NWO Agenda Behind Mayhem in Venezuela

Marcos — henrymakow.com Feb 23, 2014

Since February 12 millions have taken to the streets in Venezuela. Click to enlarge

Since February 12th, Youth Day in Venezuela, the country has been in chaos. Hundreds of thousands of students followed by millions of peaceful protesters demanded an end to the Marxist dictatorship, and the betrayal of the country to Cuba, and violence and corruption, in the largest demonstrations in the history of the country.
Unfortunately, these demonstrators met with random rifle and even machine gun shots. Government thugs, including Cuban agents, just arrive in motorcycles and start shooting at the crowds. On Youtube, we can see soldiers shooting at random cars, apartment buildings and even the people who are filming with their phones, in situations that remind us of Syria and Libya. Meanwhile, Russian made Sukhoi jet fighters fly low over the crowds, in order to terrify people.
The government talks about 6 or 7 dead, but the reality must be much, much worse. The students under arrest are being tortured with electricity and forced to perform oral sex with the guards. Heart breaking pictures and movies are shared everyday on the internet.
There are 60,000 Cubans in the country, in every area of the government, working as “consultants”. Most are simply political agents with training in terrorism.  There are reports and pictures of Cuban soldiers arriving en masse to Venezuela, including the elite troops “Avispas Negras”, specialized in assassination and political sabotage.
Maduro tried to shut down Twitter in order to prevent dissemination of news. He also shut down a TV channel and expelled CNN reporters from the country. Now he is shutting down internet and electricity selectively in several cities that are harboring protests. People are still in the streets.


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