The Lasting Curse of Selfishness

Smoking Mirrors — Feb 25, 2014

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“Hmmm… I see”, said the blind man. That ‘lucky old sun keeps moving along’ and we’re not standing still either. We’re all headed somewhere and… at the same time, it’s been said that, “you can’t step into the same river twice”. So, if we are all headed somewhere, it is my conjecture that your direction is determined by your intention. You are headed in the direction you want to go and that direction is populated with words and actions that add color to the movie of your life, in which you are the main actor. Shakespeare said this any number of ways and so did Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammad and many another. Most people pay little attention to this. It’s kind of like how people justify their selfishness by saying, “I’ll become generous as soon as I’m rich.” People forget that Bill Gates was the cheapest person on the planet with the most money, at the time the press got on him about it and he was compelled to start giving some of it away. Before that he was handing out the occasional five thousand dollar bequests, here and there.
Selfishness is like horse blinders. People act out with extreme callous disregard that they have ‘intentionally’ blinded themselves to because it gets in the way of self interest. I got a most amusing email yesterday. If people only knew how much of themselves they reveal in what they say, they would take more care with it. I’ll post the email at the end of this article because it is not to be missed for it’s amusing ‘tells’ as to intent and substance, along with various other things. It’s a classic example of those rare communications that add some variety to my day. Selfishness… yes, that’s the mother of all kinds of ills. Spiritually it’s a killer because it guarantees however many lifetimes as a lesson of the cost of it. That’s how reincarnation works but most of you are aware of that.
It never fails to amuse and mystify me. I shouldn’t say ‘amuse’ because the view is often tragic. I should say, ‘occasionally amuse’. Anyway, by turns, it amuses, mystifies and dismays me that people do not look directly into things, without bias, with pure objectivity, or Broad Daylight Awareness; that they do not see the law of cause and effect (as ye sow, so shall ye reap), which is no different than Gravity in its relentless predictability. We must rid ourselves of selfishness. It is, of course, fuelled, focused and inspired by Materialism and we got that in spades, the kind of spades used to dig graves.
This is a principal that is taught in all the major religions and it certainly a tenet of metaphysicians, Hermetic Scientists and Right Highway Occultists that… that we must rid ourselves of self interest because the ineffable will not reside in or come near a selfish person. One has to understand that we smell. Meat eaters smell differently than vegetarians. Selfish people smell different than people who are not selfish. The ineffable has an incredible sense of smell. Who can smell out the truth better than the ineffable?
This all reminds me of a story I told once before. It has to do with the fact that people think because they do things in private and that they imagine there are no witnesses, there is also no witnesses and no crime. Then again, some of them won’t admit to the things they do being crimes in any case. Such a judgment interferes with the way they are accustomed to doing business. In extreme cases, when they have walled themselves off to the point that they have murdered their own conscience and become the habitation of demons, they are called psychopaths. Certain philosophical directions can turn one into a psychopath, such as Scientology, Talmudism and various new age beliefs that allow for rationalizing anything and also work to promote the personal self to the status of a God, while displacing the real authority. This is a serious crime, as one soon finds out, life being brief, relatively speaking and unimaginably long, should one be on a particular course.
The story takes place in a province of Islam. There was a teacher who had 3 disciples. One day he called them in and handed each of them a chicken and said, “Go and kill this chicken somewhere that no one can see you.” So they go off and soon enough 3 of them return but the third disciple is gone for some hours. Finally he returns with the still living chicken. The master asks him why he did not kill the chicken. He replies, “I could not because everywhere I went the chicken could see.” In a similar way, we never engage in anything when we are not a witness.
I have mentioned that “character is fate”. This I believe to be 100% true. How this works is that your character has a unique vibration and it attracts to itself and also repels what that vibration does and does not synchronize with. This is also the explanation for the idea that if you change yourself, you change the world. As I have pointed out any number of times; people using Tarot for divination are missing the point. Why would one prefer to get, at best, a partial picture of future possibilities, when they can change their fortune simply by proper meditation upon the major arcana, singly and in series.
I don’t want to denigrate people who look to the Tarot, as people also look to the I Ching, for advice on what ‘might’ be coming. I’m only stating how it works for me and everyone is free to use things as they wish and take the benefits and consequences as well. One thing I will add is that, inasmuch as the major cards are possessed of great power, in relation to the subconscious, reading the cards and photographing them with the mind’s camera, in their sequences and in tandem with whatever definitions you have placed on the cards, or accepted from the definitions of others, what you come up with is that the subconscious is impressed by your findings and actually goes to work on fulfilling them. Here is yet one more reason to opt for using these cards as meditation devices, the same way that you might use yantras and mandalas
But we were talking about selfishness were we not? Unless one leaves their perceptions of themselves, of their false self, behind, no progress can be made. We do not know who we are. If we did, we would not create a false self in the first place AND… we cannot discover our true self in any other way than having it ‘revealed’ to us by our real self, which comes into residence once the false self has been evicted. These are things I am told and the reader is free to accept or reject them as they wish. My job is only to provide what I am told. My responsibility ends at that point.
I am not here suggesting that you take all of your material resources and give them away to the needy, as Christ himself suggested; Jesus said unto him, “If thou wouldest be perfect, go, sell that which thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me.” What I am suggesting is that you serve as you go. Selfish people are unaware of all the opportunities presented to them, every day, to put aside selfish behavior. This is unfortunate for them. Those blinders are a hindrance indeed. However, any person paying attention will note the many opportunities that arrive each day; to be kind, to be positively informative, to cheer fearful hearts, to serve in all kinds of ways. This, taken seriously and employed consistently, will suffice for what is required of you.
I’ll close now with that email and a brief disclaimer first. A great many of you send me emails asking for assistance of some kind. Sometimes the response is immediate and sometimes not because I can be very busy at times and so on. I did not answer this impertinent fellow as swiftly and comprehensively as he might have wished but I did answer him and provided what counsel I could. This all happened several months ago and not as he describes it.
Today I get this communication from one Roland Martin which reads;
Hello Visible,
“I had been a frequent reader of yours up to a year or so ago.  I was just reading today on dublinmick’s blog, where a lot of my suspicions regarding you have been confirmed.  I should have known that you were not for real after I requested help from you in a matter important to me and you did not answer me for days after saying you would help me, then when I contacted you regarding my self-resolution of the problem you said “Wow, I was just getting ready to write to you.”  Yeah.  Right.  I should have been suspicious of you before by the way you attack anyone who even mildly questions your views; instead of discussion it is just attack, attack, attack until they go away. Also, being buddies with Mike Rivero is a dead giveaway that you aren’t who you claim to be.  Even those things would be okay with me, but the realization of your lack of care for your fellow man occurred when I was very emotionally down and out, wrote to you about it and instead of understanding, I got a diagnosis of bipolar from you. Upon learning that you are a person with no compassion and a huge ego, I have stayed away from your blogs ever since.  I am looking forward to seeing more examples of your (lack of) character on dublinmick’s blog (which isn’t very obscure, by the way) and posting them on my own.  I, unlike you, have a desire to help others.  I hope I can help people avoid going through the disappointment I did.”

Of course, I did not respond in this manner but I do respond in this manner when one comes to me sneering and demanding in ways that are hard to understand. Any reader who has written me in search of help knows how I respond.
Yes… such things are rare and 95 to 99% of the time, it’s all positive, back and forth but these are some of the kinds that come around and to which it is practically impossible to formulate a response. My point in listing this item is, besides what some of what some of you might see while traveling abroad and finding negative mention of me, is to add to all of what has been said here today and that it is impossible to please everyone. I am not Jesus Christ and he certainly did not manage that. One must not be distracted by the dogs barking, when you pass through a town on your way to wherever you are bound. I’ll close with a verse by Omar Khayyam; “I sent my soul into the invisible, some letter of that afterlife to spell and by and by my soul returned to me and said, “I myself am  Heaven and Hell.””
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