Demodex Mites and the Power of Bhakti

Visible Origami — Feb 24, 2014

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
♫Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! ♫ And… what a fine early Spring morning it is. Light is streaming through the window and one day it will be streaming through me and you. That’s something to think about. It’s a motivational standby for those times when you feel down. There is light up ahead for all of us, SHOULD WE WISH to take that route. This is what I mean when I talk about the reality that we don’t accomplish the great work on our own. We do play a part though. We align ourselves with the power that, through perpetuity, magnetically draws and attracts all seekers after light. It also walks toward the light at all times, along the course of history. It is like slipstreams. Sometimes, through fortunate Karma, you get drawn into the slipstream of a great soul. That’s something to seek after too. They’re around, often in disguise, or concealed in the shrubbery of appearances. Sometimes they are at a far remove, due to the pervasive materialism of the times.
If you go looking for them, interesting things can happen. You might travel all over the planet in search of a great souled one and find nothing but pretenders and charlatans for your trouble. Then you run across him or her in the most unexpected location and wonder at all the troubles and changes you went through that now seem to have been unnecessary but… things that happened and which prepared you for the later meeting were critical events, without which the encounter might not have occurred. Or it might have been predestined but then… likely, so were all the initial forays.
Here is the literal truth about this sort of thing. The majority of people are dabblers, day trippers and weekend warriors. They’re like part time hippies. They put on the outfit and they head off for The Haight (back in the day) and when Monday comes they are back to whatever Monday wants… ♫Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day♫ The difficulty of the search is to weed out the dabblers and the rest.. There’s no getting around the tests. If you wonder why there are so few legitimate organs of truth, this is why. You can always find a politician, a guitar player, a new age huckster or a whore.
The thing to keep in mind is that, although we are all tested differently, based on our own peculiar collection of shortcomings and strengths, vices and virtues, we are never tested beyond our capacity and we get to take the same tests over and over again, should we fail, up to a point. Sometimes the meter simply runs out and a test is no longer required. Yeah, that actually happens and sometimes through grace or for any number of inexplicable reasons, you get a fortunate bump. The ways of the ineffable are mysterious.
I like to say that there are many ways up a mountain but, when you get to the top you can see all the ways down. What that means is that you also get to see the way you came and all the points of interest that happened on the way. The things that are hidden from us are only hidden for so long. The concealment is necessary for our development. If we knew too much about ourselves, we might give up, despairing of success because we are likely to judge ourselves more severely than the ineffable does. On the other hand we might simply lay back a cruise when something more is expected of us.
Some of us are creatures of unusual destiny and other souls are tied to our progress. We might not, technically, deserve what happens to us but… what happens to us has to do with the redemption of others. There are all sorts of dynamics in play. Not knowing what it’s all about can be directly tied into that. As has been said here a number of times, the ineffable likes to play hide and seek. The ineffable has a brilliant sense of humor and that can be a fantastic thing and it can be a terrible thing. The ineffable cannot be understood in any ordinary sense and this is a huge stumbling block for those who think they know who the ineffable is and what he’s up to. Should you be so fortunate as to be in communication with an agent of the ineffable, you have to imagine that the difference between you is like that of a Demodex mite and Leonardo Da Vinci or Nicola Tesla. It’s much bigger than that of course but I thought some idea of scale might help.
One has to embrace the mindset that the ineffable is always right and always has your best interests at heart. This is one of the most difficult things to accomplish and it hinders our forward progress (when we don’t) because we get into the analysis of everything and the best we are ever going to come up with is how things make sense according to our perceptions. The perceptions of the ineffable are far, far beyond our own and trying to understand or anticipate the plot is quite simply beyond your abilities, my abilities and the abilities of any man or woman who ever lived. Now, some have known some portion of the plot and the factors involved but that is only because we were told, for some reason or another.
It is true that our knowledge and capacity for wisdom is limited but… we have access to the vast storehouse of the wisdom and knowledge of the ages, if… we know how to access it or we have made the right connections. For some, the sort of connections they want to make are here and god help you. We have access to that which we have the capacity to understand and to the degree that we are surrendered into the assurance that the ineffable is directly involved in everything that happens to us, to that degree we are capable of realizing certain understandings. Think of it like closing your eyes and observing the darkness of the mind. Imagine a pinpoint of light, there in the darkness, directly in front of you or, above and behind you. Now imagine that every time you seek the divine, every ‘sincere’ spiritual discipline you perform and every good and selfless act you engage in, that you are making that pinpoint of light larger and larger. At some point it will flood your mind. It’s an irreversible mathematical process. You can’t fail if you don’t give up.
The reason that the agents of darkness set out to trap us through our passions and appetites is for the purpose of making us hate ourselves. We have to understand that our personal weaknesses are a part of the plot and that everything about us, everything that composes us, are only incidental to the fact that the ineffable loves us, unequivocally and without qualification. As we become more capable of loving others, our ability to appreciate that increases. Here is only one of the truly important things about the path of Bhakti, besides the fact that it is the most efficient and expeditious route in Kali Yuga and that is, you develop a personal relationship with the ineffable and to the extent that you love the ineffable, to that degree and a whole lot more, does the ineffable love you. All the other yogas are yogas of persistent industry which, in the end, will only lead you to Bhakti anyway… or should, unless you get trapped in siddhi magic, self importance or any of one of the pitfalls that wait along the route. Bhakti will save you from many of these because Love is involved. Do not under estimate the power of Love and its conscious and protective awareness of you, even though it is impossible not to (grin).
Practice the loving presence. Go about your every action in the atmosphere of the mental awareness of being in the divine presence. Act as if the ineffable is always with you because that is true, regardless of your inability to recognize it. Go about with this awareness and let Love flood your heart and in time, sooner or later, all this will be proven true. If you’re not a dabbler, a day tripper or a weekend warrior, my personal opinion is that you are good to go for as long as the going is good, insofar as intention is such.
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