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Visible Origami — Mar 2, 2014

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques and a short musical performance on March 16th in Zurich at a hall. Please email me or comment if you are coming so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.
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Here at Origami we can talk about the ineffable the day long cause that’s what this blog is for, as well as the metaphysical truths that can proceed from no other. I was in conversation this evening with an agent of the ineffable, no one mortal speaks to the divine directly, any more than one can look into the sun without consequences. Depending on the nature and composition of the listener, the proper filter is employed.
During these sessions there is generally a theme and tonight’s theme was about the limitless possibility of the ineffable. I was informed about the incredible foolishness of people who do not realize that every good thing comes from the ineffable. As The Way to the Kingdom’s first meditation states; “can have none of this apart from me,- can get none without getting me- and can get them nowhere else but from me, your real, your only self, who am all these things now- and therefore you also are these things now and forever more.”
I was informed of all the things I had been spared and how completely my life was dependent on the divine, regardless of my level of awareness of that fact. I was informed about the divine living in everything living, without which there would be no life there in any case and how, in an instant, the divine could alter the conditions of anyone’s existence. I was cautioned never to believe in the appearance of power or the might of armies because the ineffable has full control over every possibility of action, in every individual, everywhere.
The ineffable also wanted me to know that since he was in everyone, he could motivate anyone, at any time, no matter who they are, to be made aware of me, to suddenly wish to help me, or to provide any course of action the ineffable wishes and so… by having this one connection, the connected one is connected to everyone else, without the need for physical changes necessary toward meeting or influencing anyone. You need no leverage of any kind to convince anyone of anything because that is all taken care of by the one making it happen.
“How deluded and ignorant are they who are unaware of these truths?” I was asked. I was shown in no uncertain terms, the value of making the divine your best friend. “I wish you would talk to me more.” He said, “I get lonely and I enjoy it.” Wow! Then I hear, “I want to be included in every aspect of your life. I don’t want a moment to go by when you are not intimately aware of me; that’s the goal.”
I could not imagine that the divine gets lonely but maybe he’s only talking about that portion of him that is activated in me and I wasn’t paying the proper amount of attention. However, I remember being at the solstice celebration a few years ago, I was (surprise) on mushrooms and I had walked away from the fire and the celebration. As is often the case when I am in altered states I am quite eager to interact with the divine. So I was down by the picnic tables at the front of the house, about 150 yards from the drums and fire and I was having a back and forth. I get especially good reception when in that particular state.
I get the feeling I might have told this before. Anyway, I was asked how many people I thought received genuine communications from this source, in this particular manner. I figured the number had to be in the tens of thousands and possibly higher. I threw out some figures and kept getting answers like, “hardly”, “no way”, “try again”. The number which, I didn’t get an actual number… but it was in an area I found hard to believe; still… this is what I was told. Apparently, in Kali Yuga, there are many people listening to something other, due to dogmatic programming, due to self interest and due to inflexibility in terms of substantive change. I wondered about all the saddhus I saw walking around in India. I wondered about people in robes all over the place and in hermitages at a far remove and I was told only true lovers of the divine are in contact with the divine, no matter how they dress or what faith they follow and that a lot of these other people were simply crazy for any number of reasons. Karma plays a large part in all of this and it is… the preparation of lifetimes.
The divine (agent of the divine) continued to say that surprisingly, most people aren’t looking for that kind of thing. Most everyone wants something besides just a genuine back and forth, without any attendant material or heavenly rewards. He said that most people are not motivated in this direction. I was told that the divine knows the heart of every single person and knows ahead of time everything it is possible to know, that the divine can look back from the future and ahead from the past and lives in a timeless present beyond the comprehension of any of us. I was told that there were millions of variables of personalities, with millions of variables according to capacity, ability, level of purity and it’s endless, really. We’re all snowflakes and as far as God is concerned, we last about as long (in our transitory states), depending on our area of interest and endeavor.
I was told that there were many heavens and many hells and that the divine was on intimate terms with all kinds of people but few of them were actual friends of the ineffable. I was told that the divine communicated with all kinds of people all the time and most of them were not even aware of it, except in the manner of hunches and premonitions. I was told about all the tiresome and tedious litanies of requests for just about anything. I was told that I have to reach for a sense of the vastness of it all, simply because that was important in terms of my getting a perspective on personal insignificance.
I received example after example this evening about how fortunate I am and how I don’t see this nearly as clearly as I should because of the hard highway I traveled to get here. I was told I didn’t trust nearly enough in the divine beneficence and there was reason for this, as I felt I’d been lied to and run around the block a lot about promises and such but that the divine’s sense of time is not my sense of time and I needed to be certain to embrace the certitude that anything I’ve been told WILL come to pass and that the divine like any artist (being the greatest of all artists) takes pride his work and how he gets from one point of the effort to another, as well as the intricacy of patterns employed and that there was no work of art on Earth, nor ever had been that was the equal of those works of art that the divine had created in the people who love him/her.
There is no comparison of life on Earth to those who live in a heavenly awareness, while being resident here. There is no environment on Earth that can be compared in any sense with the wondrous locations awaiting those who will put the time in here to make travel there, possible. The intoxications of this world are powerful. Just look at it. Look at the large media sites or the towering buildings in crowded cities and all of the bustling crowds going back and forth. What does it look like to you? Does it look like sane and natural pursuits and behavior? That should be scary for you if it does.
I was told not to expect any great interest from the world around me concerning my interests, except for the exceptions and there were definitely going to be some of those. I was told to simply go my way and anticipate and expect that I would be covered at all times and that yesterday was gone and nothing was the same as it was and I shouldn’t expect it to be, or continue to carry the apprehensions I have had and that I should mention all of these things because they apply elsewhere, where they apply.
I have to appreciate the exquisite choreography going on, even if I can’t see it. We are on an incredible adventure, or we’re not. It’s there for those who can believe it to be true and to reach inward for the inspiration to achieve the seemingly impossible. How is anything impossible except when viewed through the limitations of the world around us? The whole closed capsule environment is designed to make us doubt and to enforce conformity. In some ways it’s not unlike The Matrix film. People do get out however. It takes faith, certitude and determination; faith certitude and determination. You can acquire these things.
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There will be a radio show this evening at the usual time and place.

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