not the Same as Homosexual

By Servando Gonzalez — NewsWithViews.com (edited/abridged by henrymakow.com)

Currently, American gay leaders, with the full support of the CFR-controlled media presstitutes, are trying to convince the American people that Cuba, the most repressive country in the Western Hemisphere, has suddenly become a heaven for gays. But you have to be very naïve to believe that in Castro’s Cuba, a country where women, blacks, workers, effeminate homosexuals and practically anybody who does not fully support the government has no rights, gays have suddenly become the only ones who have rights.
The parades actually show that, like everywhere in the world, gays support the oppressors, including their oppression of homosexuals, which, despite claims to the contrary, still exist in Castro’s Cuba. Despite the American gay movement’s claims on the contrary, there’s nothing to be proud about ignoring the harassment of homosexuals in Castro’s Cuba and showing their support for their oppressors.
The American gay movement paints itself as liberal, progressive and socially conscious. Actually, it has willingly become a secret tool of the Council on Foreign Relations, probably the most reactionary organization in America, where oil magnates, Wall Street bankers and CEOs of transnational corporations conspire to bring about the communo-fascist society they euphemistically call the New World Order.
This explains why nowhere in the gay literature one can find a condemnation of the tyranny the NWO conspirators are pushing upon the American people and the peoples of the world — including homosexuals. This also explains why you don’t see any rainbow flags held by the protesters outside the Bilderberg meetings.
Since the Russian government declared that it would not tolerate pro-gay propaganda during the Winter Olympic Games, a barrage of anti-Russia gay propaganda exploded in the CFR-controlled press about gay harassment in Russia. What a pro-gay author who wrote about the harassment failed to mention, however, is that gays are notorious for staging false-flag attacks to play the role of victims and demonize their opponents.
As soon as Ronald Reagan took his Oath of Office, he began working hard in the pursuit of his dream: putting an end to the evil Soviet empire. Reagan didn’t hate the Russian people and he didn’t want to destroy Russia, he just wanted to free them from the oppressive Soviet regime. No wonder Reagan earned the hatred of the CFR conspirators who had created and kept artificially alive the evil empire that was enslaving the Russian people.
In one of those unexplainable turns of history, just in a few years Russia became the country Reagan had in mind, while America, under the control of a few psychopaths, is on the way to becoming the evil empire he hated so much.
Some “conservative” Republicans cannot accept even the possibility that Russia may be changing back into a Christian country. Well, I can’t blame them. If twenty years ago somebody would have told me that America was going to change into an anti-Christian, communo-fascist dictatorship I would not have believed it — but it is happening very fast right before my eyes.


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