Need Putin Fear KGB’s Barack Obama? — Mar 2, 2013

"Barack Obama with his brothers Samson and Ben in 1987 in Nairobi. I have a perfect memory and I state that I saw the man in the center of this picture in Moscow in 1987, where I've been trained at KGB Intelligence Institute."

In light of Obama’s tepid reaction to Russia, I repost this article from 2011. I’m rootin for Putin. The Ukrainian government was not elected. It has no legitimacy; the Prime Minister is a Jewish central banker. But Russia also has a Rothschild central bank. You need two sides to have a war. Even families have arguments.

[Editor’s Note: This excerpt is from a 55-page document sent to me in 2011 by Kryzhansky, 56, left, who claims to be a former KGB Intelligence Officer and sniper. I find it confusing but worth posting for a discussion of Obama’s background. The picture above appeared in the Daily Mail in Oct. 2009.  I have no way of knowing whether Kryzhansky is credible or not. The document is provocative but inconclusive. He has an YouTube presence and a blog. Keep in mind, there are credible reports that Henry Kissinger was also a Soviet agent. So was Victor Rothschild (1910-1990). Obama also has CIA ties. The KGB and CIA may be the ultimate executors of the NWO. ]

Washington Times Obama Caught Conferring with his KGB Handler?
Daily Mail – Politicians Slam Obama’s Weak Stand

by Mikhail Kryzhanovsky ( — (

August 4, 1961- Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Let’s reconstruct Obama’s biography as I see it with 30 years of espionage experience.
Illegal spy cover story works best if it’s a mix of actual and fake facts. “Obama” (let’s call him John Smith) was a child of a student from Kenya who studied in Moscow and dated a Russian girl. Such kids in Russia were often unwanted by both partners and were raised and educated at a special school.

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