Pop Tart Philosophers and Wallaby’s in Camouflage

Smoking Mirrors — March 3, 2014

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques and a short musical performance in the next few weeks in Zurich at a hall. Please email me or comment if you are coming so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.

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The banker wars against humanity continue. Here we have an exhaustive example of the greatest expression of irony in some time. Satanic Tool and Banker Butt Boy, John Kerry gives us one of the most dramatic examples of what lengths a person will go to when they are no longer a person but have become a totally, completely and absolutely sold out banker whore. The Unified Nations of the Satanic Rothschild Banking Empire have come together to push for world war with Russia. Slander is piled upon slander. The proof of banker involvement is right there for anyone to see. Here’s a great symbol for something relevant. I’ll leave it for the reader to provide the context.
In today’s posting we’re bypassing the Tribe orchestrated Gay Political Agenda for the Destruction of the Family Unit and Full Court Press to Establish Atheism as the Operative Philosophy of The Western World with Satanism as the State Religion. That title is too big to use for this posting, besides which it not being entirely relevant, because we aren’t going to link to the Satanic Tribe inspired Gay Media Patty cake. They took over world media for this purpose, as well as other anti-human intentions that are all about plunging humanity into an even more ugly repeat of what they carried off in the First World War and the Second World War and, of course, The Bolshevik Monstrosity which they were behind. Let’s not forget to mention their near exclusive ownership of all the slaver ships that brought black people in shackles to operate as whipped beasts of burden.
In these days of perpetual moral relativism, you get Pop Tart Philosophers coming round here and elsewhere, snake walking their way around all these things, regardless of the hard cold proof and attendant overwhelming circumstantial evidence; as in their commission of the 9/11 attacks and similar efforts like 7/7, The Madrid Train Station Bombing, the Mumbai attack, The Boston Marathon Bombing and Sandy Hook. These people are usually working for them or are them. Always keep in mind the glaring proof, the incidence and events across so many, many years of one terrible activity after another. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are it is not a wallaby.
It’s not easy living in a world controlled by the central bankers and interpreted by their suffocating media, where everyone around you doesn’t want to know, or only wants their piece of the action. One of the main reasons for creating an economic squeeze on the population that taking place in a climate of fear and suspicion, is to militate against organized resistance to The Monsters in our Midst.
As cannot be stated too often, there is only one war worth fighting in and that is a war against Bankers. There are all sorts of warfare. Obviously, going up against these fiends in a paramilitary sense is not advisable. Since this is the information age it makes more sense for it to be an information war. This is precisely what Mr. Apocalypse is all about; hence, uncovering, revealing, exposing. It’s all going on. Their appearance of irresistible power is fraying at the seams. All it takes is for the public to refuse to patronize these banks but… that seems to be more than they are capable of becoming aware of, so change must come some other way. I can’t tell how to look at it all. It is so complex. I am not a war time consigliore. I am not a Napoleonic strategist, or any kind of expert on counter insurgency. I’m only a semi-skilled metaphysician and mystic. My activism is an activism of ideals and spiritual practice. This is not to say there is no danger in this route. I got thrown into prison twice because of it and all the usual routes for success at the things I do are closed off; fine with me.
The thing is that activism, whether it be direct and in your face, or that expressed in ideals and informational exposures, comes at a cost, unless… unless, it’s one of those orchestrated activisms that serve the purposes of the hidden and not so hidden elite. Then, then, no matter how perverse or how great a travesty it may be, it’s got the official stamp of approval and celebrities, artists, sports figures and everyone feeding at the trough of paid for illusionary and transitory status, line up to give face time to whatever it is. A perception is created that this is right and that is wrong. It operates in stages so that most people don’t remember how they got from Point A to Point E. The degrees of conditioning are subtly and incrementally changed. They are applied in the schools, in the culture through music, entertainment and literature, in the military and in the workplace.
If you want to be a part of this society as it exists today, you got to give up a piece of yourself and you’re not likely to get it back. You’re going to have to sacrifice things like personal autonomy, honor and dignity. These things seem mere trifles when stacked up against survival and social status. One of the most difficult things in the world is to be in the right and to maintain your awareness of what is right, in a world gone wrong. One of the most difficult things to endure is social opprobrium for the simple maintenance of an objective viewpoint.
One of the great dangers to the crocodile swine, banker elite, is a public where too many members are in possession of an objective awareness. Though it might be difficult to see the relentless assault on objective awareness that is taking place, since it is coming from right angles and wrong angles of indirect actions that work to suppress or redefine states, conditions and objects that are connected to whatever is under attack. If you can delegitimize something that is associated with something else, then you can, by association, delegitimize the something else as well. As obvious as these characters are, they are not without a level of cleverness and they seldom come at something directly, especially if it happens to be true, to the contrary of whatever mendacious lies they are trumpeting.
Is one really a good and honest person by keeping silent about what they know is wrong? How do crimes of omission stack up against crimes of commission? Is it true that a coward dies a thousand deaths but the brave man dies but once? Is it? Two of my favorite thinkers are Montaigne and Montesquieu There are quite some number of people that I admire and sometimes I think about what it would be like if any of them lived in today’s world. I am hard pressed to find anyone in any position of authority, or public prominence with the stones to tell the truth. Either they didn’t get into position to begin with unless they sacrificed all association with it, or they live in fear of the loss of their position or employment. At some point, every single one of us has to make a decision. Either we compromise whatever we might believe, in order to survive and get by in this world, or one throws themselves upon the embrace of the invisible, trusting that they will be fed and nourished by hidden springs.
It’s not the people that change; it’s the laws and rules of the society that change. It’s the way existence is impressed upon the consciousness that is different from one period to another. If this were not an apocalypse our situation would be far direr than it is. As it is, we have to trust that everything is part of a larger plan, or not. As it is, we have to decide what parts of ourselves are too valuable to sacrifice on the altar of conformity. As it is, we have to decide whether to be what we are or what we are not. The world and all its artifice and devices is not more powerful than we. No darkness is so great that a single light cannot pierce it and illuminate ones path. Of course, if one’s path is into the darkness, no light is required.
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