Ukraine semi-officially accused NATO block in killing its citizens during disturbances in Kiev — Jan 27, 2014

It seems that Ukrainian government is preparing to announce officially that the country suffered aggression from NATO military political block.

The party of regions leading in Ukraine distributed announcement of its deputy in the Parliament Evgeniy Balitskiy that one of the protests participants could be killed by a sniper.

“It’s quite possible that it could be professional contractor from one of NATO countries brought by order of radical opposition branch”, – Evgeniy Balitskiy said.

In his words, nobody doubts that “the opposition follows the bloody scenario of Syria and other Arabian countries”.

“Thus, during suppression of mass disturbances near Valery Lobanovsky stadium the representatives of law enforcement agencies found cans with flame liquid with added liquid sodium that allows them not only to burn but also to explode. Therefore, the spontaneous protest version doesn’t reflect reality. This operation was thoroughly planned by diversionists-militants disguised in civil clothes”, – Balitskiy said.

Accusations of NATO even semi-official are made with far-reaching plans. The next steps of Ukrainian government will be targeted at announcement of foreign aggression in Ukraine.

Such situation will enable the government of Yanukovych to appeal directly to U.S. and Russia, as they gave guarantees of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in 1994 in exchange for its refusal to possess nuclear weapons. It’s seems that U.S. is ready for such development of situation as it announced that its navy squadrons are on the way to the Black Sea supposedly to provide security during winter Olympic Games in Sochi (Russia).

It should be noted that so far only two deaths of protest participants shot by firearms have been confirmed in Kiev – Ukrainian citizen of Armenian origin and citizen of Belarus.


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