Lego Movie Preaches Kabbalah to Children — Mar 1, 2014

Emmet, with female sidekick Wildstyle, whose real name suggests Lucifer. Click to enlarge

“At its core, The Lego Movie tells children that following the rules and being moral is stupid and no fun. What matters is to be special, to be part of the an enlightened elite who got rid of old-fashioned notions of sin and sacrifice to others in order to live a life empowered by occult knowledge.”
Hollywood Jews push their satanism on children.

by Marcos —(

The Lego Movie has been number one at the ticket office since its release three weeks ago. The movie is a wonderful spectacle – full of action, humor and state-of-the-art computer animation.  Unfortunately, it is also overt  gnostic propaganda for children.
Kabbalah is an offspring of Gnosticism. In other words:   Kabbalah = Gnosticism + Jewish tradition.
The plot revolves around Emmet, a Lego construction worker. In the happy Lego City, all the Lego people follow their instructions (the manual that comes in the box.) They smile at others, and are nice and cooperative. They build wonderful buildings but, unfortunately, they destroy them every evening, so they can build them again. In other words, they are mindless robots.


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