Nader: Axis of evil talk means Iran war

Presidential candidate Ralph Nader says including Iran in the axis of evil by George W. Bush could lead to the invasion of the country.

Nader said that after President George W. Bush named Iraq as one of the axis of evil, the US invaded the country.

“Bush has named Iran as one of the axis of evil and of course he named Iraq that and invaded Iraq. So maybe the Iranians are afraid that they’re next,” Nader told Press TV.

In support of his argument, the independent US candidate said, “We’re having Iran surrounded on the West by the US military, on the South by the US military, on the East by the US military.”

The US accuses the Islamic Republic of pursuing a military nuclear program and supporting terrorist groups in the region. Under such pretext, the West has threatened the country with the use of military force.

Tehran insists it only seeks nuclear technology for its peaceful application and has repeatedly said that it stands to high gain from regional security.


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