Gay Foreign Minister Champions Homosexuals – March 5,2014

Canada's homosexual Minister of Foreign Affairs, the porcine John Baird.

Democracy is a ruse. No matter how you vote, you get the same subversive Illuminati policies.
Canada’s governing “Conservative” party supposedly supports family values. Instead it promotes homosexuality around the world at the expense of Canadian interests.
The Nigerians were furious at this treatment of their President. The Nigerian media was filled with angry comments about this interference by Canada. Hundreds of commentators condemned Canada for trying to impose its western values on their nation.”

by Reality (Real Women of Canada, February)

Canada’s Foreign Minister, John Baird keeps his eyes relentlessly on one particular aspect of “human rights” — that is, laws on homosexuality in foreign countries.
There are any number of worrisome events taking place around the world. Upheavals in the Ukraine, Egypt, Turkey and Syria, Iran with its nuclear power; women in the Middle East and southern Asia being gravely mistreated, the one child policy in China causing the horrors of forced abortion.The list of troubles abroad is endless.
Canada’s Foreign Minister, John Baird, left, however, is focused on one particular aspect of “human rights” – laws on homosexuality in foreign countries.


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