Football Association suffers another severe hit to its credibility after Nicolas Anelka’s quenelle ban

Introduction — Feb 28, 2014

West Bromwich Albion's French striker Nicolas Anelka with the alleged "anti-Semitic" gesture. Click to enlarge

The following reveals the depth of Zionist control of the Western media. Here we have the Telegraph’s ‘Football correspondent’ with what is essentially a politically charged commentary on a decision by the Football Association, the sports governing body in the UK.
Forget sport. This is about politics, pure and simple. Or more precisely it’s fabricated outrage over the refusal of the sports governing body to condemn a footballer for showing his allegiance with French comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, whose quenelle gesture is alleged to be “anti-Semitic”.
No matter that Dieudoone claims the gesture is a signal of defiance and allegiance with oppressed people everywhere, including the Palestinians. The fact that entertainers and even sportsman are now making this gesture is now seen as “anti-Semitic”. Or at least so the Telegraph’s “football correspondent” would have us believe.
Hence his readiness to condemn the sports governing body’s decision.
Why has the Football Association been so lenient with a man who is “friendly with a notorious bigot”, asks Henry Winter? A man who Winter admits in the same sentence is also “one of the most intelligent footballers in the Premier League”.
Why indeed? Could it be that the sports governing body has decided that no real crime had been committed and that only a token slap on the wrist was necessary?
Winter’s commentary reveals how thoroughly the corporate media is controlled by Zionist interests. Even down to the lowliest football commentator, who can seen furthering his own career interests below by his condemnation of the Football Association’s refusal to castigate Anelka.

Football Association suffers another severe hit to its credibility after Nicolas Anelka’s quenelle ban

Henry Winter — Feb 27, 2014

In 2012, the Football Association laid a wreath at Auschwitz-Birkenau. In 2013, the FA visited Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, again paying heartfelt homage to those who perished at the hands of anti-Semites.

In 2014, the FA decided that an anti-Semitic gesture made in public by one of the most intelligent footballers in the Premier League, a player friendly with a notorious bigot, was worthy of only a five-game ban, £80,000 fine and the footballing equivalent of the driver-awareness course.

Confused? The FA certainly is. The organisation historically charged with protecting the game’s image and soul does employ honourable people working inside Wembley, conscientious individuals involved in campaigns to kick discrimination out of football.

And then comes this weak Anelka verdict. For those principled people at the FA, the lenient punishment meted out to Anelka damages their initiatives, their credibility. As ever with the FA, it is one step forward, two steps back, and tripping over.

The FA is a body torn between a fear of lawyers and a genuine desire to do good. Currently, the lawyers are winning. Five games? Anelka surely will not appeal that? He must know he has got off lightly.

The essence of the (FA-appointed) independent tribunal’s judgment is that Anelka is not anti-Semitic and did the quenelle without realising its significance, despite the long-running furore in France over the gesture, despite his friend constantly getting into trouble for it.

Having been found guilty, Anelka has been given the minimum punishment when those hoping for the FA to take a stance, to send out the message that anti-Semitism will not be tolerated in its sphere of influence, ie in English football grounds, are deeply disappointed.

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