IRGC Commander: US Never Dares to Attack Iran

Introduction — March 1, 2014

A nuclear flase flag is on the cards somewhere in North America, says a reliable psychic frieind Click to enlarged

On the face of it the U.S. would indeed appear hesitant to attack Iran,  all the more so after its recent military endeavours in Iraq and Afghanistan. The U.S. simply doesn’t have the appetite for another military adventure, especially against an opponent that is far better armed and motivated than either Iraq or Afghanistan.
However, the Revolutionary Guards commander quoted below overlooks one key point because the U.S. does have something that would render any conventional military campaign completely unnecessary.
The U.S. has an extensive nuclear arsenal and the means to deliver nuclear strikes anywhere on earth. It would only require an order from the president to do so.
Moreover a nuclear strike on Iran would render all its recent advances in military technology completely ineffective, instantaneously.
All that would be required is the justification to launch such a strike; and if that happened it could come in a nuclear false flag somewhere in the U.S. that could be blamed on Iran. Just as 9/11 was blamed on Osama bin Laden, opening the way for the invasion of Afghanistan
Despite as yet unproven allegations that Iran has aspirations to develop a nuclear weapon, Tehran doesn’t have the means to counter a full-on U.S. nuclear strike.
According to a reliable psychic advisor, Iran does have a number of “dirty nuclear devices” hidden somewhere in the U.S. to be used as a last resort to prevent a U.S. strike on Iran. However, according to our friend, elements in U.S. intelligence together with Mossad know about them.
Indeed they helped hide them in anticipation of a nuclear false flag that, in this case will be blamed on Iran.
Nor should we believe that any moral restraints will constrain Mossad and their allies in U.S. covert operations. After all, they helped facilitate the events of 9/11. So a nuclear false flag would only be worse by a matter of degree, accounting for a few tens of thousands rather than a few thousand.
I hate to keep repeating this but my friend is insistent: a nuclear false flag is being prepared to be launched somewhere in North America in November.

IRGC Commander: US Never Dares to Attack Iran

Fars News — Mar 1, 2014

Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Yazdi stressed the Iranian nation and government’s preparedness to defend the country, and said the US and its allies will never dare to take military action against Iran.

“The enemy doesn’t dare to attack Iran not for its fear of (our capability to build) nuclear weapons, but because it is fearful of our Basiji (volunteer) thoughts and affection to Velayat Faqih (religious leadership),” Yazdi said in Tehran on Saturday.

“That unwise US politician who wishes he could take the nuts and bolts of our nuclear installations out of our dear country should know that it cannot target our nation’s Basiji thoughts and our option on the table is the Basiji way of thinking,” the IRGC deputy commander for legal and parliamentary affairs underlined.

In relevant remarks in February, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan underlined that the Iranian Armed Forces will give an inconceivable response to any possible enemy aggression, adding that the threatening remarks of the US officials cannot prevent the country from continuing its nuclear fuel production.

“The Iranian Armed Forces are an intertwined and coherent complex which can give a decisive response to any threat at any level and any place under the command of the Commander-in-Chief (Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei),” Dehqan said in Tehran, addressing the defense ministry personnel on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

Blasting the recent military threats of a number of the US officials against Iran, he said, “The enemy can never assess and think of the range of the response given by the powerful and mighty Armed Forces of the Islamic Iran.”

Dehqan said that the enemies threaten Iran militarily to prevent the country’s progress in using nuclear technology, but they should know that “Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution (Ayatollah Khamenei) and the brave and resistance nation of the Islamic Iran will never allow the country’s nuclear fuel production cycle come to a halt”.


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