Hitching on the Wrong Side of Humiliation Road

Smoking Mirrors — Feb 28, 2014

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques and a short musical performance in the next few weeks in Zurich at a hall. Please email me or comment if you are coming so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.
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Ludicrous, thy name is Media. Boy, are they getting desperate and anxious too. Look at who the many fans are, which are spoken of in the title and if you already know who the organization listed represents, it won’t come as much of a surprise. Wouldn’t you think there would be more… supporters? They’re finally on the last gasping edge of Humiliation Road. What a world! Well, it wouldn’t be fair of me to hang these things up like used condoms on a laundry line at Venice Beach, so here’s something a little more entertaining. Interesting windows on the world to be sure. It’s good to keep in mind that the whole world is a hoax, when you encounter a hoax.
Despite Kalifornia’s inundation of rain, it’s being said it won’t do much to solve the problem and the problem increases, while generally ignoring the problems they are major players in bringing about, let it not be said that they bypass the opportunity to continue to educate the public, on those issues they use for the promotion of perspectives they want imprinted on the mind of the willing, or anyone not in possession of the capacity for discrimination. All this is no different than the programming they engage in day by day, to convince the ignorant and unwary to be canon fodder in their wars. There is only one war I can think of worth fighting in and that is the war against those who finance the wars against everyone else. They are deserving of, at the very least, the same level of mercy they have extended to others.
I had a most illuminating experience last night that filled me with optimism and a large increase in certitude. It is only logical that it would be followed by a day of intense stress that pushed the event to the sidelines. This is how things often go in these times and that is why I mention it. Although progress, in the shape of amazing leaps and bounds, is possible, so is the force of hammering opposition to every good and decent thing. One needs to keep this in the forefront of their minds so as not to be surprised and knocked off center by the incredible venom that can appear through the avenue of the agents of darkness. One should remember relevant portions of the ageless wisdom of Lao Tzu in these most uncertain times-
“Long ago the land was ruled with a wisdom
Too fine, too deep, to be fully understood
And, since it was beyond men’s full understanding,
Only some of it has come down to us, as in these sayings:
‘Alert as a winter-farer on an icy stream,’
‘Wary as a man in ambush,’
‘Considerate as a welcome guest,’
‘Selfless as melting ice,’
‘Green as an uncut tree,
‘Open as a valley’
And this one also,
‘Roiled as a torrent,
Why roiled as a torrent?
Because when a man is in turmoil how shall he find peace
Save by staying patient till the stream clears?
How can a man’s life keep its course
If he will not let it flow?
Those who flow as life flows know
They need no other force:
They feel no wear, they feel no tear,
They need no mending, no repair.”
And that, by turns leads to this-

“Death might appear to be the issue of life,
Since for every three out of ten being born
Three out of ten are dying.
Then why
Should another three out of ten continue breeding death?
By use of sheer madness to multiply.
But there is one out of ten, they say, so sure of life
That tiger and wild bull keep clear of his inland path.
Weapons turn from him on the battle-field,
No bull-horn could tell where to gore him,
No tiger-claw where to tear him,
No weapon where to enter him.
And why?
Because he has no death to die.”
I sometimes wonder at those others who have also read these works and I wonder whether they read the words and the words bounced off of them, or if they thought them worthy of temporary memorization, for use in a dorm room bullshit session, or any of the myriad ways there are… not to get the value inherent in the mind behind these words because… in every instance where a book is profound, or possessed of meaning that reverberates through time, there are much deeper teachings concealed, that expose and express themselves in revelation and this always comes about by putting yourself in the mind of the author and… in some cases, the mind behind the author. A request for inspiration and an activation of the necessary facet of the intuition necessary, will seldom go amiss.
I remember a time about ten years ago. I was walking in the woods and I was on mushrooms and I came upon one of those signs you sometimes see on parkland trails, where there are colorful posters that might feature pictures of plants and trees, as well as animals one could encounter in the area. Perhaps there would be a cautionary listing of prohibitory activities and even phone numbers. I stopped to check it out and as I was reading some text, a voice came into my mind and began speaking to me. It said, “If you take the words into your mind and imagine that you are eating them, chewing and digesting them, they will become a part of you. Do it slowly and with the awareness that this is what you are doing.” This was accompanied by mental images of timeless works and I was told some of the same things I am saying in this posting and I saw how it must be true and that when I read works of significance, I should employ this act of deliberately ingesting and digesting the contents.
The voice returned me to earlier times in my life when I would take acid and sometimes sit for hours reading The Way of Life and sometimes other works. I was informed that this was exactly what I had been doing, in my own way… but that there was still more to it and I got informed about some of what that is. I do not doubt that there is much more I have yet to be informed of; all things in time.
Besides the books we are familiar with, there are far more arcane volumes and one of them is called “The Book of Nature”. You can’t find it, much less read it, without ‘her permission’. In order to get her permission you have to court her and you don’t even get around to courting her unless she has been impressed enough to want that to happen. She is, of course, just like the ineffable, within you. It is so very, very important ‘who you know’ in these matters, just as it is in the temporal world, when it comes to entrée and access, invitations and associations and so forth; as above, so below but oh… what a world of difference. Like they say in real estate, “location, location, location.”
I used to say to fundies, when I ran into them, in the course of my movements through life and they sought to pound upon me about The Bible being the only word of God and being deaf to any and all attempts at reasoned discourse; I used to say, “It’s a good book”, I would say, “it can be but… it was not meant to be a club with the intent of beating someone, or yourself, senseless. The only Bible I fully recognize as the living word is the one that is written upon my heart.” Well, you can imagine what they made of that. For some reason, all through my life, members of organized religions and cults have looked upon me as a dangerous person and I have experienced first hand, the degree to which they can take their aggressions out on one. No doubt we all have peculiar forms of Karma unique to our persona. That has been one of mine. Thankfully, over the last decade or two, this has backed off considerably. Most of my troubles of any sort are of the invisible kind these days but then… so are the benefits as well; most but not all.
For those who might have been confused about things here and elsewhere and things I may have said on occasion, which might not have been as fleshed out as may be desirable for some, I suggest you read this and that you read the whole thing carefully. I state here without reservation that what this article depicts is exactly what I have maintained for a while. Naysayers would be advantaged by paying heed …and those who come around here, who may not have understood some of the things that have transpired and been said at these blogs, will find ample corroboration should such a thing be desired. And so on.
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