Courts Help Gays Pimp Their Sons

Caren Ragan — Feb 25, 2014

The media and our government has been turning a blind eye to the plight of our children.
During my divorce I was threatened with losing custody if I didn’t agree to 50/50 custody so he could pay less child support.
I agreed for I feared my husband would hurt me after he exposed me and my unborn child to AIDS without my knowledge through sexual activities
He was a wealthy man and didn’t want to let go of control and began a campaign of psychological abuse using my child as a pawn
My 11 year old son reported that his father’s gay lover was massaging him in bed with his underwear on, and that he no longer wanted to visit his father’s house while this man was there as he gave him the creeps and hated him.
I tried to speak to father, but he said he wanted his son to get used to another man touching him, that it was natural.

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