Are We Living in the End Times?

Whether we believe them or not the fact is that different prophecies have forecast the coming of the ‘End of days’. The Book of Revelations, the writings of Nostradamus, Native North American prophecies and Mayan prophecies have all foretold the coming of such a time. More recently Rudolf Steiner, who died in 1925, and is remembered largely through the Waldorf schools and ‘Weleda’ herbal remedies, echoed these prophecies. According to Steiner our age is the age of the Pale Rider, the same rider St. John wrote about in the book of Revelation, the figure who brings with him death and destruction. But while the other three horsemen accompanying him were representative of previous ages in mankind’s history, according to Steiner, the Pale Rider is humanity’s current adversary.

But nothing happens without cause or precedent and, Steiner taught, humanity had faced a similar encounter before. In AD 666 an academy of science was established in Iran, in the hill country near what is now Afghanistan. The academy, Jundi-Shapur, was founded and run by Joshua Ben Jesu, a man who had been expelled from a school of Christian philosophy in Syria for practicing black magic. At Jundi-Shapur Ben Jesu initiated students into a personal clairvoyant vision of the demon Behemoth whereupon an “all embracing wisdom poured into”, the students, “with immediacy to bring about an instinctive form of genius for which no effort of their own was required”. They were almost literally: “deluged with knowledge about man and the physical universe which they were taught to consider as self-sufficient in itself.”

The motive in providing this knowledge was to cultivate pride in the pupils and an all-embracing scientific materialism, along with spiritual ignorance so that mankind would accept Behemoth who would then become god of planet Earth. If successful we would have had electricity, motorcars and even atomic physics by the year 1000, with disastrous effects on the spiritual development of mankind. For, according to Steiner, there is a spiritual path for mankind which progresses step by step and mankind was just not ready for such sudden technical advances. To bestow them at that stage in humanity’s development would have been like giving a twelve year old his own house, his own motorcar and an automatic pistol too.

Before these demonic plans could come to fruition though, Islam arose suddenly in the deserts of Arabia, and its followers swept into Jundi-Shapur, killing almost all the scholars and academics there.

According to Steiner however these academics reincarnated in the twentieth century and worked together once again, at Los Alamos in the south west of the United States. Here they produced the first two atom bombs. They did not consciously intend evil but at a subconscious level they were demonically inspired. As Werner Heisenberg and Bertrand Russell put it, they were working ‘in the service of the devil’.

When the first bomb was detonated the project leader, Robert Oppenheimer, was reminded of a passage from the ancient Hindu holy book, the Bhagavad Gita: ‘ If the radiance of a thousand suns, were to burst in the sky, that would be like, the splendour of the mighty one…I am become death the destroyer of worlds.’

Oppenheimer thought he was seeing the face of the sun god, Krishna. He was mistaken, he was in fact looking at the face of another entity altogether: the terrible sun demon, Azura, or Sorath, who had just been admitted to the earthly plane by the atomic blast. For contrary to what is taught by a modern and debased Christianity: there is not one diabolical figure that mankind has to contend with but several. The early Christians knew that as did the ancient Persians, who named one Ahriman, Lord of the material world whose realm includes banking and who works through greed and lust for material things. Today most Christians would know him as Satan.

In counterpoint there is Lucifer, Lord of delusion and the herald of a false dawn. Like Ahriman he strives to lead man from his designated path; working through deceit and guile he tries to lead men astray with falsehood. Hence the words: illusion and delusion, both of which were originally derived from the name Lucifer, who being the bearer of deceptive luminosity and herald of a false dawn, also lies behind the origin of the word illuminate.

In contrast to Lucifer and Ahriman however Sorath does not want to simply lead mankind astray, he wants to destroy man utterly and completely. According to Steiner his: ‘avowed intent is to mutate the human form and destroy planet Earth’. Which leaves one with the uncomfortable feeling that today, Sorathic influence may be found in the realms of Genetic Modification.

Continues in Part Two…